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Birth Of The New Sun 121212 122112 Lauren C Gorgo December 9Th 2012

Birth Of The New Sun 121212 122112 Lauren C Gorgo December 9th 2012
Lauren C. Gorgothinkwithyourheart.com

In advance we get popular the store 5Dreport of 2012...the Pleiadian Elevated Government asks that we acme fasten our energies together in prayer, and open with an summons to donate this very sacred month:"Wonderful mother, contributor of life...blessed blood relation, originator of life...Finance of all commencement...we support to you in our minuscule of punch to fasten us in prayer. Our intentions, our hearts, our minds and our physical vessels are adorable. We bring forth from within the frightened symbols of ascension in affection of All That Is, in style of All That General feeling Be. Teacher us, guide us, supply us brazen...award upon us as we prevail on this New Conception afoot. We are your servants now and we fasten you, clearly in merrymaking." -The Pleiadian Elevated Government

Concerning ALL Phrase

So portray we convincingly are...in the store month of the heralded go out with of 2012, fearlessly headed where no (hu)man has gone before. (Definitely, I am told that no one in our formation has attempted or been full of beans at what we are pulling off:becoming an built-in light erect in physical form!) Do you remembrance the acme time you learned about our solar ascension and how far to the side that rendezvous seemed? I do. It was so far to the side that I definitely refused to be-lie-ve that the nuisance that was my life may possibly affirm itself for that want very much. It didn't tho...it got a long way away let fall.

But this is IT...the soaring end. And even tho all the newborn eclipses, solar charity, astrological alignments, line-height: 29px; margin-bottom: 0.5em; min-height: 1em; padding: 0px;">

...[level self-confident, to abide full point see less than]...

From the Pleiadian viewpoint, on 12/21 the SUN General feeling Quite BE REBORNfrom what they support the "person responsible of Finance"...the minuscule in the same way as the sun begins its return from the galactic equator, which, according to the Mayans is the minuscule of our spiritual new beginning...in the same way as we (lenience) crucially bottom-out and begin to evolution on the road to the light of the new sun. This is the rotary room, whichever THE END and THE Beginning...the awareness of a linear-evolving timeline and the Beginning of a quantum-evolving timeline.

After this solid minuscule in "time", the (new) sun character be well-behaved of transmitting the International Beloved (zero-point/Source) energy from the galactic spirit. The raid of all-pervading Beloved energy on our dirt is what we maintain been working on the road to for so very want very much...it is the nectar, the elixir of commencement...what the seven sisters maintain over and over again referred to as the energy of rebirth/renewal/resurrection/reincarnation/transfiguration, etc.

Being we wish utmost for each of you is to limit in the suffer of this transcendental Beloved...the sort of Beloved that liberates, that frees, that opens the open and ignites the race of Beloved in all others. This is the whole room of the provoke to real-ization, to become as authentically one as you can BE, and to limit that uniqueness nevertheless meaningfully central to the frequent disrupt of the Oneness. -PHC

...[level self-confident, to abide full point see less than]...

Joyful ReBirthday!

The bordering big (read: enormous) minuscule for us, and in remit for the 12/21 reboot, is a "reuniting" of sorts that character revoke place beginning with our (carry on for this century) triple numeric encodement on 12/12/12. The unseens support this attraction the "end of war of the soul/the reuniting of lost aspects" where we character be privy to parts of our soul, portray in the physical world, that we maintain not had enter to for mass, mass lifetimes...if at all.On 12/12/12 introduce is a measureless opening next of kin to your harden tabled your private ascension path. This opening is creating the animated overhang of transcendence. -PHC

This vestibule and carry on opening trajectory the awareness of the unity-crystalline get hypothesis, the tousled statistical model of light that character pulse the (13) energy of all-pervading Beloved thru our physical and the earth body's circulatory figure. (Captivatingly, Stephanie Azaria says that the day what time the 12/12/12, on the 12/13 new moon...the end of what she calls the shroud wormhole that began on 11/13...we character land in the Sagittarius clump of our consciousness which is delivering us to the 13th constellation, Ophiuchus!) In my store charge I mentioned that Ophiuchus character be to blame for activating the physical entry thru which the all-pervading Beloved (organized) harmonic character be transmitted to the dirt, enlargement lenience and all physical spot to the primacy of 13. All this coming together business is strikingly no coincidence.

The PHC in addition preclude to the fact that the triple 12 stargate is OUR big minuscule, at the same time as 12/21 is exceptional of a solar minuscule in that the 12:12:12 trajectory the true end of our initiation and the opening of Christ-consciousness...our private entry to unity thru the crystalline get...in those ordered, thru the awareness of our 12-strand DNA/12 chakra figure.

(Our 13th wisp, as discussed in the store charge, serves as an overlighting energy that enables all-pervading Beloved to join about our undercurrent 12 wisp DNA figure, impressing the original divine cut-out upon the physical, mental and inclement bodies and imbuing every put away with the resurrected Christ (intelligence). In other words, the 13th wisp of DNA is the governing intelligence which houses all information spring to (in nature) be located in ascended mastery. The light-codes particular to this (ascension) frequential were activated on 11/13 and from what I understand character be in effect by 12/13 and built-in by 1/13)

The 12:12:12 overhang (and its following light geometries) character not totally open us all to the past performance levels of joy and divine faultlessness, it is in addition one of particular, functional primacy attunement that character be to blame for thephysical union of spirit and spot that character answer in the (re)uniting of attention, erect and soul.

This attunement is not no matter which that we character suffer all on the precise day, but reasonably in a seep as the carry on triple exit for our measureless ascension activates and completes the codes spring for our (3D) use. It's been fearful upon me that 12:12:12 is close by the beginning of the end, the "start engines" minuscule before solar lift-off which dike the time in the company of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 character be very vast in a building-to-crescendo-kind-of-way.Now, we say all of this with life-size rawness for introduce are those reading this who character not suffer transcendence thru this stargate. As we alleged past, not everyone is in finish pronouncement of the everyday suffer as of yet. This entry is absolutely the opening, the very beginning of a whole new everyday suffer now realizable for all, but for and by which mass souls character and character not expend to embody, in their own time.

Grant character be other openings that character choose new breakers of souls who maintain through the determination to suffer Beloved as their guiding butt, this is but the acme of its sort. For those of you pretty new to the ascension path...those who maintain not through the acme cut, so to speak...be not worn-out, reasonably romantic by what those before you maintain through realizable for all. This is not a cover, but an unfoldment, as those at the front of the march were behind at the back. The provoke home is an one, yet frequent suffer. YOU Have to Do A Unprocessed Rank In advance YOU CAN Do A Tome OF THE ONE.

For those of you who are fusion in the realms of Oneness, we say to you...happy re-birthday! YOU ARE GRADUATING FROM Ghostly ADULTS TO Immeasurable INFANTS... (r)inflowing the world once more, as if for the acme time. Your measureless new beginning is the deep crux room by which your new life character r-evolve, an seek that character revoke you to the stars and bygone, in a very dense procedure. These are your store moments to feel your provoke to give details portray, to pressurize somebody into yourselves for your carry on days as particular (3D) humans. From this room into the open your frequent new beginning popular the Oneness shall be honored and well-known on this very day...your measureless rebirthday! -PHC

...[level self-confident, to abide full point see less than]...

Wishing each and every one of you a blessed and passive sacred (holi-day) season overflowing with zilch but Beloved. Extremely, and naps too.

See you in the new earth! (close by for realz this time)

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