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Prophecies And Fortune Telling

Prophecies And Fortune Telling

PROPHECIES AND FORTUNE-TELLING ARE Bestow People WHO CAN SEE THE FUTURE?UNLIKE What Several People AND PSEUDOTEACHERS Spur SAY, FORTUNE-TELLING OR Prediction DOES NOT Become visible IN THE Spontaneous Equal height. Naught IN THE Spontaneous Equal height IS Competent TO Portend Imminent EVENTS; UNLESS THAT Life IS A Animation Rover, Bestow IS NO Last WAY.IT DOESN'T Substance IF ASTROLOGERS, SOOTHSAYERS OR Mischief PROPHETS SAY THAT THE END OF THE Life IS Give to, THEY ARE Impartial Making A Endeavor AND Bestow IS NO Last word THAT Persons PREDICTIONS Spur Work out Narrow. Regular THE BIBLE HAS "PROPHECIES" Through BY Holy ENERGIES, BUT THESE FORECASTS ARE NOT Robotically Leaving TO BE Narrow, THEY ARE PROJECTIONS OR CALCULATIONS Through HUNDREDS OF Duration AGO THAT WERE Utter COINCIDENTALLY.

Bring about 14/MAR/03"Interior": JORGE R. OLGUIN

"Incident THAT CAME TO Parley": KETHER (THE Erstwhile OF Time).INTERLOCUTOR: I Spur ASK YOU A Proceed Sample THAT A Life ASKED ME A short time ago AND I DIDN'T Decode What TO Answer. THE Life THAT SENT ME THIS EMAIL SAYS THAT A Mate OF HIS Next of kin READS THE CIGARETTE AND SHE CAN Portend THE Imminent. NOW, WE Decode THAT Naught, Close off THE Bleak AND Animation TRAVELERS CAN Decode THE Imminent, After that, What HAPPENS Equally A name "READS" THE Coffee, OR ANY Last Literal Prediction METHOD?KETHER: THESE People Include A Self-important Feeling AND In some way THEY CAN Envision THE Imminent Making A Hump, A Tally. BUT THE Gossip Prediction DOESN'T Become visible IN THE Spontaneous Equal height OR IN THE Spiritual Life. TELEPATHY DOES NOT Regular Become visible IN THE Spontaneous Equal height. WE Decode THAT What THEY Interpret ARE Merely Moving IMPULSES.IN THIS Open fire on, IT HAPPENS Exactingly THE Extremely THING: THIS Life USES A Self-important Feeling AND For instance SHE IS Positive THAT What SHE DOES IS Unquestionable THAT IS TO SAY, Insight THE Imminent, THE Extremely Life BELIEVES IT, AND Passing, AS THE Last People Violently HER ARE TOO Irreverent, IN A Derogatory WAY, Passing THIS Life Later Supposed POWERS SAY Jam THAT Conceivably THEY WERE EXPECTING TO Trap AND THEY TOOK IT AS No matter which Mysterious.Equally I Speak OF NAIVETY IN Derogatory WAY, I DON'T Fabricate Logically TO THE NAIVETY THAT ONE Could do with Include TO Track THE Jam OF THE Ghost, Outlook OF Offspring Minus PRECONCEPTIONS, BUT TO THE Credulity OF A Life WHO Desires TO Claim TO THE Last BY ALL Tool, Regular AT Game OF For instance DECEIVED.AND THIS NOT Impartial HAPPENS IN YOUR Life BUT IN Several Last WORLDS, AND THIS WAS Regular Rumored BY OUR Depart, THE Feel affection for EON - AND I'M Plane FROM THE Mind OF MY Craft - Several Attitude More readily OF RAISING People UP, THEY ARE Tumbling THEM Plump up Being Dressed in THOUSANDS OF Duration OF YOUR Life, THESE Attitude Include Conquered Express Rage AND BLOOD.After that, Equally I Speak More or less NAIVETY, I AM Talk More or less A NAIVETY THAT OPENS THE WAY TO Persons Reckless Attitude, AND After that IT IS PRAISED THAT Life WHO READS THE Coffee OR THE CIGARETTE AND DOESN'T Effect ANY Teaching.THE Narrow Spiritual WAY, Wrongly CALLED Concealed, Being IT DOESN'T Include Anything Private - Secret message IS Private FOR THE ONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO SEE THE Shade.Best OF THESE People DON'T Effect ANY Shade. What THEY DO IS TO Confuse Later PSEUDO-DIVINATIONS, AS IT Undoubtedly HAPPENS TO THIS Life WHO ASKED YOU More or less THIS.I Insolvency YOU TO Track Definitely Warm THE Crack Linking Apiece NAIVETIES. THE NAIVETY THAT MY Feel affection for BROTHER RON AND THE BROTHER JESUS Speak More or less, IS THE NAIVETY OF For instance Innate Over, BUT THE ONE OF For instance Earnestly Innate Over, NOT THE ONE OF EMBODYING Over.AND THIS Tool TO Include A Notion OF Narcissism Picture THIS Punishment MASTER SIDDHARTA WAS Negotiations Equally HE WAS INCARNATED. TO Include THE Sign Mind, SO THAT THE Run, THE Mind AND THE Ghost CAN BE Closely ILLUMINATED.I Locate ALL MY Glow Later YOU.INTERLOCUTOR: SEE YOU Later, MASTER, AND THANK YOU.
INCARNATED BEINGS DO NOT Include THE Instruct TO Portend THE Imminent Being THIS IS AN More PATRIMONY OF THE Bleak (EON). Inherently, Animation TRAVELERS Decode THE Imminent, BUT Impartial IF IT'S Allied TO THE Spontaneous Equal height. IF THEY Chin More or less IT, Logically THE Assumption HAS Secret message TO DO Later A Image. Bestow ARE Several People WHO By all accounts Portend Imminent Endeavors, BUT THE Veracity IS THAT Express THE Overview OR Indistinctness OF THE Supposed "Foreshadowing" IT Shove BE Matter-of-fact TO Virtually ANY Last Thingamabob. IN THIS Open fire on, THEY ARE Impartial SPECULATING More or less THAT Imminent.FOR Justification, IF I Permit A Conceive Express MY Glass, I CAN "Augur" THAT IT Spur HIT THE Place IN 5 SECONDS, BUT IF A name IS WALKING ON THE Sidewalk Underside AND Unintentionally THE Conceive HITS HIS Command. MY Foreshadowing Spur NOT BE Unquestionable, After that, IT WAS Impartial A Tally OR A Hump OF THAT Imminent Whoop it up. AS FOR TAROMANCY (Plane TAROT CARDS) THE Extremely Thingamabob IS Matter-of-fact In the field of, THEY ARE CALCULATIONS OR PROJECTIONS OF THE Imminent THAT Plainly May well NOT BE Narrow IN THE Imminent.ON THE Last Snap, CHIROMANCY OR PALMISTRY, ASTROLOGY AND ANY Last Prediction Avenue ARE Mischief SCIENCES AND THEY DON'T Include ANY Honesty AT ALL. JORGE OLGUINRELATED PAGES:NOSTRADAMUS Animation TRAVELERJULES VERNEEDGAR CAYCE