Friday, August 16, 2013

Real Wild Witch

Real Wild Witch
Often, when I tell people I'm a Witch, they look at me, um... "funny". I used to wonder if the look sprang out of the fact that I don't wear a pointy hat all the time, have a hooked nose, or cackle as I pet my black cat named Sinister Devil Spawn. Now that I'm 30-something-springs-young and totally fearless, I no longer wonder; I ask them about the look.

Their replies have included everything from a lot of blinking to the all traditional, "You are a Witch? Really? But you look so "normal"."

I used to freeze this kind of nonsense with one of my most hostile witchy stares, but not anymore. When someone gives me that wondering look; the one that says, "Won't you pull out your wand and blast something for me, pretty witchy please?" I just smile and explain that, like everyone else, I would need more than a wand to make his or her head explode. Then I tell him or her about the things real Witches do: revere Nature, pay attention to the phases of the moon, believe in the powers of words...

I know how cute this picture of me, surrounded by geese, looks,

but I was actually avoiding the mean beaks that were trying to take chunks off my flesh.

Yep, things aren't always what they seem. But how I miss those birds...

In AlmaMia Cienfuegos' Wild Magic, my guest post at Author Laura DeLuca and New Age Mama blogs, I talk about real Witches in my fiction. Stop by to get more chances to win an ebook copy of my short story and AlmaMia's charm bracelet.

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