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Fehu Cover
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Letter (sound): F (Face)
Meaning: Cattle
Colour: Green
Number: 1
Dates: July 20 - August 4
Season: Fire
Direction: SouthWest

The shape of the rune is like the horned head of a cow. Since cattle are
movable possesions and were used to pay debts the early meaning was submerged
by the concept of wealth. It is associated with the concept of possessions and
honour. Great wealth enabled a man to make rich presents which won him much
reknown. The abstraction of wealth includes moral resolve and the gift of
foresight among its meanings.

In the Hebrew alphabet the first letter is Aleph, meaning ox. This indicates
that cattle were still the primary indicator of wealth and power at the time
the Hebrew script was developed.

The beast of burden and, by association, the qualities that characterize
cattle. That Which is domestic and mild. Of a broken spirit. Slavish,
stupid, slow. To be used and owned by a freeman. Cowardly. Movable
possessions. Wealth. Money. Servility. Bondage. Prosperity. Material
possessions. To cast lots.

Use: To get help.

Spell: Wealth is a comfort to one and all,
but he must share it who hopes to cast
his lot for Judgement before the lord.

Charm: I know those lays
Which no ruler's wife knows,
Nor any man's son.
Help one is called,
And it will help you
Against sorrows and trials
And every grief there is.

FEOH is a midieval agrarian Community with a squalid village of about two
dozen huts outside the walls of a castle. Everything has a dismal, soiled look
and the people walk with their heads bowed.

The spirit of FEOH is the overseer, a great bulk of a man with a bellowing
voice and a whip. He is filthy, his black hair matted, his eyes blinking with

In the beginning was the great ox, Adumla
From her blood, the fruits of the earth
From her hide, the roof of the sky
From her bones, the mountains
From her milk, the sea
When she lowed, the sorrow in her voice
Shook the world like a vast, hollow bell
For she was naked, and alone
The fire ran to her, and danced in her womb
from her mouth issued a thundering river of voices
That shook the floor of ice and shattered it
Thus came the primal Spring

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