Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Divination Of Bes Bast Or Hathor

Divination Of Bes Bast Or Hathor Cover DIVINATION OF BES, BAST, OR HATHOR
(from Leyden Papyrus)

Use a divining bowl of pottery. Use green or some vegetable based ink.
Preferable to use hieroglyphics, but try it a few times Without them and use
english (but if you can, do as the Egyptians do) Write your request or formula
in base and inner sides of bowl using the vegetable ink. Also write in either
Bes, Bast, or Hathor's name three times while meditating on the Goddess and your
request. (pick one goddess, not all three)

Pour consecrated water in it to dissolve the writing.
Swallow water
Go to sleep

(If you can sleep in a temple, sacred area, so much the better, otherwise at
home, and record your dreams when you wake up.)

A divination bowl, in Egypt, was specially made for the purpose; however, if
you're not a potter, pottering around, find one out of pottery, usable (no lead
based paint or in the clay), about the size of rice bowl. Consecrate and bless
it, and viola, a divining bowl.

Back in those days, green paint was either a vegetable dye or green ochre. They
didn't use the ochre, but a vegetable dye would work. Although I know of people
who specific-ally prepare a vegetable ink (macerated herbs in a small bowl of
water), a food coloring would be okay, but I would still suggest using a mortar
and pestle and grinding some herbs you specially selected, and putting it into
the food colored water and let it seep for a bit, and then use that. It would
definitely be closer to the spirit of the occasion. I know, next you are going
to ask, what herbs?

Well, the ancient Egyptians had comfrey and you can heal thyself at the same
time. Lettuce was considered an aphrodisiac, sacred to Min (so if your request
or question is along that line, add that); they also used mint a lot.

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