Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tarot Cards Meanings The Tower

Tarot Cards Meanings The Tower Cover The Tower ~ Rejuvenation, rebuilding and the break down of old ways, old forms and old patterns. The very first time I saw the Tower in a reading, I must admit, I felt tremendous fear; major change was on the horizon.

This card looks like violence and chaos are on the way, at least that's the way that I perceived this card, when I first began my journey learning about the Tarot and then eventually teaching the Tarot. It would be many years, through many, many experiences, that I would finally come to appreciate all that the Tower, in a reading, had to offer.

In our human nature, we become complacent with having things remain the same, with little or no change, thinking that no change is a safe place to be and to live. However, this is not true. Becoming complacent to our life and hoping for no change in our lives, prevents us from growing, learning and evolving into the adults that we are meant to be from heart centered and soul blueprinted awareness.

The Tower and the changes that the Tower represent can sometimes be scary, but it is through the breakdown and breakthrough of old forms of thinking, that we see the world and our life in a new light.

When my journey began with the Tarot back in the 80s, I remember the Tower coming up a lot in the readings that I did for myself. I also remember the Tower coming up when another was doing a reading for me. And although I had no deeper understanding to what was in the process of coming into my life and altering the course of my life drastically, I knew that it was going to be big.

It has been 25 years since the Tower first made its presence known to me. Everyday that I consider and contemplate the life changes, that at first began as negatives, shifting and transforming to challenges and obstacles, it would be through the Tarot, that I would finally understand that I was being challenged to grow, to step into my life's work and my life's path. The Tower insured that I would bring much needed insight and clarity to each changing experience in my life, until I learned how to utilize the gifts and tools of my awareness to truly understand that all negatives have the ability to transform into knowledge and awareness on our life journey.

So, if in a reading you see the Tower come up, have no fear. Remember that change is on its way and that with common sense, intuition and the tools of inner knowing, each of us can transform our experiences to ones of heart centered and soul blueprinted awareness.

For in truth, the Tower offers great opportunity to step into alignment with the true voice and wisdom of our own inner knowing.

In the end, the Tower offers us opportunities to build a much stronger, inner foundation in our lives.

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