Friday, August 20, 2010

Tarot Wisdom For Healing And Understanding

Tarot Wisdom For Healing And Understanding Cover Understanding and Awareness are the greatest stepping stones to the discovery of our soul's inner truth...this has become an ongoing theme, for understanding and transforming the patterns of imprinting within our psychological and emotional behavior. Back in the 80's, when I first began using the Tarot, I found that I was fascinated and intrigued by the symbols, colors and the feelings of the cards. As this has been a soul guided journey for me since the beginning...I found myself learning the meanings of the cards and the various layouts. I found that the more I tried to connect the meanings to the layouts, the more baffled and frustrated I became. And then, one day, something clicked. That something was my intuition. What I discovered was that it was ok to learn the meanings for each card, however...for traveling the Tarot journey, it would be more to my benefit, to sense and feel what each card wanted me to know.

I started getting the hang of it. Loved it! Loved that you could feel better after a reading. Loved that you could feel clearer. Began reading for others. The more I read for others, the clearer I became, the more I learned. Soon, I found myself teaching. Altho' it would be a few years before it felt right to do so, I followed my inner sense and as always; the more I learned, the more I shared what I learned, the better a teacher I was for my student and the students I begin working with.

As this has been a soul guided journey from the beginning, I found that once I opened the "Magic of Pandora's Box", my life, my perceptions and my relationships began to change. There were many friends walking the path with me, however, being an empath, was accelerating my emotions at a much faster pace. I found that communication had changed within these friendships. I was becoming extremely upset by this...and yet, this was just the beginning for learning and understanding from a soul perspective. As communication was not happening within the connections, I was guided to get a drawing pad, markers and to work specifically with the Alleister Crowley's "Mirror of the Soul". This was the next level for discovery and healing. I found that all that couldn't be said out loud, was written in this journal. When I was finished writing, I was guided to pull a card and ask for the truth and understanding the purpose to the changes in my friendships. Well, humanly speaking, I was not happy...but, I did it anyway. And I discovered something quite important. Altho' I could not clear what was happening within my connections, I discovered that by stepping out of my ego and my expectations, for being right or having it my way, I gained a better and deeper understanding for what was happening in life, just in general.

It took many years to become comfortable with this kind of clearing and always searching for the truth...not my way...but through my soul's knowing. This practice for clearing, healing and understanding, would be the guide on this journey, for each level of understanding, that was soul requested, for my true work, life and path to begin.

After many years and life experiences for practicing this approach, I have found that most of what I sense, see and discover is always about approaching all experiences of life from a deeper understanding and what imprinting can do. When we begin the process, of stepping out of imprinting and discover a better way to heal, practicing this approach, regularly, allows it to become integrated into everyday life, in a very natural way. I found that with the 20 some odd Tarot Decks that I have worked with, working with Alleister Crowleys' Thoth has been most helpful. It brings us to a better understanding about the shadow aspect of our emotions and as I have been guided and have discovered, our emotions are the key to evolving our humanity and bridging the gap to our soul's knowing.

Healing our emotional pain, requires love and understanding. It requires tracing the emotional timeline, to how the imprinting began in the first place. Each and everytime we access the "peace" to our own puzzle, we heal. We integrate our soul's wisdom into our everyday life. Integrating our soul's wisdom into our everyday life then becomes about bringing "Heaven back to earth", and we do this together, for we need each other, for re-weaving love, back into the Tapestry of Life. We are ready and the time is NOW.

As always...keep it simple, take a breath, slow down. It is ok to feel and search for a deeper meaning to life.

Have a Peace-Filled Holiday!

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