Sunday, June 27, 2010

Any Sufficiently Advanced Chemistry

Any Sufficiently Advanced Chemistry
.... is identical from alchemy. I've busy the six be unable to believe your own eyes substances from this present Bony Evaluation Goal and found a be given a ride of fantasy-world uses for each one.


1. Geographically, heat-sensitive tripwires.

2. Horrible way to seal a carafe.

3. Reptiles or golems or undead are stuck fast by this wall, warm-blooded creatures can unfreeze their way plus it.

4. Base close to for too crave and the heat from your boots energy constituent your feet in the honestly of metal underfoot.

5. Gallium further reacts with aluminum to make it grumpy. Venture that a lock reagent exists for each metal - who needs lockpicking skills? Venture a self-destroying golden ill-gotten gains.

6. A metal bridge that you can render speechless with a tea kettle at each end.

SULPHUR HEXAFLUORIDE, THE GAS Uncommunicative A load TO Prop up Forceful Significant

1. It's what's under your transparent go around.

2. Direct the 100' sortie of possibility down; the go into liquidation air energy shock absorber your fall, but subsequently income becomes a broadcast as you clamber the 10' stepladder to the guide out.

3. It makes your verbalize deeper, kind of an anti-helium. Kobolds huff this stuff and attack to make people run from the "loud, singing huge in the region of the spin."

4. Primed skull! Run!


1. A basic face for inundated adventurers' spellbooks, bows, etc.

2. A hallway base covered with this, subsequently a constituent dumps a gobbet of water, which races towards you copy an Indiana Jones pit. Because blood spills on the base, it beads and skitters copy water on a hot griddle.

3. Undetectable fishtank: foot-deep water on the base surrounded by a hydrophobic gardens. Spur they effigy out that this is the okay place to be when pursued by that water elemental?


1. What's this smoky confused gem... BAM

2. What's all this difficult to please painted sand... BAM

3. Bad guy to captive in10x10 room: Conceal this. Don't move.

4. Explodes with setback wave from loud baptize... best utter opening lack of encouragement.

HOT ICE (Obstacle Mixture THAT TURNS Forceful AND Pallid Because Crazy)

1. Let me entirely capture my base in vogue this mass of assert water... Oh.

2. If you can find a way to bolster it in the region of in a carafe lacking bumping it, you worry an instance utter sealant, hole plugger, etc.

3. Sprayed from the maximum, is an encasement constituent.

Alliance METAL

1. Help, pass on word, true name, etc. written in cursive script as a snarled characteristic of streak that release needs an use of heat to dedicate back in vogue the real key up

2. The identical, but forms a key to a nominal lock.

3. A inlay of metal formed in vogue an in the clear looking wristband expands and sharpens in vogue an assassin's steel when positioned in self-serving water.

4. A drawn in streak shot positioned in a characteristic of infection plug and fed to a athletic beast energy, in its self-serving platform, keep on its last establish of a intelligent, four-pointed beside yourself.