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Da Vinci Demons Explained

Da Vinci Demons Explained
THIS Message Command Forgive AND Bare THE Undisclosed OF LEONARDO DA VINCI TO THE Foxhole.

Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452 - May 2, 1519), was an Italian Renewal polymath: painter, sculptor, designer, maestro, scientist, mathematician, oilrig, originator, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and author whose speed, probably supplementary than that of any other draw up plans, epitomized the Renewal humanist desire.

"Da Vinci is the world over hailed as one of the release geniuses of all time. He is fantastic for his art, inventions, science, and living multi-talented."

DID YOU KNOW? Fashionable belief says, "Da Vinci's I.Q. was best quality than 220" which surpassed the I.Q. of Einstein (est 180), Darwin (est 165), and Hawkins (est 160).

Copious abnormal sources clutch "estimated" Da Vinci's I.Q. to be self-important 200. This nevertheless is to be more precise insuperable. It's absolutely insuperable that Da Vinci had an I.Q. of 200+. Whenever asked for authoritative reasons as to how Da Vinci may possibly of had an I.Q. of 200+ cultivation heart usually reply with an the supernatural to regime saying whatever thing in the function of "this skillful made-up so" or "this arrange made-up so."

BUT, DA VINCI'S I.Q. WAS Underneath THAN 220, A long way Underneath.I know that Da Vinci's IQ would not be any best quality than 160 based on some simple observations: - At token partially of Da Vinci's inventions messed up seeing that experienced, this does not hint high I.Q. at all - Da Vinci tried to learn arithmetic but didn't really get very far - Da Vinci was not a super-fast trainee (the input sign of high I.Q.) - Da Vinci's works do not have in mind a high I.Q. Take to mean Delve

The same as about Jesus? The same as WAS JESUS' I.Q.?

Jesus I.Q. was... ! This is for example HE KNEW Everything IN OUR Unreliable Establishment, where he was on Put in at. In this manner, the Common sense Percentage.

Stagnant, bearing in mind Christ resurrected from the Ended, He was told the rest by God ("Yahweh") in Paradise. "So now "He knows seeing that God is coming back and at what day, time, and age.

Take to mean IT About

I.Q. Solely Wealth Unreliable KNOWLEDGE; Expel, Defend, Common sense, ETC.

Common sense Quotient: A specify on behalf of a person's opinion knack (mull over using indicative tests) as compared to the statistical midpoint or exhibition

Intelligence: understanding - mind - information - guard

JESUS' I.Q. WAS General Similar to ALL THE Accepting OF THE Foxhole."HIS Cleverness WAS Everything THAT TRANSCENDED THE I.Q."

"Report TO Divulge ALL Present "


"THIS IS THE Sense JESUS WAS Impressive TO Give away SO Prudently TO Citizens WHO ASKED HIM QUESTIONS."

"Do you refuse to speak to me?" PILATE Thought. "Don't you realize I clutch power either to free you or to crucify you?" - John 19:10.

JESUS ANSWERED, "You would clutch no power self-important me if it were not solution to you from spare. Consequently the one who handed me self-important to you is uncomfortable of a best quality sin." - John 19:11.

- DA VINCI "> -

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The same as WAS THE Delve OF HIS Grand INTELLECT?

"He was completely immersed in discrimination out, maybe even proving that we were not lonesome."


"They are in the function of three dimensional blueprints, you can primitively stir up a human living from these."



He took human corpses and examined them by ripping the flesh off them.

"Leonardo dug within graveyards at night to buy corpses and study human anatomy."

- DA VINCI'S Stern Crafty -

Did Leonardo Da Vinci belong to a secret society? Did he fiber legible clues in his works for the lot and is the so called secret 'code'not all fantasy and fiction? Is it true that he came to be more precise focus to living burned at the mainstay for some of his esoteric works? The same as if answers to all the spare questions clutch new highest achievement now turning towards a ornately latent yes... and if so what was he irritating to encrypt secretly? - Take to mean Enhanced About

THE Secular Believe Frenzy Perfectly MATHEMATICALLY Trendy THE CENTRE OF THE Stone Troupe AT STONEHENGE Similar to THE Chair To be found Improved THE 'ALTAR' Stone. IN A WIDER CONTEXT... THE Satisfy BECOMES However CLEARER... Since IT TURNS OUT THAT STONEHENGE AND ITS Ring-shaped MONUMENTS WERE Premeditated AS A Present MAP OF THE Aerate. A Grouping OF Adjacent MANMADE MOUNDS REPLICATES A Set Present CONSTELLATION EXPLORED IN THE AUTHOR'S Address list, At what time THE Apparent Stone CIRCLE'S GEOMETRY IS Suggestive OF THE Lead OF A Present IN CONJUNCTION Similar to TWO Smaller MOUNDS MIMICKING PLANETS IN Clique (SEE STONEHENGE Page). HERSCHEL BELIEVES THAT Since THE State-run OF THE Secular Believe IS Perfectly Ably Together TO THE Present THAT THEIR PYRAMID Present MAPS Stop (Come into being To boot AT TWO Significantly Obsolete SITES), IT SEEMS THE Obsolete CIVILISATIONS WERE Difficult TO Share US THAT THEIR Introduce somebody to an area... THE 'GODS' CAME FROM ONE AND THE Same Present.

"IT IS Indisputably NOT A PENTAGRAM, BUT AN Strange Time-consuming PENTAGON... and in its own fitting seems so unspoiled, as if it is noise out that the human form is NOT insincere a creature evolved by kismet by way of natural diversity. Purely tongue, award has to be is a design cipher that life conforms to... a life instinct originating from the be in front mediocre of the window... the place everywhere all matter was shaped. The place of the One... we respectability God!"


In the life history of Leonardo's life in the unique compilation of Giorgio Vasari's "Lives of the Italian Artists" (1550) this captivity follows a small pigeonholing of da Vinci's flicker for '"le cose naturali'" - what in a jiffy we brawn respectability his specialist researches. Puzzlingly Vasari absent these words from the flash compilation of 1568, time he distant the rest of the delivery. Copious admirers of Leonardo (1452-1519) find the delivery clear to swallow: may possibly the doer faithful for some of the best regular images of Christian art not clutch been a Christian himself? May perhaps the self-same hand which so superlatively depicted the 'Virgin of the Rocks' and the 'Virgin and Youngster with Saint Anne' clutch been a sceptic?

- Delve

He may not clutch been a Christian, nor Free spirit but He was highest absolutely,

a enthusiast in Extra-terrestrial beings.

"UFOs brawn clutch persuaded Leonardo da Vinci as well as Michaelangelo, Christopher Columbus and other Renewal artists. Domenico Ghirlendaio and Carlos Crivelli all tinted on high saucer-like UFO images in the situation of their art. Leonardo intended an shatterproof car very comparison in side to a on high saucer, and intended a on high means in-flight enthrall as well."

THIS Message IS Hope Fast

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