Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caf Closed Gone On Mission

Caf Closed Gone On Mission
For the subsequently two weeks "CAF'e SEMINOID" chutzpah be stopped generation I am abroad. God has complete me a enormous expectations to help train pastors in a detached parish, high up in the Himalayas, everyplace theological training is unfeasible. I'm existence on purpose indefinite about the position for the rigidity of the pastors, host of whom are under endanger of stalking.

If you wish for to pray for the trip, popular are the TOP THREE REQUESTS:

1. Force that the pastors who are travelling, host by underneath straight the icy Himalayan mountains, chutzpah "crash resolutely in good health."

2. Force for me and the other high priest who chutzpah be meeting me that we sanctuary a level of "health to be strong to teach non-stop for a week" (cage time I was border on laid low by an extraneous virus!)

3. Force that the Holy Enthusiasm would help the pastors see the aver of Christ and understand the sharpness of theology, even "straight rewording and cultural obstacles."



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