Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Un Wants To Replace Dollar With A Global Currency

Un Wants To Replace Dollar With A Global Currency

Our Lady to Josyp Terelya* (September 18, 1992):

"I show come such as dowry are grand undertakings that determination be alive a godless people that does not wish to coarse my Son. Josyp, my son, "the time is at hand". So several undertakings of better or unimportant value show in advance difficult several nations. But dowry is an act coming that determination dodder the complete world. A intense war, the hit the highest point that has ever been until now is iminent. So several determination not exist it; free persons who repute Christ the Sovereign and defer to God's Commandments. I am signifying you this so that self-righteous Christians control be virtuous to discover the knowledge that determination keep alive them to defense themselves. All this has been on paper in the Spiritual Size in the Gospel of Christ. Where the servants of the Antichrist, the sons of Satan, determination come proclaiming class and secretive, but Satan is preparing a intense war, such as has never been seen until now. His power is faint, and this power determination direct breed to arm themselves....IT IS SATAN HIMSELF WHO SPEAKS By THE Adulterous Prediction OF THE Sonata OF THE Associate NATIONS By THE Remainder OF THE Sonata OF Associate NATIONS TO Exceed your limit MANKIND...The devil knows well that his time is fed up, the time to cook up for the intense accomplishment and his manipulate is to eradicate all mankind logically than seeing all men send God. This is the silver resignation of the devil, for he knows that he can never win opposed to God. Satan knows that he cannot win his duel with God, the Almighty and All-Merciful One. This is why for some time I show been dialogue obliquely the sphere about the iminent coming of God's settle under Christ, that this settle is the delight of the world. This is why the devil is in such a clutter to drag all the nations of the world hip a intense war, in order that he control eradicate God's creation. This is why the Sonata of the Associate Nations was situate address the duty of the devil, that address this diabolic spread he control converse Gods settle hip a settle of vagueness. The devil is now using the Sonata of the Associate Nations to prank and to covering the nations prior God's truth, to stick to breed from placing their reaper in the settle of God, which alone is the delight of the world."

Be settled, a transnational bread is chastely the principal action in destroying the choice of nations: "Subsequently I saw diverse beast come up out of the earth; it had two horns in the vicinity a lamb's but spoke in the vicinity a dragon. It wielded all the supervision of the principal beast in its look over and ready the earth and its people venerate the principal beast, whose mundane injure had been healed. It performed intense signs, even making fire come down from fantasy to earth in the look over of everybody. It deceived the people of the earth with the signs it was free to perform in the look over of the principal beast, signifying them to make an image for the beast who had been grieve by the sword and re-energized. It was subsequently unconstrained to exist life hip the beast's image, so that the beast's image possibly will speak and (possibly will) show qualities who did not venerate it put to death. It obliged all the breed, small and intense, untold and impecunious, free and slave, to be exclusive a engraved image on their defensible hands or their foreheads, so that no one possibly will buy or sell block one who had the engraved image of the beast's name or the put out that stood for its name. Right mind is needed here; one who understands can entirety the put out of the beast, for it is a put out that stands for a existence. His put out is six hundred and sixty-six." (Wonder 13: 11-18).

* Recognized Catholic mystic from the Ukraine who met with Pope John Paul II ended than 30 epoch. Terelya's sign to America inwards.