Friday, August 20, 2010

Coffin Texts Spell 761

Coffin Texts Spell 761
A few weeks ago I posted an quotation from Episode 42 of the New Acquire (ca. 1550-1069 BCE) "Accept of the "Disappeared". Committed on a paper this night, I ran creatively a passage in the Middle Acquire (ca. 2055-1650 BCE) "Casket Texts" that is very block to the communication of the other spell, but with some spicy variations in the deities similar with specific case parts. Option widely held is that it is narrated in the second-person preferably than the initial.

The "Casket Texts" are called such to the same degree they were in black and white on the in vogue of coffins in order to aid the behind schedule to put the last touches on his or her requirements in the afterlife. Go to regularly of the spells secure from the Old Acquire (ca. 2686-2181 BCE) "Pyramid Texts", which were wholly the tackle of the Pharaohs, but the "Casket Texts" were open to guise who can let somebody have temporarily a casket (need the one pictured). Egyptologists sometimes tackle to this pressure group as the "democratization of the afterlife."

The back up summary is from R. O. Faulkner's "The Past Egyptian Casket Texts". This spell is be included 761 (p. 293 of "ability 2). "N" in the fake beneath would be replaced by the name of the behind schedule bearing in mind he or she had the casket tinted. The behind schedule was made-up to become an Osiris upon off the cuff here the realm of the dead; therefore Horus as the son of the behind schedule, Geb as the twitch, etc.

TO Gather A SPIRIT'S MEMBERS FOR HIM IN THE Earth OF THE Disappeared. Wake! Wake! O N, wake! See what your son Horus has done for you, effort what your twitch Geb has done for you; he has set your foes underside you for you. Go up and wash down in the Consortium of Life; what is evil on you mettle be purged in the Consortium of the Firmament. You contain come here years strict as any god; your peak is Re, your position is Wepwawet, your origin is the Jackal, your rudeness are the Twins, your ears are Isis and Nephthys, your eyes are the fold children of Re-Atum, your dialect is Thoth, your throat is Nut, your neck is Geb, your shoulders are Horus, your dresser is He who pleases the spirit of Re, the brawny god who is in you, your flanks are Hu and Khopri, your navel is the Jackal of the Spare Lion, your back is Anubis, your front is the Spare Lion, your arms are the two sons of Horus, your back is the Extender of the Sunlight, your legs are Anubis, your buttocks are Isis and Nephthys, your feet are Duamutef and Kebhsenuf, and grant is no belong to in you which lacks a god; tremendous yourself, N!