Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tarot 101 The Basics

Tarot 101 The Basics Cover The basics of the Tarot Cards 101 are a good way to develop psychic awareness. If you find yourself having a feeling about the Tarot cards when you see them, chances are a deeper level of you is calling to you for a journey of discovery. There are many ways to learn about the Tarot; the symbolism, each suit, their origin, or each card, separately and intuitively, by accessing your imagination. Yes, imagination is one way to activate psychic impressions.

Now, before diving in to learn everything all at once, try a little exercise, by writing down the different ways to learn about the cards and see or feel what your strongest impression is. Sense what you feel drawn to.

When we begin developing psychic and intuitive awareness, the Tarot is a good way to begin this journey. When learning anything of a metaphysical nature, logic becomes the observer and our imagination for creativity becomes the learner.

Consider the possibility, that there are many reasons why we pick up a Tarot Deck. Are we experiencing life changes in our relationships, or our jobs or our environments? Are we feeling like the job that we have, isn't offering enough opportunity to offer more of our creativity, or our abilities?

Or, are you picking up the cards to possibly learn more about your inner self, with the possibility of assisting others on their journey in life.

Tarot Cards are a good way to develop our intuition and our inner awareness. Yes, back in the day, as it was a different time, Tarot cards were about fortune telling and predicting outcomes and futures, however, this time now, for the life changes that everyone is beginning to experience, calls for a different approach to our life, a more inner approach for our life.

Keep in mind, that once we begin utilizing the wisdom and guidance of the Tarot, it begins to expand and evolve our perceptions and ways to bring resolution and solutions to our life changes. The Tarot is most definitely a guide to developing our intuition and can guide us on the journey for our life changes. And not to be forgotten, if we by chance find that we also are wanting more information and understanding about our emotions, the Tarot is an excellent guide, in teaching us more about ourselves on a deeper, inner level.

No matter how you feel drawn to the Tarot, take your time, have patience and practice, practice, practice. Eventually, the Tarot is about the wisdom and the guidance of our inner journey to life, and makes for a good teacher.

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