Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Tarot Quiz

A Tarot Quiz Cover The Quiz

1. How many cards are in a standard Tarot deck?
2. How many cards are in the Major Arcana?
3. Name the 4 suits in a standard Tarot deck and what elements they correspond with.
4. Which card is said to journey through the Tarot?
5. What is the Tarot's connection to modern day playing cards?
6. Why is the Rider Waite is such a popular deck...what sets it apart from the others?
7. Define court cards.
8. Define Arcana.

The Answers

1. 78
2. 22
3. Wands-Fire ..... Cups-Water ..... Swords-Air ...... Pentacles-Earth
4. The Fool
5. In ancient days the Tarot went underground to avoid complete destruction by the churches. It was often disguised in a game form similar to today's playing cards.
6. Because it was the first Tarot deck to include pictures for the Minor Arcana rather than just numbered suites. It has since grown in popularity & is the number one selling deck.
7. Court cards are the Prince, Princess, Queen, & King
8. Arcana- mysterious knowledge, language, or information accessible only by the initiate.

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