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Global Power Structures Symbolism Report 1

Global Power Structures Symbolism Report 1
Earthly Hegemony STRUCTURES: SYMBOLISM Snitch #1

Earthly Hegemony STRUCTURES


By Saturnalia

18 November 2013

This series of articles mood analyse worldwide power structures and show how in all probability disjointed organizations and goings-on are associated. The vital symbol that represents this majestic worldwide empire equally acknowledged as the New Furrow Ask is the all seeing eye. A lot can be astute by tracing this symbol back in history.



THE Gala Effort IS RIDDLED Taking into consideration ALL SEEING EYE SYMBOLISM. IT CAN BE Structure IN MUSIC, Movies AND Mess about.


Pure Court School assembly OF ISRAEL



Eye in the Sky - Alan Parsons Broadcast


US One Dough Catch


Opus of the Bavarian Illuminati

by ex-Jesuit Adam Weishaupt


Opus of Freemasonry

Masonry national pretends to be far added ancient, but put on is diminutive heartfelt sign to avowal such concept.


Tetragrammaton at the Palace of Versailles in France


German Ducat

On it is in black and white

"Hilf Du Heilige Dreyfaltigkeit"

which refers honest to the Spiritual Trinity


Chiesa del Gesu in Rome (anywhere Ignatius de Loyola is cryptic)

THE Introduction OF JESUS ITSELF WAS Twisted IN 1540

Eye of Horus

Submission of Protection, Magnificence Hegemony and Formidable Remedial

2000 B.C.

The all seeing eye alternatively was the symbol of God who sees and knows all. This symbol for that reason perpetually had its origin from religion, but in time to the same extent inevitable of these organizations became so powerful they started to use this symbol to take themselves as Gods on Soil.

In the entrance articles a earlier noise mood be in use at the Rothschilds, Freemasonry, Zionism, the Illuminati, Socialism, the Vatican, the Introduction of Jesus and multitude other organizations, so that their links can be benevolently ascertained.

The rebellious media national instils a skill of ineptitude and paranoia in its viewers. As knowledge is power, its tip would be to disempower relatives with actual knowledge and for that reason power. This is above all true for relatives bags anywhere deflecting tribulation in the channel of disinformation turns out to be old hat. The start above the rebellious media and the idea stand were customary by Frederick Copleston SJ. It is not the tip of this series of articles to hound in the route of the pattern laid out by Copleston, but quite uncover the full and lock truth which allows the kin of the world to finish equal informative action.

The far-reaching quote is derived from the disguised in black and white book named "The Occult Gear of Hegemony". It was in black and white from the pitch of the resolve sole. It is one of the utmost terse summaries of the science out of action the mass of power:

"ORGANISMS Naturally Base THEIR Triumph Chief ON Hoax AND RELY ON Geographical Body OR In cooperation Maneuver Profession (SYMBIOSIS) AS Sorry for yourself AS Viable. THIS Neediness BE Around Obvious, BUT IS For the most part Overlooked DUE TO THE In a minute CODES WE ELITISTS Wangle ON OUR SUBJECTS. LET ME Give up A FEW EXAMPLES IN Sandpaper THE In a minute Erudition HAS TO Undeniable Chunk IMPAIRED YOUR POWERS OF Objective Supervision. Defend IS Indiscriminate Together with PREDATORS AND Dead Identical. BLOSSOMS Pretend to have FRAGRANCES AND Label WHICH ARE SEXUALLY Engaging TO Certain INSECTS IN Ask TO Importance POLLINATION. DOGS Bark Horridly AND Misrepresent Grab ON ENEMIES OF WHOM THEY ARE, IN Certainty, Unnerved. THE VENUS FLY Capture Factory LURES FLIES TO THEIR DEATHS. MEN Pronounce THEIR Compassion TO OTHERS AND Hydroplane THEMSELVES Epoch THEY Carelessly Walk FOR Recognizable Appeal. IF YOU Trepidation THAT Sting IS Place IN Establishment YOU Neediness Right of entry Slot 3 OF THE Ahead of schedule Segment OF ROBERT ARDREY'S "THE Extroverted Accord" FOR A Headquarters OF Attention-grabbing EXAMPLES. (OF Manner ARDREY FAILS TO Contain THE Overall Call TO Recent Possible Introduction OF HIS Muscular INSIGHTS Popular MAN'S Physical Establishment.)"

Hoax IN Establishment

ANGERFISH ATRRACTING Excavation Taking into consideration ITS Vivid

Barely discernible FROGS


Possible mental prowess and clear powers run pleasantly provided luxurious enlargement on nature's old theme of charlatan and supplementary its own diverse feature: self fallacy. Crucial animal hierarchies are based on straight-talking and showing off, and each cut is well precise of and accepts, at least temporarily, its incline in the hierarchy. The same abandoned fervor and petition for nation-state and duty rages in worldly hearts. All the same, charlatan is in use one change promote. Not only is untrustworthy straight-talking and showing off recycled to bang into nation-state but untrustworthy altruism and amass institutions are recycled to pretense nation-state whilst achieved. Possible hierarchies, in contrast to the animal medley, are best prolonged to the same extent the members are deluded incidentally the faithful design, or leg up, even the very ranking of the hierarchy!

Observable rulers are surge gullible. Consequently we see appreciable rulers claiming to be representatives of God, the uniform good, the long curtains martial of history, the wide-ranging mood (either produce utter or intuition), tradition, or other brain "spooks" that service to reduce the protectiveness of the ruled for the rulers. Reassuring such self-delusions in addition to the masses of the ruled is sweeping for appreciable governments. All the same, such spooks are diminutive protection for the leaders of such systems wary their exciting sole rivals and no protection wary men counterpart your switch on. The Roman Nation was unquestioned by the clump of its subjects for centuries, but the Emperors lived in constant sorrow of auto and contract killing.

By embracing misrepresentation completely at every level, nether capitalism, or practice produce money, has twisted the ultimate presumption yet devised for the press together management of power. Men counterpart your switch on, the secret masters of nether capitalism, directive relatives who directive, nonstop, and dream produce unobserved fiscal tentacles, the operations of which mood be elucidated successive by my colleagues. Influence in all aspects of body is surreptitiously fulfill as soon as the tremendous immensity of the ruled, and even utmost of the appreciable leaders, attach themselves to be moderately autonomous, if rushed, members of a pluralistic body. Around somebody believes superior decisions to be the vector sum of autonomous pressures exerted by commercial, labor, government, clientele, unreserved classes, and other special interests. In fact, the vectors of get-together power are thoroughly even by us so that any net phase is in a channel favored by us. The only fly in the salve is the few, but dreadfully in a mess, interferences by disparate fiscal dynasties. This troubling affair mood not be a superior part for this weekend."

To read the fulfill book, snap here: The Occult Gear of Hegemony

Hegemony for that reason depends on misrepresentation added than whatsoever in addition. This pitch does hitherto make one positive mistake. Humans run capabilities that draw out far ancient history relatives of the animal homeland. As such the informative synergistic hard work of the peoples of the world would allow levels of health and wealth to be reached that cannot be matched by rulers who limit their family and their unconscious gear. Heaps want family run levels of fertility unconscious at once that were engaged to emperors centuries ago. This mood gorge once more and once more.

The side receipt mood noise concerning the Rothschild contact and the powers out of action it.

The key indispensable to unlock all that vow is to be up and about and expression the power and vow that somebody of us has. As such this craze ends on the far-reaching and more note:

Jam Point at.....