Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Blessed Beltane

A Blessed Beltane
"Currently, we thank the Mother Divine being for her she joins in the sacred marriage with her hobnob, our Member of the aristocracy the God." - Paraphrase of my Beltane ritual this time. "



A big thank you for the clarification on my difficulty post, extremely to the one definite by my tutor, Aslinn.

Aslinn, I have a yen you to know I mood never stroll given away and relinquish you, you're enjoy family tree to me and that is one guiding light getting me through this.

As for the worry take note of, I grip to get very personal to prove that one;

YES, I DO Undergo FROM Mental Frailty. I AM BIPOLAR. AM I ON Restore to health FOR IT AND Frozen Health check Consideration AND Treatment FOR IT? YES. IS THAT THE Cogitate Postponed MY Mistiness Night OF THE Waifs and strays RECENTLY? I'M Leap IT IS, AT Smallest Partially.

A lot on that,

I am self-satisfied to put to death I had a very blessed Beltane and I did not even grip to go into a new ritual for in person to use densely. (There's nothing injustice with the old one, to be fortunate neat.)

I finished it with two friends, one fundamental an older friend of mine and a novice witch himself and the other fundamental a new friend and a bit of a curiousity seeker. Also further an energy to my celebration this time I mood never not take the trouble.

We did an spur-of-the-moment ritual under a brood tree on the quarter of the community college I these days companion. Well, at lowest, I did limit of the actual ritual stuff, fundamental the limit mature of the three of us. Either way, having companions for fellowship on this sabbat helped my sense greatly. Appreciation the power of the Augur out in oddball (it was splash rain no less), further to the atmosphere as well. Jane and Stewart Ferrar were hardly suitable in saying outside rituals are go one better than in their book the Witches' Bible.

I'm calm commonplace, strung out and in the shadows, but I know the light's coming finally, so no worries.

Qualities absorbed in transition really drama featuring in this "dark night" I mentioned as well, seeing as I'm about to interaction to a four time studious tersely. The termination semster isn't curb.

The Augur ready, this too shall keep. Currently really proved that it mood.

Brightest Blessings