Friday, July 9, 2010

Charity Action And The Golden Dawn

Charity Action And The Golden Dawn
In the Hidden Aim OF THE Golden Initiate we teach that all things can be superior ready the settlement of the selves, Expert and Lower. The Sour Hindrance of Hermes states that that which is finer is likewise that which is below.

To bring this phenomenon down to earth, let us footing the court case of the Occultist who is having complicatedness attainment from month to month money-wise. Let us expensive, for a enormity, that supposed magician goes trendy his or her have temple or working space every hour on the hour every time the moon is waxing in Taurus, and he or she calls upon every equally in every invite of every Enochian Hindrance, and every Seraph of the Shemhamphoresch, and every elemental and spirit of Country and Jupiter, and sends them all out on the project to find the magician a job. Then, let us expensive, the magician folds up his or her robes, microwaves some popcorn, and sits on the sofa inspection Jerry Springer all day, and finally decides that his or her magical abilities grip one-time because no one is aptitude to delay him or her a job out of the different depths sky.

So, what happened?

The vastly thing that happens to any non-occultist, non-magician, who makes a lot of procedure, sketches out a lot of idea for starting a corporation, or lettering a book, or pursuing a career, and so microwaves some popcorn and sits on the sofa inspection Jerry Springer all day.

AS Bigger, SO Underside. The Magician did not bring his Will trendy appearance in the world of Assiah, the world of Piece of legislation, consequently it never happened in the to start with place, not in any parallel with the ground, higher or trim down.

Yesterday in downtown Los Angeles several members of our Order's Illustrious Place of worship OF ISIS Sturdy Father, in conjunction with in mint condition well good Aim, brought our Will from the higher realms of prayer and charm trendy the realm of Assiah, and the world of Piece of legislation. In this court case our magic was potent to bringing an end to all care for in this world: FEEDING THE POOREST OF THE Corrupt.

Show grip been Orders in the former, and some in the step, who do not put emphasis on the practical part of our Magic. That or the permission of the occupancy "practical" is that it is fit in the Place of worship. The Sound Magic of Non-discriminatory is to be fit in the Intermediate and the Place of worship, as well as in the world, in our lives, our interactions with friends and precious ones, and the ceremonial.

So, in wickedness of compound obstacles and particularly lasting weather, we managed to dike red meat, salad, different vegetables, bread, donuts, cookies and top figure significantly clean water to about a hundred and twenty of our driven out neighbors, and the enduring rolls and red meat consomm to twenty or thirty mega. This is our loyalty at Isis, to do at smallest possible this a long way every month, and we encourage our members to do this on their own with their families as well. One beguiling enormity out of this was having the status of one of our fraters announced to ancestors in line that we were ashamed we were draw up to out of red meat, one of the men in line replied "Don't say sorry, man, you're doing the Lord's work!"

While this inimitable monthly loyalty presently scrapes the play against of the poser of care for in the world, the act in Assiah backed by the Magic done in the higher planes affects a loosen far first-class than the simple act in Assiah itself.

Supply this in logic having the status of you Will to conceive something, or bring loosen trendy your life:

Having the status of Will YOU DO IN THE Place of worship TO Originate IT Stay, AND HOW Will YOU Clear YOUR Magic IN THE Globe OF ACTION?

Your Brother in Non-discriminatory,

VH Frater BT