Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reclaiming Yourself In Tarot Ancient Space

Reclaiming Yourself In Tarot Ancient Space Cover I have great respect for the Tarot and its meaning in my life as an expression of awakened consciousness. In a holographic universe, where I know that I am an unique articulation of the whole - particle and wave at one and the same time - revering my own potential - the Tarot is a reminder for the genius of whom I AM to become the more that I can become.

All meaning is context dependent. That is a given. So, while I have spent over 10 years contemplating the brilliance of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, it has only been in the last two years, that I have uncovered so much more of its relevance to my potential. WEL-Systems® is the quantum portal to my expanding Self-discovery. It is all very exciting! The Tarot, then, has become internalized and fully alive as a body experience for me, no longer captive to my intellect.

It happened, like a dragon awakened and released from her cave, untethered for elevating and unending flight, when I decided to change my mind about my expectations of mySelf, relative to cultural conditioning and family systems... and to choose to live my life for me, first. I figured that ‘selflessly’ doing for others in denial of myself, as I had been taught to ‘do’ over the course of my life, had not worked... ever... so, I simply chose to ‘be’ myself and to stop ‘doing’ what I had, until then, perceived as desired by others. I learned to say ‘no’ to what I did not want and ‘yes’ to what I did want. I chose to stop performing. I chose to stop ‘dying’ to be right, because the default to that was killing me... slowly and by degrees - the metaphor of death by a thousand cuts.

The Tarot was never meant to divine the future as an absolute; it has ‘lived’ throughout the ages to evoke intuition - what we know as our internal art and our internal science - and the awakening of potential in what we do not know that we do not know about ourselves. That evocation is the invitation to inhale our experience and to exhale our restructured reality. It happens in every complete breath.

There are 22 trump cards called the major arcana based on the 4 elements of creation - earth, fire, air and water. From these 22 trump cards descend another 56 cards that constitute the minor arcana. The 22 majors are the meta and non-linear perspectives for life’s natural creation, evolution and death; for starting, changing and stopping; for being, doing and having. The 56 minors speak to the finer distinctions of the 22 majors - as archetypal signatures for the energies of the four elements. Further, each of the 78 cards, defines numerology, as an organizing principle for living life large with intensity.

As Great Works each, I wonder if we ever remember the very genius of whom we are as Quantum Biological Humans™. As quantum beings, our ability to create is purely the by-product of remembering whom we are and choosing what we want to see in our worlds. The ancient Tarot is as relevant, now, to the truth of human evolution, as it was when it was first imagined into existence. What presents is never, ever, about what presents. Life as Metaphor. The Tarot speaks to the idiom, ‘Because I say so!’

Tarot is the ancient and enduring template for how we naturally create our lives elementally - crystalizing what we imagine [sight] for ourSelves [light] through open, honest, clear and direct declaration [sound]. Space, as its infinite paradigm, has been the invitation for the creation of a multitude of Tarot Decks... all expressions of quantum genius in human form. So, the Tarot is not about the Tarot; It is about the ‘game’ of life and then some. And, it is all relative to the ‘cards’ we choose to ‘play’; If we do not like the cards we’ve dealt ourSelves, we can change them. We have to choose, first.

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