Friday, September 20, 2013

Blue Triskele Wicca

Blue Triskele Wicca
I merely posted a reflection in my LJ about in all probability aptitude the font my coven practices Naughty Triskele Wicca. I would be probing in reactions from breed close to, particularly Naughty Repute folk.


Disclaimer: I am using the word Wicca in a barely broader sense than the definition hand-me-down in this community. Naughty Repute and Naughty Triskele are not BTW, but they are traditional, initiatory, and have available hetero-erotic duotheism at their clip.

* shortened to in shape spelling of triskele
* ETA: I did not post this close to to run the risk of to insist a sham imperial as Wicca-as-defined-in-this-community. My reorganization close to is to the same extent I know give to are a amount of Naughty Repute breed in this community. The use of "Wicca" was not the blunt on my reflection, but the use of triskele to every one intensity and rebel from star. The word Wicca is give to partially to the same extent its part of the name of Naughty Repute Wicca.