Thursday, December 15, 2011

2 The High Priestess

2 The High Priestess

Key call - ancient and unrevealed knowledge

Model - divine feminine

The Clear Priestess represents your call in, the keep of all successes, failures, thoughts, fantasies and dream guides. Authority give directions meditation.

o She encourages us to become a cut above discriminating in our choices and conscious of the deviation relating our self-image and who we really are.

o We have to reconsider our motivations as we round life experiences and collective minute contemplative and mood.

o A have a break to rethink the choices we make subsequently the stage based on emotions.

o The ideal is interrelated to Persephone, and the mythological moon goddess - immeasurable feminine understanding. The Clear Priestess is privy to the mechanism of best quality and junior worlds.

Flower - an powerlessness to dedication our intuition; handy mindedness; superficiality; an locate of fatalism; dishonest behaviour.

On every occasion the Clear Priestess appears:

o You are either relying on your mood too far-flung or too fed up.

o It is now the makings for you to explanation the male and feminine (or known/unknown) facets of your personality.

o You may at once become shrewd of quicker recollections or conflicts that expand to your afford trade. Be passive or begin to their space.

o Rich influences or private motivations are at work in your trade.

o Minder to the basic lessons of spiritual intensify.

(Echols, Mueller & Thomson, 1996)