Sunday, July 25, 2010

Learning The Tarot An Intuitive Experience

Learning The Tarot An Intuitive Experience Cover My journey with the Tarot began back in September of 1984. Prior to my journey beginning, there were little things of a psychic nature that had always made itself known to me, including, at various times, the Tarots presence coming into my physical awareness.

My introduction to the Tarot, began with a story from a friend, that could read auras and read the Rider Waite Tarot. And so, it was in September of 84, that I had had my very first reading done for me. Prior to my reading, I had no logical knowledge of the Tarot, other than its visits from time to time, or when watching a movie and there was a psychic doing a reading. Intuitively, I had already had a head start; being very empathic and highly intuitive.

As my girlfriend layed out the Tarot in the Celtic Cross for me, although I had no knowledge of the meaning of the cards, at least at that point in time, my last card, the very first time the cards were layed out for me was the Death card. Again, I had no knowledge of the cards meanings, but knew in that moment that the Death card didn't mean physical Death, but Death to my life as I knew it in that moment. That was my immediate sense and then that sense kicked into my logical reality and I knew that my marriage to my first husband, was about to undergo a huge amount of change. However, that did not stop me from feeling drawn or pulled to the cards.

Little did I know, I was about to step into a whole other journey in my life. Being empathic and highly intuitive and being raised in a house, with a huge amount of logical focus and discipline and a huge dose of the practical, would eventually send my mind into a tailspin. I wanted to learn the meanings of the cards. Each one, individually. But my dilemma would be; which part of my mind would I use. And so, my first book and cards were of the Rider Waite Deck. I was having quite the time figuring out which part of my awareness to utilize in learning the Tarot. So, I decided to let go of the figuring out part and take my learning and discover the meanings of each individual card.

It would be a year, before I finally understood how to combine the meaning of the cards with the layouts. In the meantime, my proficiency came from doing readings for my friends and myself. Each time I utilized the wisdom and the guidance of the cards, I trusted my sense of feeling a little bit more.

Did I mention that I was 27, when this part of my life started changing? I found that the more I connected to the energy and the essence of the Tarot, the more I found myself opening to other Tarot decks. Understanding the meaning of the Tarot cards is a completely intuitive experience. We can utilize our logical minds to learn the meanings of the cards, learn about the cards origin and symbolism, however, the Tarot is a completely intuitive experience.

Eventually, I would teach the Tarot. Yes, there are many, many excellent sources of information out there to guide us, on this inner journey of discovery, it is however, our intuition that will become our guide on this journey.

There are many exercises to guide us on this inner journey. The ones that I shared in my classes were to get a journal and work with each card individually. Yes, the meanings are helpful, but once you have learned the meanings of the cards, the next level of discovery becomes your intuition. When teaching the Tarot to my classes, I always recommended that it would be good to suspend judgment about whether our inner sense was right or wrong and learn to open ourselves to our inner knowing.

Another exercise in discovering the inner meaning of the Tarot, was to pull a card everynight and put it by your bedside, with a notebook and pen to jot down any dreams that were connected to the Tarot.

Understanding the meaning of the Tarot Cards, is an inner journey of awakening. It would be many years and thousands of readings later, that I would eventually understand, that when we began a journey of spiritual, metaphysical or psychic/intuitive discovery, it not only changes our perceptions of awareness, it also changes our approach to life. Once my journey began, and I found my relationships with friends changing, I would pull the cards. (I had already started working with the Alleister Crowley Tarot-I found that the cards were helpful in taking me deeper under the surface, for a better understanding to the changes taking place in my life.)

Once I began working with the cards, for a deeper understanding and purpose to my life changes, although I could not change what was happening, I was able to bring clarity to my experiences.

Understanding the meaning of the Tarot cards is an inner journey; one of discovery, transformation and change. If we allow the wisdom of our inner knowing to guide us, and we understand that our logical focus is now utilized towards intuitive understanding, then our journey with the Tarot, becomes an awakening experience.

Understanding the meaning of the Tarot cards; have patience and trust in yourself and your journey. The rewards for a deeper understanding to the meaning of lifes' challenges and obstacles are great. And yes, we may not be able to change the experience, however, bringing understanding and awareness to the experience, will bring its own rewards on your journey.

Understanding the meaning of the Tarot cards becomes a step by step, one breath at a time experience; trust in yourself and your inner sense of knowing.

Happy Journey!

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