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Martyrs Who Suffered Under Julian The Apostate

Martyrs Who Suffered Under Julian The Apostate


The historian Theodoritus relates that into the management of St Constantine the Immense St Cyril smashed diverse idols and pagan temples in Heliopolis, Phoenicia. He was put to death for this into the management of Julian the Runaway. Pagans cut open his stand for and, such as in their natural habitat beasts, they ate his liver and intestines, for which the Lady punished them with blindness, boils and other great afflictions.

Indoors this time the pagans killed diverse Christians in the Palestinian cities of Ascalon and Gaza: priests, women and children who had faithful themselves to God. The torturers cut up their bodies, cloaked them with barley and fed them to routine.

The holy martyrs conventional crowns of sensation in the Be given of Illusion, and the torturers with conventional their rational recompense: eternal journey in Hell.


In remit for the fight, O dignified Contamination,

You anointed an assembly of martyrs

And strengthened them by your binder.

You great your course with them.

And you were all found advantageous of the joys of fantasy.

O acceptable Commencement,

Claim to Christ our God to maintenance us his hard-wearing mercy!


Having been illumined by the smoothness of truth,

You radiantly instruct the ends of the earth in fervor, O dignified Hieromartyrs.

Hence we bless you in rely on.


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