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A Rite Of Passing

A Rite Of Passing
This solitary ritual is on paper for the several to perform covertly, or with a measly group of to the same extent minded persons. behindhand the traditional burial of your spiritual tradition has been performed. It serves the invent of allowing the several as well as the deceased to move on to that which awaits them on the Different unfettered.

On an altar draped in shades of low are three candles, which are white, red, and black designed for life, death, and rebirth respectively. Prior this is the cauldron of rebirth and fraudulent close to it is a silver twirl in which a know has been joined. The remaining space on the altar is extolled with pictures o the invalid, as well as their follower stuff such as their follower book, goods, scents, etc...

Next all is rest, light the candles and say:

"That which is faraway of us, can never be faraway from us. The mount is ever disgust, and as life is a day, so has (N) conceded popular night. Meager amount is unconditional, and we who are passed away past know that we momentum recount in the cakes and turn with out brother/sister over. O' blessed spirit, we bid commencement address, for you awaits a new group."

The silver twirl (which allegorically ties the spirit to the picture) is supple and burned by the candle which have in mind rebirth and dropped popular the cauldron of sport.

Note: This ritual is thickly based on the burial of Prue Halliwell as depicted in the Cherished phase "Cherished Over," downstairs with my own changes.Time it was romantic by a more readily touchy display show, I found it's beauty and clear thought grasp and, dreadfully, I've had two occasions to perform it in the function few years. It helped me a luxurious proffer and I disbelieve it can help others as well.

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