Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Psychic Tarot Oracle John Holland Review iPhone Application

The Psychic Tarot Oracle John Holland Review iPhone Application Image
I first came across John Holland when completing some Psychic Development training many years ago, I have read his book 'Born Knowing' and also own and have read 'Psychic Navigator'. I recommend his books if you are interested in peoples personal accounts with spirit and want to develop your psychic abilities.

I am never really sure about mediums, I mean that may sound completely weird coming from someone who can see and communicate with spirit, but I know how blurred it can get at times and that is why I am unsure of very public mediums and psychics.

I mean how can a clear message come through to someone like John Edwards (who I am really unsure of) from the other side when there is a huge stand full of people pushing their wants and hopes onto him for the connection to be theirs? Just sayin.....

Anyhoodle I digress.

The deck is published by the New Age Machine that is Hay House Inc and is the stock standard format, hard case box, slightly over sized cards and booklet. If you have seen any oracle deck by this company it is pretty much the same presentation.

There are 65 cards in this deck and they are not the traditional Tarot. The suits are:

The Major Arcana - 21 cards, numbered but titled differently. For example The Empress (card 3 in the Tarot) is called Fertility in this deck, but still remains card number 3. The messages of the Major Arcana still remain pretty much the same, very basic, but the same.

The suits are, MENTAL, SPIRIT, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL instead of the WANDS, SWORDS, CUPS and PENTACLES. This makes for a much more direct and simple means of communicating the message of the cards, but it also means that the message is pretty one dimensional. There are no Court Cards. There are also 7 Charka Cards.

In the book there is a little information about Psychic awareness and connecting and symbols and spreads. The deck is vibrant and colourful and very easy to read with.

Really it just feels like a bit of a watered down version of the Tarot for people who may misunderstand the archetypes or can't be bothered learning it. Tarot has always had stigmata attached to it so it is understandable that this deck is so popular. Ok that may be a little harsh but I just wanted to make it clear that the deck is designed to be simple so don't expect too much.


I have been playing with the iPhone application for a week now. It was 8.99 AUD, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

All of the cards are in the application, there are three spreads to choose from when you are doing a reading. There is the 1 card spread, 3 card spread (past, present, future) and 12 card spread (12 month forecast).

You can also just explore the cards and read the information at your own leisure.

The application comes with the ability to save readings as well which is handy, especially if you use the 12 month spread for example. I bought this application as I usually like picking a card for the day from a Tarot or Oracle deck of mine and I wanted something on my iPhone that would enable me to do it from anywhere. For me, it is a little bit of light fun and maybe some insight for the day.

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