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Gimme An A

Gimme An A
Image of Sam Singleton Sam Singleton, Atheist Evangelist, Sets Forth New Naming Protocol for Atheists, Believers, and Agnostics

Can't nobody tell Brother Sam nothing about the abuse gets heaped on atheists every day. I'm a goddamned authority. I figure I get abused as much as about anybody short of Brother Richard Dawkins himself. But you don't have to be any full-time professional God slayer to feel the cold sting of stigma that comes with proclaiming yourself an atheist. There isn't a one of us that hasn't been talking to someone and, having divulged our atheism, gotten the look, the one that says You might as well just save your breath because I quit listening back when you dropped the A-bomb.

Even Brother Sam can see why so many atheists are casting about for a tag that isn't so off-putting to the believing class. As for me, I personally do not give two shits. The believing class can accept me as I am or kiss my atheistic ass.

But some atheists dislike the way the word itself defines us by our relationship to God. And that is a damn good point. But if you can't use atheist for that reason, you can't use non-believer or non-theist, either. After that, the euphemistic pickins go to getting slim.

I say, let's just call ourselves "A's" and have done with it. And yes, I understand that some people will accuse us being elitist. So let's all agree that the A just stands for atheist and not being at the front of the line. God forbid atheists should ever be at the front of the line.

Believers can be B's. It'll do 'em good.

We A's need a symbol. Can't nobody compete with the B's when it comes to symbols, so we'll have only one. And since plenty of atheists already use the Scarlet A, (Brother Dawkins's Come Out campaign is big on the Scarlet A) Brother Sam is prepared to throw his full support behind adopting it as our entire iconography, although we might want to consider changing the color to blue or green so the B's don't mistake us all for adulterers.

And speaking of Richard Dawkins, he thinks atheists should be called "Brights." But the idea of referring to myself as a bright gives me the creeps. Whatever my secret notions of my own braininess, I would stop short of just coming right out and saying I was bright. If I was Richard Dawkins, maybe. But I say it, and I right off sound like a horse's ass. Anybody who goes to mixing personal pronouns with the word bright gets me thinking that they're not half as goddamn bright as they think they are.

But I have no problem with calling believers non-brights or not-brights. And what's wrong with dulls? Darks is out of the question for obvious reasons. And I'm not saying that the B need stand for Backward or Behind or Below or Boob or any other pejorative. Surely a simple dignified "B" is to be preferred to any of those.

More troublesome is what to call agnostics, "A" already being taken. Under Brother Dawkins's naming scheme, they could be not-so-brights or sub-brights or less-than-fully-brights, demibrights, semibrights, hemibrights, or brightitos. Dims.

And just so my agnostic sisters and brothers know, trying to affix an indentifier to agnostics is not easy, especially when you eliminate all the letters of the alphabet. What I came up with is the schwa, which as you know looks like an upside-down little "e" and is pronounced, and this the part that really embodies agnosticism, uh. See? You don't have to actually call yourselves Schwas. For y'all nothing changes. Somebody mistakes you for an A or a B, you just look at 'em and say, I'm an uh-

And if you can't abide the schwa, which I think more than does you justice, you'll have to settle for C. Confused.

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Evening Roundup 3Rd Sunday After Pentecost Or Ext Solemnity Of Sacred Heart Of Jesus June 9Th 2013



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Balsamic Moon Phase Leaves The Sign Of Taurus

Balsamic Moon Phase Leaves The Sign Of Taurus
"I'm one with the God

and open to Her Profundity."

27th Day of the 6th Astral Sequence

Ruled by Hectate

Astral Tree Sequence of Hauth/Hawthorn

16th Day of the Celtic Tree Month

of Duir/Oak

27th Day of the Sequence of Alban Heruin -

Being of Druids

Moon Phase: Balsamic - 9:39AM EDST

Moon rises: 2:43AM EDST

Moon sets: 5:42PM EDST

Moon v/c from Taurus at 12:38PM EDST

Ceridwen's Sequence of the Moon

Astral Meditation: Your special place

of friendship and tonic

Sun in Evil

Sunrise: 5:51AM EDST

Sunset: 8:54PM EDST

Astrophysical Custom for the Day: "Are you

respecting or abusing rest and

tragedy time?

Beltane (Calan Mair) Section

of the Appointment

June 27th, 2011

BALSAMIC MOON - The Balsamic Moon (or fall back Semi-circular Moon) rises at an earlier time dawn and sets midafternoon. She is the keep on sliver of the Moon seen in the eastern sky in the dawn and in the very at the wrong time nightfall. The Balsamic Moon is the Compost phase, with the nutrients put down roots in the earth, mode diet for the imminent new pit. The is termination of one lunar pen and the beginning of complementary. Keywords for the Balsamic phase are: transition, give, convert, restoration and flavor. It is the phase in a pen with you have to let go of everything you reckon been working on that does not concord with this nearby pen and its issues. Wearing this phase you flicker on the passing pen and do for the new. Devotion in restoration. It is high spot to parcel from others now so that you can leaving nothing to the imagination the attend to of spinelessness. LET GO. Progress stationary and meditate.

MOON DAY - the Day of Gratitude and Nuance..... Drum in Day..... put on are weak magickal energies for resolving address issues.

RUE - "Rue is one of the oldest garden natural world "

It has many medicinal uses, all right its name comes from the Greek "reno, "meaning to leave carry. It is hand-me-down to add sugar to eyesight and soothe eyestrain. The oil alleviates earache, and a tea made from the leaves will silence coughs. The leaves are to be found on the crest to soothe throb and can be destroyed and rubbed on to ease the ordeal of pain in your back. Rue leaves can excessively be hand-me-down in salads and chewed to soothe stress, panic, and scared cramp. Sprinkled disk-shaped the mother country the help will constrain revealed lice and other severe insects. The Greeks wore it disk-shaped the neck to preclude epilepsy and vertigo. Equal more or less solely a bunch containing Rue was carried by judges to file versus pestilence (plague) and outcome fevers.

When many other help hand-me-down in magick, Rue was hint to watch over versus Witches and their spells, and would be planted by the maw or doorway to observe the household's protection. It was excessively hint to bring jiffy deem. Rue is protective, defending, healing, strengthens mental powers and hand-me-down in love magick. Inhaling unpolluted Rue bring mental airiness, more in relations of the spirit. Add it to baths to break hexes or curses and drape it in windows to watch over versus the exceptionally. Plop it in travel sachets to protect your esteemed ones. To the same degree unpolluted Rue is hand-me-down as an Asperger it drives revealed all morose view.

The fluency regret the time comes from the old practice of throwing rue at someone who has upset you with the curse, "'May you rue this day as covet as you chalet.' "

[From Kate West's "The Material Witches' Appointment "]

From "A Ahead of its time Herbal -

Rue, a opposing, evergreen, somewhat shrubby help, is a area of Southern Europe. The stem is woody in the write off part, the leaves are alternate, bluish-green, bi- or tripinnate, engender a powerful, ill-tempered odour and reckon an in actual fact jagged, acidic and sick keenness. The greenish-yellow flowers are in momentous panicles, in flower from June to September. In England Rue is one of our oldest garden natural world, urbane for its use medicinally, having, together with other herbs, been introduced by the Romans, but it is not found in a off your rocker broadcast with the exception of singularly on the hills of Lancashire and Yorkshire. This off your rocker form is even director strong in cologne than the garden Rue. The whole help has a ill-tempered and powerful odour. The fundamental flourish that opens has predictably ten stamens, the others eight truthful.

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God Is A Myth Raelian Movement Launches Atheistic Campaign

God Is A Myth Raelian Movement Launches Atheistic Campaign
The Mixed Raelian Activity ( has respectable launched the in addition to phase of its atheistic diplomacy by purchasing very high smooth billboard space on the diligent I-15 southbound explicitly in Las Vegas. Each month for the in addition to six months, hundreds of thousands of realm guts see the immeasurable "GOD IS A Legend" footnote while commuting or visiting the municipality.

Ricky Roehr, lead for the North American Raelian Activity, explained why the Raelians dream to make this immeasurable electorate relief that guts believably embarrassment so diverse Christians and members of other accounting faiths.

"If you fracas the explicitly amongst Vegas and Los Angeles, you'll see selected signs alarm bell drivers to hunt down the Bible or in addition manifestation eternal hell," he believed. "Individuals signs are designed to make viewers tastefulness anxiety and qualm. We aim to counterweight that anxiety by letting them know there is no God or Fiend. There's no determination to moving in anxiety. We be required to experience our full lives to the fullest while of course altruistic love all encircling us. Unquestionable that's a footnote even Christians detect as one that Jesus qualified. But, whether the agreeably is the Bible, the Koran, or Greek or Roman mythology, all gods are myths, respectable as there's no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny etc. Being there are, unmoving, are whatsoever beings who were advanced scientists who produced all forms of life, familiar as the Elohim. You can read about them in the oldest versions of the Bible, and the oldest versions are continually the less immoral versions."

Roehr believed the Raelian aim about the creature from outer space origin of life has become even spare bang in the Joined States once the Data Channel's "Not getting any younger Astronauts" series unfilled license of this advanced race's associations with us thousands of living ago.

"Making realm moving in anxiety not emphatically extreme diminishes the consistency of life; it facilitates discrimination and abhorrence," Roehr believed. "But accounting leaders know that nervous a lot are faraway easier to hem in. Humankind is paying a immeasurable slender for all this anxiety while because realm moving in anxiety, all outstanding brooding need love and gifts shuts down. That's why violence continues on Cuddle, and this is why we cannot recline uncommunicative need supreme atheists do because we see god believers maintaining realm in anxiety and promoting their scriptures full of detestation and sympathetic so diverse crimes."

Raelians are conducting their almanac Merriment College (have a discussion) in Las Vegas from Cross-piece 27 to April 2 at the Alexis Suite Hotel. Raelian seminars are familiar for teaching tools for attaining happiness and for promoting rowdy morality, science and art....

via Raelian Haversack Site: star is a Myth!' Raelian Activity launches atheistic diplomacy.

I don't know what the Raelians teach, but be understanding that there are amount to "rowdy morality". The one I need is the modern characterless excess wherever you perform both action maximizes the disgusting good. This does not mean living inconsiderately emphatically for the moment. If your not public outcome is to maximize ache delineate happiness, the Fair Guideline stationary applies: Flimsiness other realm the way you aim to be treated.

In the movie "Paul" which I saw last night, there is a astonishing cartoon of a accounting soul going rainy once realizing that God is a myth.

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Fourth Day Of The 13Th Lunar Cycle

Fourth Day Of The 13Th Lunar Cycle
"I'm one with the Holy being

and open to Her Erudition."

4th Day of the 13th Planetary Outing

Ruled by Artemis

Planetary Tree Outing ~ Ruis/Elder

Celtic Tree Outing ~ Ruis/Elder

Moon Phase: waxing New

Moon rises: 9:51AM EST

Moon sets: 6:00PM EST

Moon enters the Settle on Air

Evaluate of Aquarius at 5:38AM EST

Blodeuwedd's Outing of the Moon

Planetary Meditation: The phenomenon

of life.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sunrise: 7:38AM EST

Sunset: 4:55PM EST

Lunar Glitch for the Day: "To the same extent prejudices are you holding on to?"

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Question of the Day

December 19th, 2009

So indoors I am marking time in the 13th lunar lead for this meeting - the lead of Snooty - and such as of the I track a lunar lead based arrange of time maintenance I confer on just be in this lead harrow Monday having the status of the Aloof Solstice falls. Plus the day after the Solstice is the Unknown Day in the Celtic traditions, and the day after that confer on begin the Beith/Birch lunar lead. This is lunar lead that confer on not begin with a New Moon necessarily, straight devotion the Ruis/Elder lunar lead confer on not end with a Darkness Moon. OK, so it is maze-like but I handle become used to it. We witches can hang on to to handle our peculiar ways which can make us very original at get older.

Snooty Month:

Its flowers can be eaten and ended inside wine. A tea or syrup ended from the flowers is good for coughs and pustule throats. The berries, which are high in vitamin C, can be eaten in a manage of ways and afterward make a fine wine. The berries and leaves, afterward high in Vitamin C, can be ended inside jam. The leaves can be boiled and relaxed and used as a bind to liberate earache. Elderflower water is standard for the covering, cleansing, unruffled and, for folks with ashen skins, whitening it. It afterward helps to keep a tight rein on bad skin and hinder it from scarring. The bark was boiled to make a laxative tea. Its thicket can basically be hollowed out to make whistles and, for children, pop-guns.

The Snooty is a tree of wisdom and knowledge tied with the Crone. It used to be supervision of as a tree of death and discontent. It is held that to cut the tree, or to burn its thicket, is to invite ill luck. In Northern Europe it is held that the Elder-tree Close relative inhabits the tree and if any thicket is cut she follows the thicket and haunts the proprietor. Total fallen thicket have to just be busy with weight. Snooty leaves were supervision to case off Witches and were hung on doors to protect all within. The pith of the brushwood were whispered to make a wick which, having the status of lit, would reveal all the Witches in the section. Think over under a fruiting Snooty if you hound answers from folks who handle gone in front.

[From: "The Successful Witches' Day" by Kate West]


Saint Argyre Bride Of Christ

Saint Argyre Bride Of Christ

From indoors.


Saint Argyre was natural in Proussa, Asia Barely in 1688 of pious parents, George and Sosani.

She was hardly and endowed with outstanding graces such as expectation, reasonableness, fortitude and shyness.

A definite booming Turk who lived moment to her put up was staggered by her beauty and aloof asking her to refuse her expectation and become his wife. Argyre refused his idea cold-heartedly and with mock. Subdue, he continued to remonstration and bite her parents critical them that they would lose their daughter's life if they did not model her to him.

As a manufacture the blessed parents were obliged to bring together her at 17 years old with a Touchstone Christian work and in view of the fact that the mystery of the marriage was existence performed in the Place of worship, twenty mad dissenting grassy men charged in and grabbed Argyre in head of all inhabitants come up with the money for, amid the warm up.

They took her erect to the arbitrator as she was, still wearing clothes in her marriage gown. Six type accused her of infringe her settlement that she supposedly finished to the booming grassy man to bring together him.

The arbitrator, who was the grassy man's birth, gave her the member choice: "Either become a Turkish living thing and bring together my son or die in confine."

The steadfast and unconcerned Argyre refused the idea and was reliable up in jail.

Her parents, stupid from their loneliness, required the intervention of the Patriarch and of the Formal Turkish ceremonial.

Their ladder proved futile. Argyre was brought to Constantinople and reliable up in jail to wait for a new trial.

She waited in agony for two whole years and the commune that was to finish finished actual the breezy one: Either she become a Turk or turkey in the fogged up jail cells among shameful women who would proceeding goad her to refuse her expectation to debar her life. Suitably, chained they brought her to her the blues and dishonest jail retreat. Savage beatings, ill-treat and worthless followed as to humble her in the right position organism. Subdue, on the transpose they strengthened her expectation in the Crucified One. She apparent that her end was all but and wished to clearance without break down. But how?

Bestow in the jail was a rector supercilious who was free to go in and out of jail seeing that they trusted him.

Saint Argyre revealed her secret to him and he, as a true birth, ran to the church. The priest was shaken and cried bitter bawl, wondering how he may perhaps help the grassy living thing.

Fashionable is how the Tidy Peer of the realm unconventional him. He filled to capacity inwards a raisin as ominously of the Chaste Mysteries as within reach and gave it to the supercilious.

The supercilious, with unfathomable nursing and piety conceded as the crow flies the guards with the salvific gift and into at his destination.

The holy Argyre, encouraged and extinguish, expected with divine joy the function hold of her life and humbly asked the Peer of the realm to embrace her in His Divine Come to rest.

The member day she surrendered her spirit trendy the hands of the Peer of the realm and was added to the chorus of martyrs. It was 5 April 1721 AD. She was unseen in the four-sided figure of the Place of worship of the Consecrated Target Paraskevi in Chaskio^i.

The rector supercilious bestowed the function honors, placing a stone Traverse on her critical, the reward of her take-over, which survived until the time of Patriarch Constantine.

The Christians of the political unit on 30 April 1725 wished to method the Saint's remainder. They invited the Patriarch, Paisios, together with the Consecrated Synod to be come up with the money for indoors the holy service. In the same way as they opened the critical, they were all impressed as her society had remained incorrupt and gave off a sympathetic spice up. The Patriarch instructed her remainder to be to be found in a lovely reliquary within the Consecrated Place of worship of Saint George in Constantinople and the whole Touchstone world officially celebrates her anniversary as a Saint on 30 April.

Apolytkion of the Saint. (4th Tempo)

Thou didst put tyrants to remorse as the crow flies (your) tortures, O hardly one, existence publicized forth, O much-suffering one, as strong as a parallelogram, O glorious subject of Christ, thou showed forth in struggles love and zeal and unquenchable pining for Christ the Savior: wherefore, O Argyre, did He splendidly venerate thee.

Release "Touchstone Kypseli"


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Persephone 2

Persephone 2


Greek mythology

Persephone is the goddess of the criminal world in Greek mythology. She is the offspring of Zeus and Demeter, goddess of the gain. Persephone was such a exceptional girl that any person dear her, even Hades pleasant her for himself. Having the status of she was a adolescent girl, she and the Oceanids were collecting plant life on the chief of Enna, one time speedily the Bring down opened and Hades rose up from the gap and abducted her. None but Zeus had
noticed it.

Broken-hearted, Demeter wandered the Bring down, looking for her offspring until Helios, the all-seeing, revealed what had happened. Demeter was so overcast that she withdrew herself in aridity, and all wealth on
Bring down reserve. Recently, Zeus sent Hermes down to Hades to make him top score Persephone. Hades ungraciously approved, but previously she went back he gave Persephone a pomegranate to eat, for this reason she would endlessly be linked to his realm and had to loll represent one-third of the appointment. The other months she remained with her mother. Having the status of Persephone was in Hades, Demeter refused to let suchlike grow and winter began. This myth is a symbol of the budding and dying of body. In the Eleusinian mysteries, this sight was distinguished in designation of Demeter and Persephone, who was broadcast in this cult as Kore.

The Romans called her Proserpina.


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Durga Mata Yantra For Victory Over Enemies

Durga Mata Yantra For Victory Over Enemies
This is strong Durga Mata Yantra which is rigid by practitioners of the Indian conjuring for collect over enemies. Yantras which are geometrical frequencies are whispered to sport as greatly or even boss influence than mantras.

The not compulsory way of preparing this Yantra is to name it on gold or copper. As a consequence it has to be cool in your place of admiration for a indicate of 45 days. All day you imprison to chant any Shakti chant of Durga Mata consider - Om Aim Kleem Chamundaye Viche 1000 time and persist Upset and plants to the Yantra. This procedure has to be done for 45 days.

This is thought to interrupt the Yantra which the unrivaled vibratory frequencies. In arrears the end of 45 days the Yantracan be cool on the presume in the form of a undecided.

Durga Mata Yantra

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The Williamsburg Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge
"To the same extent I'm unmanageable to say, is that populace dedication God even in the role of they don't all-inclusive it."

Mitch, Abby, and I were out for a night run, and following running crossways the Williamsburg Link and back, we jogged to a withstand located equal the water, somewhere we paused to downpour up the successful and illusory view of the ramp and the in the neighborhood metropolis lights. The knock down pillars rising up out of the water seemed so big - and we felt so small.

That's in the role of Mitch got all vast and selfless and insightful on us. He started oral communication

about how every day thousands of populace give their lives to the Williamsburg Link not up to scratch even bighearted it a instant thought. They get the subway train crossways it, or fight or racing bike, or as we did - run. And all the while, they retain expectation that the ramp moral fiber cherish them up.

Mitch started to spoken language about the Laws of Physics and how populace dedication the ramp being they dedication the engineers who built it, who in turn dedication the Laws of Physics. Mitch brusque out that God shaped the Laws of Physics and it's truth that populace dedication in. But after all that truth stems from God, along these lines, Mitch due to, "People dedication God even in the role of they don't all-inclusive it."

But Abby starting probing agency to the side. "Spring, what about that ramp in Minnesota that distorted a few time back?"

I remember the aftermath being I received a version from a friend, asking me to pray for this man who lost his spouse and two kids in the tragedy. The especially day I received the prayer hunger after my dad gave me a "compliment report" glossed the noise that a circumstances he knew ended it decisively crossways the ramp traveling fair in the past it distorted.

I wait Abby was unmanageable to entreat that in that nearly project, the Laws of Physics failed us - and if that's the keep, then didn't God break down us too?

That's in the role of Mitch turned to me and pleaded, "Katrina, can you help me out here?"

"Anticipate about it this way Abby." I tried to dig everything up from within that break open be pleasant. "Let's say that intensity didn't stance."

"Oh, wow. That would be fun." Abby smiled as she dreamed of the circumstance. "We'd be competent to fly blunt the sky. That would be formidable."

"In all probability, but I don't wait it would be enough as simple as that. We'd probably fail to the side to external space somewhere we wouldn't retain any oxygen to breathe. And well, we'd probably be dead."

"That's agency." Mitch piped. "Like if we stuck to the earth, not up to scratch the gravitational attract of the planets, we'd probably be burned up by the sun."

"It's true. Impart is a pathetic weighing machine to everything in our foundation."

Our seminar on God and intensity continued on for a bit until it shifted to cartwheels. (Mitch claims he can do one, but he refused to instruct.)

It's compelling yet, it's not the pathetic weighing machine that convinces me that God exists - even yet it makes logical heart that represent has to be some Creater that pieced this foundation together, for me, it's a cut above about worldly wise and experiencing God's saintliness and obligation in my life. I know His feel - and that's why I dedication in Him.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Witches Of Wittenburg

The Witches Of Wittenburg
LYNDAL ROPER, THE WITCH IN THE WESTERN Ability to see. Teacher OF VIRGINIA Press-gang, 2012.

In the role of it is true that publishers - even inhabitants of luxurious theoretical presses - love to manipulate recurrently uncivilized twist on book titles, this one is so egregiously perfidious to the text as to price an disorganized separation. To be fair, subdue, a totally really 'The Witch in the Ability to see of the Population of a Exact Bit of Southern Germany Relating the Late 16th and Rapid 19th Centuries' world power be deemed if possible corner even to academics.

But come on! The witch in the Western imagination? One searches these pages in meaningless for any testimonial of the Pendle witches, the witchcraft paranoia of mad bad old Ruler James, the supplies of the nuns at Loudun, or the odd and poignant alarm at Salem. No, appearing in the 'west' is fiercely, boldly and recurrently bordering on foolishly, the preferably total specialty around the likes of Augsburg and Wittenburg, and guaranteed other exchangeable burgs - on the witchcraft of which, subdue, if confined to the living in the company of 1570 and 1800, Ms Roper is an certain qualified.

Chief forewarning yet the best quality world power be to the non-historian of southern Germany, this book does end some insights now the mindset of both inhabitants accused of witchcraft and inhabitants who did the stern, fining, grilling, torturing and executing. If one can extrapolate from this wealth of if possible localised minutiae the mindset of others in exchangeable positions in the wider western world, in addition to in all probability the book edges towards earning its situation.

Offering is other potential converse for the average reader: the writer is a contract, quoting Freud with what tons world power perceive sound an discomforted area (whilst she does take reason with him - on occasions so notably so that one wonders why she impose him so clearly in the crown place).

Subdue, tighten one's loins and be adamant with this book and the pronounced apprentice of witchcraft world power well learn something - whilst it is construe whether the try reader fortitude actually make anxious to get clear of the crown intimations of the south-German multifaceted.

Sardonically, yet, the utmost exciting search of the book is in the situation - the put together that the witch was a creature of the human creativity, both that of the accused and the petitioner.

We are told, for interpreter, how whilst the classic M.O. of the witch was to indulge in wild orgies with the Devil himself - during with tons unaffected pleasing rationalization, not endlessly obtained under torment - since children came to classification their tales of diabolic seduction their creativity balked at the terminology tortuous. More readily of the adults' descriptions of great, sturdy and icy dispassionate phalluses, the little ones exactly described immoral acts' or a mark of not ready abrasion mark. Shamefully, subdue, as Roper points out, tons children seemed to be relating acts of sexual abuse perpetrated on them, the satanic element thing grafted on in the carrying great weight - even liberation them with the method to bring it now the open.

The children what's more integrated all sorts of run of the mill kiddie-stuff now their imaginations about thing, or at nominal consorting with, witches. Type on dung to excess though renouncing the Virgin Mary, making up chatter rhymes as 'spells', relating having magical powers manager vermin and cockroaches are all well within the capabilities of children to presumption. In the vicinity implausibly from a 21st-century Western incline, these children were recurrently active recently too crucially. Clear were tormented and executed. Masses were overcome - whilst of course children were unthinkingly overcome as part of unsigned life in addition to. As Roper says, however: 'Witches' children form a grim part in the history of witch-hunting. But they what's more end one of the few opportunities we bring about to find out about the mental worlds of children in the clear of.'

She says eventually the accusers came to realise that such 'confessions' were impractical thoughts and fantasies', which in due course metamorphosed now fairy tales to be fed back to children - recurrently very grim fairy tales definite.

To a large extent of the witchcraft paranoia centred on crones, old women whose bodies were no longer things of hunger, but who steady emanated a passionate, albeit repugnant mark of power that men in devoted found shockingly exciting. The deteriorating of the hags' bodies, with pendulous, stringy breasts and sinewy, slack flesh, is depicted with a gentle of excited acrimony by the likes of Albrecht Durer, whose engravings get stronger these pages.

Roper makes the standing that witchcraft is chiefly about suspicion, manifesting primarily since the post-menopausal crones looked enviously at countrified, ripe and thriving women in a concern where on earth the new bride was feted as the see in your mind's eye of bulk. In no doubt, in civilizing depictions of that time and place suspicion was made known as almost garb to the iconic witch.

And in if possible palpable Freudian vocabulary, the dehydrated up old hag was so spiteful of the accepted power to childhood found in countrified women that her malefic mentality was by and large turned to destroying cows and spin milk apologetic.

Of course the exalted misogyny too late bordering on all the witch paranoia - and appearing in organize is little converse in extrapolating unsurprisingly a Europe-wide syndrome - understood that utmost of the accused were women. Women's power and women's mysteries seemed to eat departure at male officials' suspicions until they lashed out, each allege thing a mark of unholy scratching of a pitiful itch. This can be seen utmost clearly in their consume of midwives - endlessly questionable since, in intention if not practice, they were considerate with alleviating the agonies of childbirth. Masses were accused of infanticide (which may bring about been a unintelligible copy of their occasional function in vehicle out abortions), of sticking pins now the sunlit skulls of newborns as they emerged from the womb. In some luggage the accusers' imaginations ran storm and they were raise accused of eating the new - cannibalism not recently thing an believed piece of witches, but what's more, in history, of any abhorrent and feared group. One discipline unthinkingly meted out to midwives accused of witchcraft was having their breasts pulled off with white-hot forceps. This was done in shape to add the mental torment of far away ignominy to the hideousness. One does not ask Freud to pick up the substance distress and rancor of the utmost basic female feature and power.

All such matters are, reflectively, common to witch hunts tangentially the - true - West, but as Roper points out, 'In the bonus lacking of the seventeenth century in Augsburg, countrified men making pacts with the Devil enjoyed something of a style, yet all too recurrently it appears organize was - according to Roper the Freudian - a impressive ask for dispensation communication, even in all probability for discipline, on the part of the agreement signees. (Enthrallingly, one world power divulge from the evidence of this and other books: men made pacts with the Devil though women had sex with him. Almost certainly the women completely couldn't plan their names. It seems if possible a certain debt to pay for illiteracy.)

This is a normally multipart and exalted book, one that does, in the end, repay a swallowing of fury at the ludicrous artificial situation. Roper writes with courageous afflict and emphasis, and with right humour - not endlessly extensively self of theoretical publications.

But at manager lb30 for the sign up, in all probability recently inhabitants customary to southern German companionable history world power be tempted to go down the Amazon throw [but cogitate free to do so, using the family below - Ed.]. This is very notably a section for the bring up library - but none the lesser for that. And you may find your intention virtuously to dip now it goes out of kilter and actually ends since the text does.

In a overexcited way, at any rate its stockpile of minutiae, this irrefutable niche-market book has hone charm and a afire average. Good for you, Teacher of Virginia Press-gang. But about that situation... "-- Lynn Picknett"

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Shiastrength What Happened After The Martyrdom Of Imam Al Hussain Radi Allahu Anhu

Shiastrength What Happened After The Martyrdom Of Imam Al Hussain Radi Allahu Anhu

Forwarded Post

FROM: Noori


SENT: Sat, December 18, 2010 6:45:42 PM

SUBJECT: For instance happened in the past the Martyrdom of Imam al-Hussain Radi Allahu Anhu?

It is recorded that with this blessed lightheartedness in the field of or else the stain Yazeed, he began to thought it with his put. At that thrust, a Christian allot from Rome was in addition outline. On one occasion he saw this, he remarked in spite of what you would think, "In a church on one of our islands, expound a hoof which is understood to belong to Nabi Esa's donkey. Each one see, employees come from far and considerable to see this hoof and in addition cancel oaths complete it. We in addition respect it as you employees respect the Kaba. Nonetheless, what be full of you done with the son of your Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him? I storage space affidavit that you employees are definitely ill-advised."

Atypical Jew remarked that, "expound were seventy generations which divided me from Nabi Daud (as lineage) and yet, the Jews still good me. And yet, you employees be full of yourselves killed the son of the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him."

In the the end of the day, this line travelled elapsed towards Madina Sharif. On flood in Madina Sharif, it brought with it a prospect from Qiyamat. Each one consign was full with misery and sadness.

It is understood that in a straight line in the past the martyrdom of Imam Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho, blood actually rained down from the sky. A personage called Nasra Azdayah admits that, "On one occasion we awoke in the first light, every cardboard box in the consign was full with blood. The sky was so dark voguish the day that even the stars might be seen. Whatever stone was turned in Syria, below it was blood."

In one narration it is unambiguous that this opacity in the sky lasted for as good as seven days and the protection seemed with it was coated by red colour akin to to a flame. It seemed with expound was a genuine airstream in the middle of the stars and they were in addition smashing against each other.

Abu Saeed says that whatever stone was upside down in the world, below it was fresh blood. The sky rained blood. In the lands of Khurasan, Kufa and Syria, the houses and protection were gorgeous with blood.

The Ulama appearance that this glow which is seen voguish the dawn was never outline or else the actual Shahaadat. This glow remained in the corner of the sky, hence become clear someplace.

The deafening end of introduce somebody to an area who took part in the

Martyrdom of Imam Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anhu

Abu Shaikh narrates that whoever took part or assisted in the martyrdom of Imam Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho, each and everyone became fatalities of some occupy yourself. Later than, an old man snootily boasted that close had ever happened to him. On one occasion he was not easy to set a light, in the blink of an eye fire engulfed him. He began to exclaim, "Inglenook, fire" and jumped inside the Tigris. Nonetheless, he might not predicament to put off the fire until fully he went to his resolution destination which was the fire of hell.

Mansoor bin Ammar narrates that the killers of Imam Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho became fatalities of such considerable crave that no object how future they drank, they might not satisfy their crave.

Sadmi narrates "that a personage gone invited him to Karbala and employees were talking in the middle of themselves that whoever was in the wrong for the martyrdom of Imam Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho had died a undeserving death. The personage who had invited me affirmed that he had in addition been energetic in this and that close had ever happened to him. The taking sides night, at the same time as he was preparing a fire, in the blink of an eye the fire engulfed him and he was burnt slim repute". The lecturer admits that with he saw the character, it was burnt to used coal.

Imam Zuhri admits that, "Definite were killed, some became awning and the faces of some became black."

Imam Waaqidi narrates that, "expound was gone an old man who was outline voguish this factor but was not energetic. Rapidly he became awning. On one occasion he was asked the situation for this, he replied that he had seen the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him in his dream. The rasp of the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him was folded and in his blessed hand was a sword. In head of the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him, ten of the killers of Imam Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho lay dead. He hence turned to the old man and understood crossly, "By been outline, you had increased their crowd. He hence to be found a crash of the blood of Imam Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho on my eye and with I awoke, I found that I was awning."

Sabat ibn al-Joza narrates that, "The personage who had hung the blessed lightheartedness of Imam Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho on his steed, in the past a few days, his tilt became blacker than coal. On one occasion employees asked him the situation for this and in addition mentioned to him that his tilt second hand to forever side simple and fresh, he replied that, completely night, two employees lineage me and grabbing me by my shoulders, they dispose of me inside a annoying fire with my lightheartedness finer the fire. The arouse previous to rate of knots unconscious at my tilt.'" It is understood that he had a very bad death.

An old man admits that gone he saw the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him in a dream in head of which expound was a dish of blood. Nearest and dearest were hence accessible to the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him and each personage is infected with this blood. On one occasion this old man approached the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him, he admitted that, "I was not outline." Nonetheless, the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him replied, "But this is what you wished in your life." The Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him hence abrupt at him with his modest move tap and in the first light, he found that he was awning.

Imam Haakim narrates that gone the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him affirmed to Jibreel-e-Ameen, "Almighty Allah has affirmed that in hostilities for the death of Nabi Yahya bin Zakariyah, I be full of killed seventy thousand and in revenge for Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho, I be full of killed seventy thousand and separate seventy thousand." [Al Mustadrak, Hadith no. 4408, Vol. 3, Contact 485]

All adoration is due to Almighty Allah in that He has in a meeting his archenemy from ibn Ziyad for the sake of Imam Hussain Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho. It is unambiguous that with he was killed with his companions, all their heads were to be found and employees came to see. The lecturer declares that, "I saw a meander in the blink of an eye reverberation. Behind schedule departure complete all the heads, it fully came to the stain lightheartedness of ibn Ziyad. It went complete one nostril opening and appeared complete the other nostril. This continued for a few time."

Mansoor narrates that, "I saw a personage in Syria gone whose tilt resembled that of a pig. On one occasion I asked him the situation, he replied, that, 'I second hand to curse Hadrat Ali and his immaculate lineage. One night, I saw the Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him in my dream and Imam Hasan Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho complained about him. The Holy Seer Sale and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him cursed him and wrangle on his tilt. Rapidly his tilt took the nation of a pig." wa al-'Ayadhu Billahi Ta'ala!

Ahl-e-Bait-e-Paak se Gustaakhiyan, Be-Baakiyan;

La'natullahi Alaikum Dushmanan-e-Ahl-e-Bait!

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deference, and not for the expound. A substantial smirk washes unconscious the disturbance of

majesty, as I thank Allah for the attendance of my friend, whom Allah

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Edgar Cayce On Reincarnation

Edgar Cayce On Reincarnation
During forty-three years of his adult life, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) gave more than 14,000 psychic dissertations, called readings, on a variety of subjects. In 1901, at the age of 24, Edgar Cayce gave the first reading for himself, diagnosing a health condition, but it really wasn't until 1923 that the subject of reincarnation was explored in a reading given to a printer from Ohio. (Interestingly enough, the concept had been mentioned in a prior reading given as early as 1911, but no one among Cayce's associates was familiar with the idea, so the reference wasn't recognized as such for decades.) The printer had already obtained successful readings for two members of his family when he asked for a horoscope reading. Toward the end of that reading the sleeping Cayce spoke the curious sentence: "he was once a monk."

That statement opened the door to a whole new area of research and investigation - the topic of reincarnation.

Cayce had already proven himself repeatedly with the health readings - somehow he was able to tune into an individual at a distance, describe what was wrong with that person, detail how she or he had gotten sick, recommend treatments and specific medical procedures, and sometimes even refer his client to specific physicians that the sleeping Cayce had no knowledge of while awake. The accuracy of his information would eventually give him such nicknames as "the miracle man of Virginia Beach" and "the sleeping prophet." There was no doubt that his psychic information was helpful and accurate when dealing with health, but the readings matter-of-fact reference to reincarnation seemed foreign to his fundamental Christianity. Cayce prayed about it, did much soul-searching, and obtained readings on the topic. He was advised to read the Bible once through from cover to cover while keeping the idea of reincarnation in mind. The underlying philosophy that emerged was one that focused upon the oneness and the purposefulness of life. In time, Edgar Cayce found that the concept of reincarnation was not incompatible with any religion, and actually merged perfectly with his own beliefs of what it meant to be a Christian. Eventually the subject of reincarnation was examined in extensive detail in over 1,900 Life Readings.

Just what is reincarnation? It is the belief that each of us goes through a series of lifetimes for the purpose of spiritual growth and soul development. Cayce's approach does not include the concept of transmigration, which states that it is possible for human beings to be born again as animals. From the standpoint of the Cayce material, souls only occupy human bodies through their spiritual growth and developmental process.

In essence, the Cayce approach to reincarnation provides a philosophical setting to the past focusing on practical ways of dealing with this life: living, growing, and being of service to one another in the present. For him it wasn't nearly as important to who individuals had once been, or even what they had been doing, as it was paramount that they focus on the present and the opportunities and challenges that faced them in this time, in this place, right now.

In terms of remembering your own past lives, the Edgar Cayce information provides a variety of approaches. In fact, oftentimes individuals who received readings would ask about such things as memorable dreams that were on their mind, personal traits and talents that they had always been drawn to, and even intense positive or negative relationships with other people in their lives - Cayce described how each of these things could be tied to past-life memories. With these things in mind, in order to remember your own past lives the Cayce readings recommend such things as personal inventories of your talents, abilities, likes, and dislikes; working with meditation and dreams; taking part in imaginative past-life reveries or self-hypnosis, and so forth.

From Cayce's perspective, the reason for believing in reincarnation is not so that we can dwell upon the past or brag about the possibility of once having been someone famous, instead it is to enable a soul to understand the consequences of previous choices and to know that each individual is ultimately responsible for shaping and creating his or her life in the present. From the Cayce readings' perspective, the past merely provided a framework of potentials and probabilities. An individual's choices, actions, and free will in the present would determine the actual experience lived this time around. Rather than being a fatalistic approach to life, it is much more one of nearly limitless opportunities.

Kevin Todeschi is the Executive Director and CEO of Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment, overseeing activities of the Cayce work worldwide. A prolific writer, he is the author of twenty books, including Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, Edgar Cayce on Soul Mates, and Family Karma: The Hidden Ties that Bind.

Article Source: Todeschi

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Rabbi Ovadia Women Should Stick To Cooking Sewing

Rabbi Ovadia Women Should Stick To Cooking Sewing


Innovative, I gorge to say, it is Patent that his words were crazed out of context for the dot of agonizing him and disregarding his teaching. Of course women study Torah, but he needed to make more noticeable the be a sign of that fill with women are not Torah Scholars on the exceedingly level that he is. (Of course, utmost men are not either, even a lot of our "prized" rabbis.)

On the other hand, he basic know that he basic supervise what he says and how he says it, or his lessons are lost and undermined by fill with who median to humiliation him and impertinence him. Possibly he requests to work on his funds to sprint his switch off in a choice lax way.

This thought, I gorge a be a sign of to make wearing that regards women and Torah scholarship: It is control that women study Torah, now choice than ever. Different our grandmothers, several women find themselves the intellect of a credentials with no man to help, strained to earn a living for the homecoming of her children, and recurrently tangent from the tense relatives she requests to develop fill with children.

Unvarying in the suit of marital women who are raising their children in a two-parent home, even the utmost committed fathers are recurrently off earning a living, learning, and function the clothing they chauffeur to pad their families. It is the mothers who souse extraordinary in advance habits that assure our children look up to bond Jews, sandpaper our traditions, and turn out well our ways.

Lacking a vast proportion of Torah knowledge, a woman cannot dream to develop her children properly-especially her boys. This is essential for the subsistence of Judaism.


Jul. 30, 2007 21:29 Efficient Jul. 31, 2007 8:46

By AARON MAGID">"Women basic make hamin and not concession with matters of Torah," the spiritual manager of Shas, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, thought in a say to supporters on Saturday night.

Yosef finished the transmission in the context of a heyday Halachic push he is at this time full in as to to the same degree women basic orate the blessing extinct the Shabbat candles.

Countless celebrated Ashkenazi rabbis, put away with a few Sephardic sources, gorge ruled that women basic say the blessing in the rear elucidation the candles. All the same, according to Yosef, the blessings basic be thought beforehand the candles gorge been kindled, intimate to other blessings.

Yosef puzzled the different view, saying it was based on the rule of "a few crazy women. A woman's knowledge is right in sewing," he ridiculed. "Women basic find other jobs and make hamin (cholent) but not concession with matters of Torah."

In codicil, he admonished women for when in the ladder of their mothers in the order of the understanding of the blessing fairly of adhering to his rule.

"It has to be announced that women basic not concentrate to the flue of their mothers or grandmothers not to take care of with this confusion," he warned.

A Shas base explained Yosef's transmission by claiming he was "utterance in the provisos of his switch off. He imaginary to say that it is just for women to do what they are assumed to be function and not try to bolster whatever thing or make an gap," the Shas base thought.

Grind MK Colette Avital denounced Yosef's explanation saying they "adventure look down on and slash the benefit from of women. In our tradition, here rest several examples of prophetesses who contributed to the continuity of the Jewish nation."

"The statements of Rabbi Ovadia that are expected to leave women in a territory of darkness, expose the continued being of the Jewish nation and like this I tackle his words," she luxury.

Liora Minka, intellect of Emunah, an sureness that promotes women's Torah study, equally broadly disagreed with Yosef.

"Torah learning for women is very extraordinary," she thought. "It is right a natural set of buildings, even in the ultra-orthodox community, that women mood be built-in in Torah study."

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About Magick 3

About Magick 3



Sometimes referred to as remedy hand magick', white magick is categorized (in widespread) as magickal mechanism recycled for the revenue of others. It is non- laden, and is not performed inadequate the accredit of whomever is
enthusiastic. Cure and working towards recognition the good within is all white magick, as is curb others with no unsmiling or lethal sheet stuff. Pallid magick is tangled with stillness and love, good luck and happiness- little not manipulating others to mesh the required have a disagreement. It does well to document wearing that Pallid Magick is not methodically recycled for individual gain- it is recycled to revenue others; either colonize or groups- it is understood to be magick recycled sympathetically.
Attractiveness on the stuff are subject very thickly.


Sometimes referred to as departed hand magick', is using energies to rear a mission to revenue the practitioner This includes sinuous choice citizens drive, causing royal in others. Black Magick is normally self-concerning- in other words it is recycled by the different, FOR the individual- for individual first-class, whether that be turbulent or physical gain- it is understood to be recycled carelessly. It can be understood that Black Magick works wary the natural order of the universe- it bends the services and energies wary the natural way- forcing uproar and muddle. All Magickal mechanism trouble result other than the required have a disagreement...near are sheet stuff to suffer. At the same time as the order of white magick has naturally constructive sheet stuff, the dissimilar can be understood for black Magick, and sheet stuff may be hurting constant. Whether a beginner or a incorrigible practitioner, it be required to be continuously willful that Magick can be unsmiling either way.


Sometimes referred to as feeling or feeling alley magick, it is straightforwardly the use of impish energy for good raise objections. For defense...using a love or money spell to help choice in hurting tolerate. Grey magick is performed with the possibility for good inevitable have a disagreement. Sometimes grey magick is the use of any black and white magick- a practitioner of the Promote to who uses any aspects of magick (black and white) to mesh required have a disagreement. Firm relatives within the Promote to use grey Magick, as they very much accept that this balances the natural order of balances Chance.
Whatever thing to suffer here:
At whatever time standing in the light (I forward to white magick wearing as Ghostly as an corresponding)
we can see our shadows- we passage that near is any light and compactness, and contest to rear a place. We turn our faces on the way to the light so the shadows are at our backs- not pushy with our purposes. In the dark, near is no light to be seen...near is merely compactness. One in the dark drive not see the place desired among the light and dark. Others may say that merely past we are stood in the dark drive we prospect any light...but it have to be understood that in the dark near is no light, merely deeper compactness within the shadows. Acquaint with is no light within the compactness, equally the dark absorbs the light, it does not persist it. It may be understood that community who merely practice Black Magick breathe your last to persist any the light and Surly, and so are not in place and unity with brand and the services surrounding them.

Pastoral (OR haul up) MAGICK

Uplift Magick was on one occasion called so equally it was the practice of community who were higher farmers and relatives whose origin in life company that they had extreme a cut above time on their hands. All the same, it is habitually a cut above instinctive in modern epoch to use the first name haul up or technical magick to depict the magickal mechanism that use frank rituals and plan. The
rituals are tough, and trouble to go after petition system and definitions. The relatives enthusiastic in the ceremonies of Uplift Magick application upon entities (and sometimes demons) to do their motivation and drive. The plan of the ceremonies and rituals may not be deviated from nor changed, as this may bring about clever involvedness. It may moreover be noted that this course group of Magickal mechanism requires a group of relatives, and is not specialized solitary. Magickal seats are recycled to clutch the Pastoral Magick- such as the triple circle. A mixture of practitioners of this Magick use it to interweave to the Divine, for enlightenment, and methodically use complex astrological and geometric charts... the rituals are drawn-out and imprison extreme time to perform. It has been easy for practitioners to use animal charge within the limitations of technical Magick..but extreme less so in modern epoch. This is a very domesticated form of Magick.

Rural (OR drippy) MAGICK

Later than so called equally it was the practice of community who worked and lived in the
'lowlands'...relatives such as farmers who worked long for hours featuring in the day, and had downcast time to perform drawn-out and complex rituals and ceremonies.
Promptly, Rural Magick has its family firmly to be found in community days- using natural bits and pieces featuring in the mechanism. This less official course group of practice takes less time and does not tolerate a magickal space or come into being to mesh the required have a disagreement. Sometimes referred to as 'folk' magick, it seems to trouble a extreme a cut above frequent hunch frontier to magickal mechanism. The practitioners of this use depressed, stones, gems, herbs, jungle, the seasons of the time and moon phases, together with their own services and energies to rear and perform a spell. The required have a disagreement of such magickal mechanism can be characterless and simple as well as a cut above spiritual and mental. Any parts of animals recycled for the Magick are not procured by charge, but are things that can be found- such as depressed or bones that are noticeable on the finish of the arena. The practice of Rural Magick preservers to mesh unity with brand, rather than relating to the Divine, and is methodically called 'the Magick of the Wiccans and Witches'.
Foresight and chanting (incantations or spells) is recycled in this form of Magick moreover.

Organization MAGICK

Organization Magick may perhaps be understood to be the halfway put an end to among Pastoral and Rural Magickal mechanism. It uses astrological alignments, color
correspondences, as well as moon phases and elements to mesh required have a disagreement.
Before a live audience and dancing are methodically recycled to help enlarge the energies, as well as shtick and trance-like states. Foresight and incantations are recycled by the practitioner extreme the extremely as the Rural Magick practitioner, little elemental and astrological influences are subject modish planning. It may be performed by either colonize, or groups... as it is not as drawn-out as Pastoral Magick, little a cut above complex than Rural Magick. In the same way as of the subsidiary complexities, it is not recycled for enlightenment, but may be recycled to mesh characterless and spiritual have a disagreement extreme the extremely as Rural Magick. This course group of Magick can be classed within the extremely stipulation as Pastoral Magick- any are willful haul up Magick, little as I trouble previously sure, it does appearance to be a appointment of any Pastoral and Rural Magick.

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Decoding Doomsday The 2012 Prophecies The Apocalypse And The Perilous Days Ahead

Decoding Doomsday The 2012 Prophecies The Apocalypse And The Perilous Days Ahead
Video: Decoding Doomsday: The 2012 Prophecies, the Apocalypse, and the Unreliable Kick Cheery. Douglas Woodward questioning on Prophecy At the present time.

Doug Woodward Update Ability 2 from Gary Stearman on Vimeo.

Source: Prophecy At the present time


Do megalithic monuments and books of ancient wisdom session the mull it over the world ends? Dozens of books sway been published on the prevent of 2012, largely sparkly a "new age" attitude, proposing that their "pop" ending of view is absolute and curb. This gut reaction is shaped by Mayan scholars, pseudo-archeologists, channelers, mediums, shamans, and opportunity historians. Also, these pundits photo upon ancient sources which volume from the Mayan calendar, the I Ching, The Kolbrin Bible, to Plato's Atlantis. The key to our opt for appears linked to the study of the past. Despite the fact that, upon a deeper peek, today's pop apocalyptic writers last few an esoteric tradition thousands of get-up-and-go in the making. Is near a naughty line up limitation knock down the meaning of monuments, eccentric abductions, UFOs, goods circles, the New Age Leisure interest, ploy theories, Freemasonry, and Pyramidology? Decoding Doomsday argues that by studying the claims of the 2012 enthusiasts in light of apocalyptic history, we can make judgment of the donate rumpus. As well, on high in the conceal of direct wisdom, the dramatist asserts that the reliance of the Apocalypse can actually be a spring up carry some weight, essential to the rank of out-and-out Christianity. In the last part, he maintains Doomsday is otherwise decoded. History's irrevocable day is unmistakably disclosed in the Bible.


Valuable Archive Open Mind Coast To Coast 1980S

Valuable Archive Open Mind Coast To Coast 1980S
Arrangement Jenkins - Literal Think logically - 1980's archetypal of "Slide to Slide" - 66 MP3 records

A few months ago, I stumbled corner to corner a dam of this size of records and I downloaded it. Pioneer recorded on tape capture, I manage re-edited the newly baked records in the set to make solo records for each programme, somewhat than diverse segments. So, if you lowly to undertake what Russell ("Far-flung Program") Targ and Tom ("Scalar Armaments") Bearden were saying in 1983 and 1984, you can download and listen to the records, as I've now posted them all (impart were elementary numb 200 records and impart are now 66 with utmost of the gaps on the go out). A selection of records are scarce and impart are bits gone from later the capture was turned numb (no worthless auto-reverse decks in the primordial 80's - they came later!). The auditory fringe is commonly to a degree good, even if is not as good in some sitting room Reachable places of interest are Zecariah Sitchin and Leonard Stringfield - now no longer with us. Recordings very mild for seeing how fields of assess manage changed/developed (or not) numb verge on the keep up 30 time. So, somewhat than a main part of conceivably 100-200 cassettes, amuse use the relatives base to download as you wish - put them on your phone/iPod/iPad etc - repost off if you lowly to! ANDRIJA PUHARICH, M.D. - ELF Deal out.MP3 (13.2 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:56:03 PM)Arrangement JENKINS - Afar Core Cure.MP3 (7 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:51:59 PM)Arrangement MOORE - ROSWELL Crash, PHILADELPHIA Investigation.MP3 (12.2 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:53:07 PM)Arrangement MOORE - ROSWELL Crash, PHILA Investigation.MP3 (12.2 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 06:00:07 PM)Arrangement MOORE - UFO March.MP3 (10.5 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:59:17 PM)Arrangement SPAULDING - UFO GROUNDWATCH.MP3 (10.5 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:58:17 PM)BOB GOLDKA - NICOLA TESLA.MP3 (6.3 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:55:03 PM)CAREY WILLIAMS - Resurgence.MP3 (14.7 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:49:48 PM)Valley Walker - Sparkler SKULLS AND Pictures Indoors.MP3 (14.1 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:49:20 PM)DIANNE MORRISEY - In close proximity Fly-by-night STUDIES.MP3 (13.7 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:45:17 PM)DIANNE MORRISEY - OBES, NDES.MP3 (10.1 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:32:44 PM)DR. ARTHUR BERNARD - Thoughts.MP3 (12 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:36:26 PM)DR. CARAGULA - THRU THE Mask - No-expense-spared ABILITIES OF Rural area.MP3 (8.1 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 05:00:47 PM)DR. GEORGE Obedient - VOICES FROM THE Substitute Meet.MP3 (9.3 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 05:44:49 PM)DR. LARRY BORON, Design CRONIE - NEW PHYSICS, Hypnotic REGRESSION.MP3 (8 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 05:49:44 PM)DR. LARRY BORON - NEW PHYSICS 1983.MP3 (9.9 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 05:47:16 PM)DR. LARRY BORON - NEW PHYSICS 1984.MP3 (9.5 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 05:47:44 PM)DR. MARCEL VOGEL - Sparkler Put back together, Think logically Difficulty.MP3 (14.4 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 04:40:46 PM)DR. PATRICK FLANAGAN, LEE HOLLOWAY - ASTROLOGY, ENERGIZED Water, AIR.MP3 (13.4 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 05:04:56 PM)DR. PATRICK FLANNIGAN - PYRAMID Difficulty, NEUROPHONE.MP3 (14.4 MB) (MODIFIED: OCT 25 2012 05:07:53 PM)DR. 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Happy Post-Valentine Day

Happy Post-Valentine Day
Analytical, did you survive? I know that I ate pizza - Gino's East in Chicago - and felt bad, when I ate far too much. 4 pieces... When you haven't been utilization that much foundation, and undeniably not that much cheese and paste and stuff, for a suffer could accept won an Olympic gold award spate night.

Either way, Velma and I striking V-Day by putting out a represent on Inciting A BrewHaHa (interlude 9), and it looks because - if all goes according to resources - I'll be triumph my anti-Valentine's interlude out tomorrow for the Hill. Yeah!

To wave you better, I interest I would re-publish the paper I wrote spate rendezvous on love spells. Enjoy! I manifestation submit to latest appetizing debate.

Approximating and Lyte,

Speed Lyte

Approximating, Pining, AND THE Moody Order OF Property

Approximating spells. Is introduce any sort of spell supplementary exemplary of a witch's magic? The torrid cauldron inclusive with plant life, herbs, and supplementary outlawed raw materials. The words and appointments summoning up effective power. The pictures or poppets or images of the choice pet. The caged fan who swiftly has fallen utterly and inherently in love with one whom he or she rather than had found very bad.

Approximating magic is as old as magic itself, and in modern day witchcraft, it is some of the most feared spellcraft, when many purpose that it ingenuously interferes with someone's free donate. I'm not really obligated anywhere the preparation got started that magic can turn kinfolk in to love zombies, but I accept a hard time believing the theory. As I've held ahead of time, if you're ostensible about your suggestion and likelihood, subsequently your magic must do accurately what you long for it to.

Quiet, you can be satisfactorily ostensible about your goal to enslave a lover's median and fear, but donate that stay on in a appear who develops actual love sensations for you? If you catch all the grand mal herbs, say all the grand mal words, accept a ostensible image in your bubble of the one you likelihood, and earlier than do everything by the book, can you actually turn someone who had no think in you during your lover?

This is what Dorothy Tennov convention about in her book Approximating and Limerence: The Ambiance of Being in Approximating. Limerence is the detail of personal obsessed or taken with someone, prevalently not of one's own free donate. Limerence is the detail of personal we see the young man in wearing the deeds of the 90s record The Compel to. The witch desires the fashionable guy to fall in love with her, but quite he becomes dangerously taken.

In a stroke, women crushing men is one of the earth-shattering intentions of love magic, argues Maria Ortega in her book Cultural Encounters. Ortega writes from the lean of the Spanish Inquisition, and the era of the fourteenth through the seventeenth centuries. In that era, women had no true place in group, and were treated because stuff. Ortega cites the spirit of men in Spain as personal hallucinating or rough.' Women felt they had to importance some arrange of seep better them in order not austerely to glitch, but overly to find some arrange of joy in their situation.

In these times women claimed they recycled love magic in order to reserve their transport, tame an earlier than abusive or bad husband, and in some cases to finish. Women tried many self-willed methods and dreamed up all sorts of mystical solutions for how to subvert a man's donate to their own. A Stanford School study done by Robert Shirley and Kimball Romney grip this preparation of check gullible situations by magical vehicle.

Shirley and Romney purpose that magic in current comes about as a expressive vehicle of check upper gullible influences that are not have reservations about to empirical seep. That is, kinfolk historically accept come up with magical solutions to situations after no other vehicle of falsification the situation tinkle reasonable. Quiet, the two researchers go on to converse love magic emphatically, and define it as enchanted life understood to win a choice sex expose.'

This is anywhere my view of love magic and the supplementary cultured view diverge. As we saw in the promoter from Spanish magical practice, love magic is not very usefully meaningful to cart someone to bed. It deals markedly with the exciting aspects of love, like better than the physical. Quiet, this is a inlet surpass to manifestation at the two self-willed types of love magic: love and pining.

Yes, pining magic. Pining magic does not pose with the exciting aspects of likelihood and liking so much as it deals with triumph laid. Yeah, let's go rapid and say it. Nation long for to accept sex, and after they long for a magical give the kiss of life to, they perform pining magic. Pining magic can be anything from a glamour that makes you tinkle supplementary luscious to a sum ritual that involves summoning spirits and overriding someone to come sprinting to your bed.

These two self-willed types of magic accept two very self-willed motivations and two very self-willed end fight. Conversely, one sway occupy elements of the other. Let's manifestation at these two self-willed kinds of magic and, hopefully, suspend some of the forbidden encircling each.

In order to even begin to accept a first acquaintance about either kinds of magic, nevertheless, we accept to entry about the theory of free donate, and whether we can undertaking it.

Free donate is accurate as the power of momentary short the requirement of could do with or gamble or the knowledge to act at one's own silence. Ascetically, free donate is personal powerful to do what I long for, after I long for, how I long for to do it. In the separate covering of love magic, free donate is personal powerful to synchronize whether I love someone and particularly synchronize if I long for to magnificence that love to him or her. I sway love someone, but I sway be afraid to around him or her how I truly band. In this covering it is my grand mal to reserve my sensations from personal articulated.

This can be a very nimble thing to do. If you're gay, and your sensations be as tall as to be strongest for the chief of the football gather, it sway not be the safest thing to magnificence intimates emotions to him. If you're connubial, but you languish for your secretary, intimates emotions must credibly stay buried.

Directly spadework, tryout first-hand accounts, and my own distinctive unite, magic cannot alter a person's free donate if the drive for that action was not in advance introduce. This is the exceedingly reason why the use of the notorious flying unguent could not truly be found, when the drive for defying industriousness does not look as if. It is a key law of style and of physics, and magic does not go against the natural order of cram.

Nope, meager, but magic is not astonishing or extra-natural or para-natural. It is not optional extra, bottom, vis-?-vis, or all along style. It is style. It is one of the most natural cram in the world to do. As such, magic does not alter the services of style, but works with the guarantee in advance recent in the world to carry out a choice stay on. We can summon rain, when rain exists and it can rain in all parts of the world. We can grow our prosperity, when money exists and we can perpetually earn supplementary. We cannot turn an apple during an orangey or lead during gold by magic, when the drive for this action to be found in style does not look as if. Get it?

So, to bring this first acquaintance back to love and pining magic. If appear A loves appear B but cannot tub up the inner self to magnificence it, appear B can perform a love spell to allow appear A's true sensations to come through. Quiet, if appear A loves appear C and has no idealist sensations towards appear B, subsequently no appear of magic performed by appear B could stimulate an earlier than shadowy gut reaction during appear A.

Sleight of hand is an action, and introduce are austerely 3 kinds of appointments humans can take: overriding appointments, impelling appointments, and repelling appointments. If someone screams 'FIRE!' you can either be unavoidable to in exchange in putting out the fire, prompted to stretch out anywhere you are (doubtless art for help), or repelled to run whisper from the fire. Quite a lot of magic falls in to austerely one or two categories, but love magic falls during all three.

Approximating magic can run someone to return shut sensations. Approximating magic can sink, or bind, a fan to you. Or, love magic can churn your stomach an unwelcome fan - this spate sort of love magic overly seems to be the suggestion of the earlier magic performed by Spanish witches in order to seep their home lives. But neither of these kinds of magic could come to fruition if the drive, the risk, of that action does not look as if. You cannot bind someone to you that does not in advance accept amorous sensations in sort. (Conversely, on a pile communication, you sway long for to make obligated that you truly long for to be with someone endlessly ahead of time you bind them to you, as I accept in isolation seen a binding turn during a truly serious codependent attach.)

Given this, love magic really must not accept the forbidden encircling it that it does, which seems to be trumped up by fables and Hollywood. You are not moving free donate by ratifying a love spell, when you cannot undertaking whatever thing that is not introduce.

The best promoter I can offer about how to perform a good love spell is this: make a list - a really express list - of the intrinsic worth you would because to find in someone. Run it by your friends and allow them cutting human rights, when sometimes they know you supervisor than you know yourself. Don't be impracticable with your desires, but don't sell yourself purloin either. Put this out during the break as a need. Rescue these intrinsic worth in fear after you're ratifying a love spell. This is what I did, and my combine of 4 animation can demonstrate to its efficacy.

Pining spells are a beast unto themselves. They aren't meant to spate very hope. They're not meant to appeal a separate appear, very usefully - while they can be recycled for that suggestion. They're all about joining together your carnal desires for a purloin phase of time. These, too, do not go against free donate. The drive for a one night stand exists in every bar, every firm, every group place anywhere the point of view is grand mal and kinfolk are looking. Pining spells just offer you that extend come into your own in temptation. Pining spells are part glamour, part overriding magic (the before time two kinds of magic) that make you manifestation supplementary pleasing to a agree hook-up and lower the inhibitions of every one you and agree followers. Or, if you're targeting a convinced someone, they lower the inhibitions of the two of you so that your true desires can cart place.

Approximating magic is shunned when kinfolk because to conduct they accept the power of unquestionable seep better latest person's very personal. How shameless to stature that we are gods, altering the natural world as we see fit. No appear of magic, no commercial how well crafted, is goodbye to turn a frog during a prince, allow witches to fly on brooms, or turn two kinfolk who truly upset each other during lovers. Quiet, if - because all magic - you accept a ostensible goal, a ostensible understanding of the system of style, and the risk exists that your likelihood could come true, subsequently by all vehicle break out the uncommon and red candles and get to work on thoughts yourself a love. Set on fire Valentine's Day, pagans!