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Introduction - This scroll was dropped upon us by Ado Pakra, For which we are grateful. There are names and symbols which may not be familiar to some readers. This is because they have been deliberately altered by the Author. We do not have his name, nor know the coding used. The reasons will become clear as you read on. - Hasta Reew, HeadMaster of the InterSpecies Center Library.

This treatise was written upon orders of the Saan. It is as complete as our studies can possibly be. Although I shudder even now to think upon what beings have trod within The Alterward we placed in the Great Chamber. And all who go after me, I beg you. Watch Kurene.. Do Not Let Them Expand! I have little doubt that they search for the same things we do, But they go about it their way. And we went about it ours.. No, I do not say these things for the sake of Territorialism. If Kurene were to expand as all others have, By Rite of War, Then we would have a chance. But to Use The Landgrave Spell.. We would all soon be speaking Kurlanar. If any were left alive.

What is Landrite? Take a moment and think of the place you were born. Your Kin and Family. Do you feel a tug? A feeling of belonging? That is Land Rite. The feeling that you belong to a piece of land. And it belongs to you. From our researchers, we have found the source of Wula Dosson's ability to create the Kurene. A Book, containing Spells and Names of OtherWorld Mages was taken by Dosson. Using this book, he contacted an Elder God. With this Gods help, he became The Landgrave. His very persona sent Fear through all those who were not Kurlanar. By this he was able to drive out all who were not wolves and create the land known as Kurene. And, even though his body is gone, his spirit and the Landrite of his race continue the Spell to this day. This Spell is Not Permanent, as we have seen signs of it eroding with age. Kurlanar are leaving the Kurene to see the World. Guarjun have been inside the Temples of Kurama.
This heartens me..

Be watchful.. For I would Rather see The World sundered than allow such oppression as can be brought to bear with the Landgrave. Think I be mad? Ask the Hrrugane what it feels like to be trod upon, the slave to your Master's Every whim. I pray these words Never have to be read. It may seem a simple thing to the uneducated, but the results we have seen all too well.

- Hree, High Priest to Saanil.

< Note - We have omitted the Spell that Priest Hree was kind enough to include.
That scroll is kept under watch for the time being, as it has cost the life of one of our Researchers already. - Ado Pakra >

"To the Saanil, whom I have visited many times, I bring greeting from my Brethren. Indeed, the spell you ask was cast about the same time as the upheaval. The Landgrave of.. It's called Kurene Now, Isn't it? Wula Dosson, That was his name. Yes, he did petition us.. But we declined, for ours in not a race of meddlers, but one of Librarians. Yes, we are aware of the searches going on about your world. No, none of us has ever left our Planes to stand upon yours. Do not be contrite, Your suspicions are well founded. But fear not.
As with All spells, this one dies with age. Bad choice of words.. Especially for one so old as You, Kaed. My apologies. Rather, the underlying Spell, which is buoyed by the living conscience of the entire Kurlanar Race, is being changed. Old Ones, Set in their ways are.. Retiring. New Blood means New Ideas. And as the Fabric of Life changes, so does the Magic.. What? Of course I would Tell you if there was danger. We have Our Agents as well, you know. But let us discuss nicer things than what happens a Landmass away.. How grow your roses?"

"You can be tiresome.. Know what a Land-Grave is? Dosson was Made a Great Land-Grave. How? Momentum. He started small, and grew. And as his Landrite Grew, so did his Power of Land-Grave grow. Until the limit of spell's power was reached.. But this conversation is as dry as yesterdays dust. You fret too much.. Even now, The Spell unravels at it's edges. No, as long as There is Landrite, Kurene shall remain. You should worry more about K'Marr. Now, There's a stubborn lot. You Know I may not Discuss the Future with you.. Not Unless it's your own. Now.. I believe those are cookies You hide behind your back?"

- Portions of A Transcript, made while MasterPriest Kaed Hars talked to an Alterworld Demon.

"Ah, the Power that courses through my Veins! Indeed, I shall use my new powers for Good. The Good of My Race! Mine is the Rite of The Land. It is Bound to me and I to it. And All Pholarn shall know this and Flee in terror from Our Home!
As long as we are Strong, We shall Own Kurlene.."

- A portion of a transcript of words spoken by Hree, High Priest to Saanil, While in Trance.

"While there is no known spell to Create Landrite, Enhancing it should be no problem. You would need a Focus point, and a gathering of Like-minded beings.
That's how Councils are made. Interesting idea.. May I ask why you enquire? No, Just curious. I'm a dabbler myself. Didn't have the patience for Academy..
Perhaps you should study Stenf Rhy's writings.. No, No bother at all. I am Glad to see someone interested in History. Be right back.. Here you are.. I also included a text by Grag Kaharra. If you are around on Wageday, we have one of those new contraptions called a 'radio'. He comes on and speaks about various crazy topics. That's five silver.."

- Conversation between a Research Librarian, and a robed Badger.

End Of Scroll

(c) 1992 The Rashathran Society

As with All our material, This is Public Domain.. Use as you wish. Add to it if you like.