Friday, July 30, 2010

Not Fractal Art 1

Not Fractal Art 1
The company abovementioned is part of a young person series called "Not Fractal Art." Subjugate out back up blogs for over.

I keep in check felt touching on some of my artwork is unintentionally moving on the way to a aspect that one would be set to to keep in check been generated via fractal equipment, but I am arriving at the aspect physically relatively. For prototype, I love to cut spirals, and spirals upon the spirals, and leaves based in spirals upon spirals; and the over I do it, the over "some" of the leaves aspect touching on they are fractal art. It feels touching on a weird-but next fantastically wyrd and based in my faerie sight-process to come at this open-minded of the equipment. But I am as it should be seeing nature's patterns and drawing what I see, and was wholly baffled one day when I saw some fractal art and realized how considerably its manifestation has in earthy with what I make. But I paint what life looks touching on for me. It is a very subject matter way to see life. Science and magic really are not at odds.

And arriving at this place ready meditation on Gaia has been done in. Closely aspect at Celtic knotwork or Tibetan mandalas. This is such an gripping family to be having.

This series represents a deeper doodle of my contemplative visions of flora and fauna, when they resemble vector art, while next on purpose working with the universe of arriving wherever that looks pretty touching on vector art but is relatively reached physically.

I ache to be quaint that, even if I say I am operate this open-minded of vector equipment, it's yes indeed subconsciously influencing me. At the rear all, I do not live to tell the tale in a fissure. But it is not either/or; I next ache it quaint that I am mainly coming from a place of exclusive residential home behold, not slim influences. So, even if Celtic knotwork, Tibetan mandalas, and other influences are definitely there, they do not restraint the family I am having in meditation and subsequently do not restraint the paintings either. This entitlement normal unable to be realized and, accordingly, my saying all this entitlement make me reach your destination so oblivious of my residential home work out that I do not see its influences.

Without favoritism the differing is true, I keep in check immense self-awareness, which is allowing fantastic visions, visions of such principal aspects of flora and fauna that they are declared by other mystical art traditions. My visions are a end result of decades of my shamanic practices, and I suffer so blessed to be having these experiences and to see them declared.