Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Virtual Tour Of The Temple Mount

A Virtual Tour Of The Temple Mount
In a new cyber- line, avatars of Jerusalem figures, through BAR originator Gabriel Barkay (not at home during) communicate the sites of the Summit Ensconce. The Israeli array The Direct of the Philosophy, the length of with several scholars and the Israeli Member of the clergy of Trap and Billet, limitless a cyber- line of the Summit Ensconce this week, in conjunction with the fast day of Tisha B'av. Tisha B'av, which hack on Monday, July 15 - Tuesday July 16 this appointment, is a commemoration of the Babylonian pulling down of Solomon's Summit in the sixth century B.C.E. and the Roman pulling down of the In addition Summit in 70 C.E.

The Hebrew-language cyber- line countenance panoramic 360-degree views of several sites on the Summit Ensconce. In addition, grainy representations of figures through Trap and Billet Member of the clergy Uri Ariel, linguist Avshalom Kor and archaeologist Gabriel Barkay resource elapsed and archaeological contexts for the Summit Ensconce. The cyber- line not in a minute provides a wealth of information for Hebrew-speaking audiences; it countenance panoramic views of the Summit Ensconce structures the length of with reconstructions, sketches and photographs within the cyber- line.

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Intentional sacred chance even ahead of time Biblical grow old and sharply contested in our own day, the Summit Ensconce is one of the greatest beautiful and significant sitting room on earth. A BAS Annals Limited Setting countenance fifteen articles that item the Summit Mount's work in the three hefty Western religions and supervision on a key archaeological issue: In shape everyplace was the ancient Jewish Summit located?

Envision the Summit Ensconce Limited Setting.