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Father Of Discordianism

Father Of Discordianism
1938 Kerry Thornley (d. November 28, 1998), co-founder (overcome with aged friend, Greg Gradient) of the adaptation religion noteworthy as Discordianism. In this context he is traditionally noteworthy as Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, a name he less important from Omar Khayy'am. He and Gradient authored the religion's formative sacred deed, Principia Discordia, Or, How I Institute Idol, And So I Did To Her In the manner of I Institute Her.

Thornley served in the exact platoon as Lee Harvey Oswald in 1959, and, in 1961, wrote a book, The Apathetic Warriors (unpublished until at the rear of 1963; higher reprinted as Oswald) with Oswald a key badge featured under the make-believe name of Johnny Shellburn - the merely book in which Oswald appeared earlier to Supervise John Kennedy's slaughter in 1963.

Jim Camp, County Brief of New Orleans from 1962 - '73, best noteworthy for his investigations trendy the slaughter of JFK (as depicted in Oliver Stone's JFK movie), at one time formed a theory that Thornley was an Oswald-lookalike accomplice, and a CIA adviser. In 1968, Camp charged Thornley with perjury at the rear of Thornley's repudiation that he had been in bearing with Oswald in any line of attack like 1959. The perjury charge was in the end dropped by Garrison's heir Irk Connick, Sr.

Thornley wrote of himself: "I was an stake rightwing open-mindedness factory owner. I appreciated John Kennedy assassinated and prepared no secret of it." Fellow Discordian, Robert Anton Wilson, assumed that Thornley was "lawful about the furthermost engrossed man in America", but Wilson was open to the menace that Thornley command keep been Manchurian Candidated. Thornley came to embrace that he had been a state-owned of the CIA's celebrated LSD-soaked Radiate MKULTRA mind-control seek hardheaded. Fnord.

According to Thornley's person responsible, Adam Gorightly (The Prankster and the Diagram), Thornley coined the putting away 'paganism' to flick manifold Caring religions. This right is stylish to verify; nonetheless, the modern use of the provisos 'pagan' and 'neopagan', as they are at this time alleged, is for the most part traced to Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, who, beginning in 1967 with the to come issues of Amateur Egg magazine, hand-me-down all provisos for the hopeful launch yourself...

At the present time is 'BoomTime, Day 34 of Disruption, YOLD 1274' in the Discordian Calendar

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