Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tarot Card Games

Tarot Card Games Image
Art by - Michele-lee Phelan -

Booklet by - Carisa Mellado

Published - Blue Angel Publishing -

This deck comprises of 45 cards and a guidebook. The booklet is 113pages. The cards have a laminated finish and are oversized. (Compared to playing cards they are twice the size)

The way that the deck and the booklet are ordered is by groups of mythologies. They are the Titans, Olympians, Magical Beings and Heroes. Some of the Olympian Gods have more than one card, but the meaning and the art work is different, this does show some depth to the myths surrounding those Gods and that they were multi faceted. For example Demeter has one card for the Harvest and another card for the Mother two of her major aspects.

You do not need to know anything prior about the Greek Pantheon to work and appreciate this deck at all, if you do know and love your mythology remember that this is an oracle and the information given in the book is referenced for that purpose only.

The explanations of the cards are broken up into the Myth about the God or being and then the message or the divination meaning behind it.

The artwork, like all of Michele-lee Phelan's work is vivid, bright and beautiful. She captures the feel of the myth or the God or Goddess beautifully. Her work draws your eyes in with the bold outlining and deep but bright colours, which allow her to keep some darkness and mystery in her work.

I have been drawing a card each night since I got this deck to work with it a little. I did find the information about the myth a little limiting as I mentioned above, but for its purpose it is just enough and the messages can come across as a little fluffy but they have been good little reminders and I have been drawing from my knowledge of the mythology of the Greek Pantheon to enrich my working with the deck.

I would have liked to see some of the less than perfect personality traits known in the deck and the lessons behind those, as this is what Mythology is all about.

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