Tuesday, November 8, 2005

The Tarot Contemplation Ritual

The Tarot Contemplation Ritual Cover The Tarot Contemplation Ritual

-Remove the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Keep the cards of the Major Arcana
with you while you perform the relaxation ritual.

-Immediately after completing the relaxation ritual, take the cards of the
Major Arcana and mix them up (shuffle them) in any manner you desire until you
feel it is time to stop.

II. Brief Rite

(after/before Rituals & Magick)

-Select any one card and look at the picture for about three minutes. At this
point do not attempt to analyze the symbols, simply gaze into the card and
clear your thoughts.

-Take three deep breaths and the Brief Rite is complete.

-Record the card name and number in your Magickal Journal. Also, record any
feelings, sensations, or ideas you received while contemplating the card.

III. Extended Rite


-Select any one card and look at the picture for about two to three minutes.
Take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind as you focus on the card.

-Be sure that your mind is clear and focused on the card. Imagine Yourself as
the main character in the card. You may change the sex of the main figure of
the card so that the sex of that character matches your own. If there is no
main character, or no human character, simply put yourself into the card
anywhere. Visualize yourself in the card.

-When you are certain that you have placed yourself within the surroundings of
the card, slowly close your eyes. Be sure that your last Physical image is of
the card. While strongly concentrating on the fact that you are still "in" the
card, will your psychic eyes open. Once your psychic eyes are open, look
around. See everything in the card from the view of yourself within the card.
Try to see what is behind the designs of which you can normally only see the
front. Most importantly, determine if you can "see" anything beyond the edges
of the card. Don't do anything, just look. Do not attempt to move or go

-Will your psychic eyes to close and return to normal consciousness. Record
your experience, whether or not you experienced any unusual sights, sounds,
smells, tastes, feelings, or sensations. Read this several hours after you
have completed the ritual.

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