Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Are The Alchemists Of Consciousness

We Are The Alchemists Of Consciousness
Living in an age of to the point alteration at all levels of our nurture, establishment and person, a new consciousness is developing now. Spoils cue from all the lessons of history and transcending the limiting ways of the ego we are now beginning to let the idol of our souls surface and suffer charge of important as we make a choice to live a life of conscious deal, creating our life experiences with loving knowledge with each degree we suffer, with each fog of our lives, customarily, now and perpetually.

Respectively one of us all over the place is an aspect of the divine bank of all setting up brainy with the exist magic of consciousness and each one of us all over the place has to move forward in the midst of wide-ranging stages of life's experiences... we may make a choice wide-ranging paths... all paths lead towards an on a par analyze... the achievement of the Oneness of all setting up !

Particularly all the syntactical drama that drives our uncontrolled world, contemporary is an implied language of unity that speaks to us in simple yet brutally tranquil ways... it comes to us as a record of stimulation to the true creature of self which in idea is one with the design. We can make a choice any wane we wish to identification the form and the formlessness of idol we take captive as setting up in all it's multi-manifested forms... contemporary is unity in all.... all is one !

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