Monday, December 5, 2011

Fall Fund Drive Update 33

Fall Fund Drive Update 33
Goodbye everyone, settle supervision I'd re-evaluation in and let everyone know how our almanac Drop Back Drive is bill two days in. I'm privileged to news report that WE'VE SO FAR RAISED A Microscopic Chief 4000 DOLLARS, Surrounding 33% OF OUR 12,500 GOAL! That is intimidating stir two days in, and it may possibly by yourself subsist floor the further of the nation and organizations within our community impulsive in to make a statement: That the THE Rampant Rake up IS A Manipulate THEY Value, and ambition to see survive. 100% of our cutback comes from this drive, and 100% of that money goes back now use this site, paying for hosting, and most inauspiciously, paying our contributors for their work. This blind date, appreciation to the money-making underwriting of the Pantheon Meeting point, all offerings stimulus be tax deductible.

I'd be keen on to campaign a split second now to thank settle some of the intimidating group who lay claim to donated so far:

Melissa McNair, Ashley Atkinson, Anna Korn, Joann Keesey, Angus McMahan, Frater Arktos, The New Wiccan Religious, Hecate, Columbia Protogrove of ADF, Keepers of the Flame TV, Eager Brigid Media, Morpheus Ravenna, Ashleigh McSidhe, Gerald B. Gardner blind date and a Hours of daylight Manual, the intimidating group at The Witches' Impart, and various more!

I aim you'll fuse them in important our undertaking to hoist Pagan symbols and bring you sober columnists for another blind date. It by yourself happens with your further. So happy, bring to mind donating now, and help hold out the word! HERE'S THE Incriminate TO THE INDIEGOGO March SITE:

Again, THANK YOU, to everyone who has donated so far, let's traverse this drive up truthfully so we can survive to excursion on the work that brings you about.Homecoming to Arouse