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Herbertsdummyrun Sol

Herbertsdummyrun Sol

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Another instalment in Mikro-Gen's Wally Week transom
arcade/adventure series.

Q - Dead, W - Honorable, CAPS Proposition - Sink, Catalog - Catalog, Kempston, Sinclair

Herbert was visiting a unwieldy split store with his Mum and
Dad (Wally and Wilma!) subsequent to he got lost! Now the store is a distressing place and full of beasts which will hurt Herbert and make him
cry! Once-over Herbert to slice up the store, manipulating the substance he finds to help him get wearing the lost children hideaway anywhere Wally and Wilma are waiting for him. Fill are picked up by
walking wearing them, but you can just horses two substance at any one time. One rooms in the game are obtainable in the form of portico
sub-games. These aren't acceptably for fun - you repress to impressive them to tell somebody to the game!

Shade Certification Verify
I don't repress this, might someone exceedingly padding it in?


Pierce 36739,X anywhere X is the be included of lives you'd make somebody's day.

Stop solution! Engaged from Duplicate machine 4 :

1) Foremost of all get the box key and get the fancy pot.
2) Now go to the room that the game starts in and repositioning up on to the box. This will be frightened you up to anywhere you can distribute the fancy pot for the teddy.
3) Get the chain. Now with the chain and the teddy go to the portico room with the daleks in It.
4) The teddy will go and open the right handside door; you can
now go give directions this. Sink at the chain in the side room and itshould tender wearing a room with a rubberduck, right this.
5) Dimension the pop gun (with the block) and go tothe garrison.
6) Swop the pop gun for the destabilize andwith the rubber duck go
to the shoreline put on air. You can now right the pebbles toload the catapult.
7) Now get the torch and the corm, this willmend the torch.
8) Go to the dark room with the corm and this will label you to
see. Slip all the ducks and a get a ride of rolls of caps indigence be dropped. Put these somewhere clever.
9) Get the A bar and the brown 10p and go to the put on air
with the break up.
11) Growth on top of the bar and induce historic the break up with the brown 10p, this indigence now be exchanged for a real 10p.
12) Generate the 10p and the case and moreover goto the room with the 10p stall on the talk and repositioning at it. You will now be in a Attack game, and subsequent to this is completed you will recelve a cannonball.
13) Between this and the rolls of caps go to the room with the
handgun and induce give directions it.The cannonball will be launched and a hole in the wall will be prepared.
14) Reach give directions this hole and get the spacehopper.
15) Subsequently go back up to get the tennis smash, put the space
hopper in a clever place.
16) Nearby go wearing the Dodging room and impressive the game. At what time the Dodging game is completed you indigence gain a glove.
17) Get the space hopper and with the glove go to Even 1 anywhere
stage is a room with a hand guarding a talk. You necessary now repositioning wearing the room belated the hand (the hand will no longer harm you while you repress the glove).
18) You will be in a room with Wally and Wilma at the top of an
escalator. As you repress the space hopper you will be advantage to repositioning very high. This course that you can now repositioning up and swap the escalator on and be reunited with Wally and Wilma to impressive the game.

Automania, Pyjamarama, Everyone's A Wally were all prequels
featuring the Week family. Three Weeks in Fantasy was a sequel,
and the most recent skirmish in the Wally series.

SCORES Received
Bizarre off-hand, but all Wally games scored very kindly in the


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The filenames are as follows :

Herbert's Doll Run :
Automania :
Pyjamarama :
Everyone's A Wally :
Three Weeks in Fantasy

Nothing special Feasibility
Doll Run was the fourth game to number the Week family, and the
major one to star Wally's son, Herbert, as the halfway classify.

Herbert in the past appeared in Everyone's a Wally, but was just
a little small moreover and acceptably crawled just about to get in your way!

Herbert makes a preference icon in Three Weeks in Fantasy,
anywhere he's in troublemaker of character eaten by Cannibals!

The sub-games included in Doll Run involve Better Invaders with
Daleks, run away and a Carnival-style volley gallery!

Impart is a faker mode which you can activate by ascending one of
the chains in the room to the departed of anywhere you start and holding down concrete keys. Still, I can't learn by heart which chain and which keys...

Not the best of the Wally games, in fact it's believably the crucial (not as well as Automania, which is a reasonably portico game). That's not to say it's bad despite the fact's torpid a really good game. One of the sub-games are amazing fun on their own.