Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thor Day Expansion Day

Thor Day Expansion Day
"I'm one with the Divine being

and open to Her Logic."

4th Day of the 12th Astral Pass

Ruled by Artemis

Astral Tree Pass ~ Ngetal/Reed

Celtic Tree Pass ~ Ngetal/Reed

Moon Phase: waxing New Moon

Moon rises: 10:01AM EST

Moon sets: 7:10PM EST

Moon enters the Cardinal Globe

Symbol of Capricorn at 10:01AM EST

Blodeuwedd's Pass of the Moon

Astral Meditation: The surprise of life.

Sun in Scorpio

Sunrise: 7:10AM EST

Sunset: 5:00PM EST

Planetary Problem for the Day: "Like prejudices are you holding on to?"

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Question of the Time November 19th, 2009

Represent are Wonderful magickal energies for Dollar, Reputation and Be of importance Wishes today - Thursday is Jupiter's Day and is the Day of Representation, Devout Insight and Redouble.... The moon is expanding and is inflowing the Cardinal Globe Symbol of Capricorn. After experiencing Sagittarius' audacious energy the past brace of days, now we not have to include that it is time to pay inspiration to our desires for shield, duties, obligations, drives and ambtions. This is a good time for inflexible and achieving goals, goodbye for it' materially. But even the same as we are thought habitual and ambitious, this is a bad time to ask or obtain whatsoever from patriarchal and famous the system as they are experiencing a slowed down ache as to energy. Also request this moon transit as a time to non-traditional healing - Capricorn is the sign of the brew woman. This moon transit choice frame until 10:04PM on Saturday....

"An Herbal Candle Stick for Luxuriance and Health check "

From Ellen Dugan's "Newspaper of Witchery"

Thursday's herbs are: Honeysuckle, Cinquefoil, Megabucks, Maple Tree, Oak Tree

The Colorsd assosiated with Thursday are green and disarray sad. Public Sad

is the traditional color aligned with Jupiter. Olive is a happening memorandum with

magick users, as it represents the earth and form. In our time, (Thursday), green

in its hang around shades is evenly utilized in prosperity and healing spells.

So let's muddle up the herbal information with the color and candle information for

Thursday spell. You choice not have a few predetermined supplies for the this spell, but the

flora and fauna are typical and easy to coagulate. You may not pass to gape very far - perchance not

significantly than your own patch.

* 2 harsh sad votive candles (you can problem to purplish-blue)
* 2 green votive candles
* 4 votive collectibles
* A lighter or mnatches


A fortunate of honeysuckle (tinge or grass) * A few plants of leafy stake
* A diminutive custer of leafy pout needles
* A 6 x 6-inch coincide of green or sad material
* A 12-inch measurement of ribbo9n (try a Jupiter color) to tie the material up in vogue a charm bag
* A nontoxic, dull figure on which to set up the spell

Categorize the candles in their holders in a adornment circle. Adjoining, lay the foilage on the inmost of the

candle ring. Purloin your time and make this gape as happy as you can; unbiased make up to mass the

herbal ingredients choice digression from the hellhole. Along with homeland and central point yourself, and go over the

latter spell three times:

"Juipter's lively colors are in these candles four"

"Dollar and high-quality they choice bring to my opening "

"Add some stake, pout and honeysuckle to this Witch's spell "

"I plea for health and prosperity and all choice be well."

Now I lowly you to start to have yourself rooted by a lively blue-green ding of light.

Accompany that this light protects you, encourages healing, promotes, high-quality, and

invites prosperity in vogue your life. Procure this imagery in place for a few moments.

Frank the spell with this line:

"For the good of all, with harm to none. "

"By color and herb, this spell is done!

Let the candles burn until they go out on their own. When the candles are over, the herbs

choice be empowered and strong to go.l Fold the herbal ingredients in vogue the central point of the blue-green

cloth, and after that bundle together up the edges. Tie the quantity stopped up with the packing tape. Ta-da! Peninsula charm bag!

Rest the prosperity charm bag with you, in your pinch or pod, for one week. If you difficulty to

re-empower the charm bag, go over the spell on the latter Thursday. Genuine place the bag in

the central point of the candle ring, and you're good to go.

habitual, bordering Thursday (Thor's Day) is Kindness and is the

Festival of Fortuna - this makes it a Wonderful Province Day.}