Saturday, July 24, 2010

Is Becoming A Tarot Reader Right For You

Is Becoming A Tarot Reader Right For You Cover Is Becoming a Tarot Reader right for you? ~ First, I have to say, that at 25, I had never anticipated becoming a Tarot reader, much less a teacher of consciousness. Although, I was very empathic and very intuitive as a kid, and certain things made themselves known to me, earlier in my life, including the Tarot showing up at unusual times, becoming a Tarot reader was not a logical thought for me.

As a kid, I had had many inner knowings present themselves to me. As a Catholic/Italian, inner knowing/visions were not common in our house, however, this did not stop my intuition from speaking to me or quietly guiding me. At 16, I came across the Rider Waite Tarot, from the person that would be my husband, in a few more years. Prior to seeing the cards, I had had many dreams about gypsy caravans in Europe. I would later discover, that I had been having dreams about my grandfather and his adoptive family. They were band of traveling gypsies. My great grandmother did readings and palmistry. It was after recuperating, from one of my many knee surgeries, that I finally told my mother about my dreams.

At this point, I was once again able to put the idea of the Tarot away and get back to my so called normal life, that is until I started a new job and met my mentor, teacher and friend, that could see auras and read the Tarot. As she was not into pushing the point, she one day proceeded to share a very psychic story with me and I just happen to ask if it was possible to learn about psychic stuff. Of course her answer was yes. I asked if it was possible to learn the Tarot. Of course, the answer was yes. And although, I wanted to learn the Tarot, at that point, I was not interested, nor was I intending on doing the Tarot professionally, but I was so called for this to be a part of my journey.

And a journey it was. It is only now, 25 years later, that once I began reading the Tarot, once again, my instincts and high intuition was my guide on this journey. I would eventually discover, that once we begin working with the Tarot, whether for ourselves or for others, we are actually opening Pandora's Box. Pandora's Box being that the Tarot represents energy and expanded and evolved levels of awareness. That the more readings we do for ourselves and for others, the more that what was once normal, begins to change, evolve and grow.

At first, this might not be the actual experience, at least to the naked human eye.

Becoming a Tarot reader changes our life, changes our perceptions into ones of expanded awareness. It also changes our approaches to life. I never was able to have a normal, matter of fact idea about reading the Tarot. The Tarot became a guide and a journey almost immediately and the journey was going to be an inner journey. For this journey, my intuition was my teacher and my guide, and my ego was only allowed to come along for the ride. Reading the Tarot, early on, became a journey of inner discovery. As I have discovered, the purpose of a Tarot reading, was not one of prediction or taking the right for choice away from another, but one to assist and guide on our journey to life.

So, if you really feel the call to become a Tarot reader, as I have taught in my classes, get a really good book and Tarot cards. Read the book with an open and receptive mind. Pay attention to what you feel drawn to; whether it is the origin of the cards, the symbolism, the colors and keep a journal. Learning the Tarot is not an overnight experience, but a journey of experience. it opens us to the deeper meaning of life and guides us with wisdom and knowing, and most importantly, keep a journal, for there will be a time, when you will pull each individual card and ask your inner knowing and your intuition to guide you to the story that each Tarot card would like to share. The Tarot is an inner journey of awakening, calling for deep respect for yourself and for others on the journey with you.

How to become a Tarot Reader, listen to your heart, listen to the voice and the wisdom of your soul, for becoming a Tarot reader offers many opportunities for personal growth and change.

The Tarot does have its story to share, take your time and enjoy your inner journey to transformation.

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