Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Suit Of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

The Suit Of Wands Tarot Card Meanings Cover

Meaning: Creative flame, creative inspiration to new actions, energy, force. Start of an undertaking. Beginning. Enterprise.

Reversed: False start, cancellation of plans.
2 OF WANDS - Dominion

Meaning: Willpower, will and courage in undertakings, militancy, boldness, influence over another, ruler.

Reversed: Restlessness, turbulence, obstinacy, trouble.
3 OF WANDS - Virtue

Meaning: Balanced cooperation between willpower and action, with great change for success. Success after struggle, established strength, realization of hope.

Reversed: Conceit, assistance with an ulterior motive, pride and arrogance.
4 OF WANDS - Completion

Meaning: Actual action after a period of long preparation, successful completion of a matter, attainment of goals and needs, conclusion from previous knowledge.

Reversed: unreliability from over-anxiousness and hurriedness of action.
5 OF WANDS - Strife

Meaning: Resistance, opposition, tension, quarreling, competition, struggle, cruelty, violence.

Reversed: Trickery, complexity, involvement.
6 OF WANDS - Victory

Meaning: Victory, triumph after strife, promotion, advancement, gain.

Reversed: Pride, insolence, superficial benefit, inconclusive gain.
7 OF WANDS - Valour

Meaning: Great courage in conflicts and difficulties, the reckless courage of a hero.

Reversed: Hesitancy causing losses, uncertainty, doubt.
8 OF WANDS - Swiftness

Meaning: Swift action and direct communication. Energy with the speed of light. Quick transmission (speech, light, electricity), sudden insights. Letter or message. Strike by lightning.

Reversed: Too rapid advancement. Delay or stagnation.
9 OF WANDS - Strength

Meaning: Deep inner strength and vision to manifest your desires. Power, health, strong force.

Reversed: Obstacles, barriers to overcome, ill health.
10 OF WANDS - Oppression

Meaning: Repression, excessive pressure, overburdened feeling, cruelty and malice, force detached from spiritual forces.

Reversed: Lying, treachery, intrigues.

Meaning: The passionate, creative impulse that puts things into movement. Passionate new beginning (enterprise, (sexual)relationship). Vivid, daring, no place for fear, spontaneous, but not really with a sense of responsibility.

Reversed: Irrational enthusiasm. Superficial, theatrical, false, unreliable, cruel, domineering person.

Meaning: Swiftness and strength, fanatical courage, strong opinion, nobleness, generosity, sense of humor, impulsive, hot-tempered.

Reversed: Pride, cruelty, intolerance, idleness, prejudice, cowardice.

Meaning: Adaptability, persistent energy, calm authority, kind but sensitive to criticism. Process of self-discovery .

Reversed: Offensive, obstinate, tyrannical, revengeful.

Meaning: Fierceness, giving everything in his action, moving forward in great confidence.

Reversed: Brutal, evil-minded, cruel, beware of untimely action.

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