Monday, September 19, 2011

Tatianas New Dress

Tatianas New Dress
I'm back to my blog now that the holidays foothold had their way with me! Something was so full to overflowing I couldn't constrain even an tallying complete or two out of life, but now, draft in...draft out... I'm back!

As a choice of of you know, I was absolutely added to the roster of fantasy/fairy artists working in the ever mounting Spellbound Visions Poke out. Four-sided figure out my Nov. 17th blog entrance for in addition tape on the display. I disappeared my creative store to the display and submitted it at the beginning of December. They widely foothold a count that is a word or chesterfield to lay off the artists to come up with whatever thing based upon that count, but this time they tried whatever thing new. We were given three household photos from and might decide on one (or in addition) to use as design. Later I looked nap them, this one having difficulties my eye. I imitation,

"That grow really likes that dress she's wearing!" How would I know that? Ornately, my newborn Brittany got nuptial a duo of years ago, and I recollection chatting with the sales lady to the same extent she was forceful on dresses. She told me that you can eternally counsel later it's "the" dress, in the same way as they scrutinize at themselves, and they smooth the dress down a cut above and a cut above with their hands, I watched the brides, and she was balance out, the dresses they didn't similar, they didn't even unite with their hands unwell at all, the in addition they liked the dress, gift would go the hands! So this photo made me think of that day. I approved that she would be a fairy in a really advantageous dress, a new dress fit for a queen. So I imitation, why not make her Queen Tatiana from Midsummer Night's Dream?!

I had never worked from a household photo not later than, so that was replica of a fun new world for me. I widely uphold my own hint photos, but it really was sheltered seeing all of the fabulous film making lisajen had gift for the plucking! She asks for the player to endure her a recognition line (fair satisfactory) and of course a attach back to her anomalous art site where her film making is posted. That's all I ask from civilization who assume to use my artwork for their websites, so it seemed very fair to me.

I opted to reverse the image in Photoshop to begin, I gave her very platinum fair-haired hair, and imagined a dress and wreath fit for a fairy queen. This was a really fun display, I really enjoyed it, and I'm glad with the implication. I foothold her posted in my Etsy store as prints, and view for her to be added to Gemstone Art Pendants, join mirrors, coffee mugs and more!

Prepared to be back in the blog!

Blessings for a fabulous New Time, and view for a new Thrilling Monday Film Competence, next Monday!~Mickie