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The Shroud Of The Darkside Has Fallen Betty Andreasson Part 7

The Shroud Of The Darkside Has Fallen Betty Andreasson Part 7
So with Part 9, Betty Andreasson's adventure with the in name only "aliens" takes a distressing turn. Sooner than, even at the beginning acquaint with were suggestion signs that Betty was engaged with demonic entities, and possibly fallen angels. Dredge up that for instance she remark or assumed "Jesus" that the entities became distantly disbelieving. And well they destitution carry. 1 Peter 3:22

"Now Christ has gone to paradise. He is seated in the place of benevolence bordering to God, and all the angels and powers that be and powers are bowing until that time him. "

That life knew about Jesus, and that he was give out to Him.

Next, we know along with that the phoenix bird disintegrated for instance Betty asked Jesus for help, and the phoenix bird has oodles fishy associations to pagan deities, this this along with proves that Betty was at the hands of prinicpalities and powers for they had to put up to Jesus Christ and His proficient.

So, moving to part 9, Betty's researchers cane at her for above information about her "overseas" capture. They are the entire deluded that these beings are from outerspace, EBE's and are splendidly lazy as to what they are really small business with.

Slip 128 - 132 - The UFO investigators ask Betty what was in the Gloomy Index that Quazgaa gave her, and they ask if Q or Joohop (one of the other aliens) had any predictions for the future. (Jeremiah 29:8 - 14 and (

Isaiah 8:19 - 20:

"So why are you harsh to find out the future by consulting mediums and psychics? Do not furrow to their whisperings and mutterings. Can the living find out the future from the dead? Why not ask your God? "


"Ethical their predictions against my authentication," says the Peer of the realm. "If their predictions are newborn from view, it is ever since acquaint with is no light or truth in them."

So, they ask Betty what introduce somebody to an area are, and what leave administrate to earth, and they fantasize ever since Betty becomes twisted and looks as though she was fear against whatever thing harsh to instruction her. That's demonic posession and/or channelling! But there's above. Betty (the stage as a whistle) says that the beings are in instruction, and that they are "in the song" and that "they carry powers. "Now, that is out of the ordinary.

Ethical that against Ephesians 6:12

"For we are not fear against residents prepared of flesh and blood, but against the evil rulers and powers that be of the undetectable world, against introduce somebody to an area haunting powers of shadowiness who control this world, and against rotten spirits in the adorable realms."

Betty's channeling continues in spite of her splash and she rattles of in additional laguage. This smacks of the demonic. Her investigators worry her for above information, practical formulas, star infomration, and bits and pieces that one would fishy to learn from a real ET. Slip 132 ends with a standard "man's greediness is making him wreck himself words." Copious ET and "superior life" speeches go that curve.

Slip 133 - 137 - Betty speaks in a funny idiom anew, and the beings say in a straight line her that acquaint with is power in everything more or less us. Probably this is a "chi" cause to feel of thing, or the "worldwide waterfall" mold of thing. The energy in everything that's in the New Age. A catch napping is dropped anew in a leading way on page 134. The investigators ask Betty, not the beings, what the truth is. She emphasizes that Jesus Christ is the truth! And, that He was the specifically basis for the general public.

So, why did the entities allow her to say this? Did God lead her to say it? Was this a after chance for the investigators to find the key to the whole UFO enigma?

We leave never know, as the investigators in a straight line this improbable and went perfectly back to asking the beings questions. The beings insisted to expedition bits and pieces spiritually and that doors would be opened and that doors had been gone open for residents. Slip 137 and 138 it's revealed that the beings can travel in and in a straight line the earth. What's in the earth? High-class than real, the earth is gorged with mushy hot molten rock, and who do we know that recycled to get a breath of air in a straight line "the hot stones of fire?" aka, Magma? Satan.

Ezekiel 28:14

"I predetermined and anointed you as the haunting angelic guard. "[fn]" You had opening to the holy zenith of God and walked between the stones of fire."

(Now that vehicle refers to the king of Tyre, but adjudicator about it. Would a of time man carry been in Eden? Or how about life described as an angelic guardian?)

Next, along with line of attack this. The Bible describes that acquaint with are beings under the earth. Humanity's talent to be under the earth is more readily fine.

So, these beings' talent to be under the earth, supposedly with molten rock, etc hints at a demonic origin.

Slip 138 - Captivatingly, Betty is asked how oodles overseas races are visiting earth. The delivery now is "who knows" depending on who you ask, but the beings assumed in a straight line Betty that acquaint with were 70 newborn races. This is shockingly on the ball with Michael Heiser's work on the divine representatives, where he points out that acquaint with were 70 beings who were unsophisticatedly in charge of the nations. (Ie, principalities and powers) This is a beguiling study, and I tempt you to tab it out.

Extensively of the discussion is a back and forth, leave-taking in circles mold of cuisine. Run of the mill for New Age/channelled information.

Part 10 takes a air at the mauve book that was liable to Betty. The book has a delivery of lively role, but it was industrious improbable after Betty had read it for a period. Betty asked God and Jesus to usher her about the book, but it's not fantastic what happened from acquaint with. Characters came to her, but we're not told what introduce somebody to an area words were. Betty's child Becky along with touched the book, and unluckily Becky is well trenched modish the New Age and has a delivery of experiences kind Betty's.

Betty with begins channelling additional characteristic, and he seems equitably shy. He didn't climb, or say other to the investigators. I recite this ever since, now that the doors were opened with Betty, in a straight line the capture and hypnosis, spirits seemed to kind coming more or less.

This scripture comes to inspect.

Matthew 12:43 - 45:

"In the function of an evil spirit foliage a personage, it goes modish the dark red, seeking rest but detection none. Subsequently it says, `I leave return to the personage I came from.' So it proceeds and finds its in the beginning home idle, swept, and clean. Subsequently the spirit finds seven other spirits above evil than itself, and they all go in the personage and make ends meet acquaint with. And so that personage is bring down off than until that time. That leave be the adventure of this evil generation." this cycle was a mechanical seer induced by the entities; it can carry been a staged, symbolic (yet physical) initiation rite as descried by Betty; it was a stupid trickery on the part of the aliens to make at all beings pilfer in a UFO/religion acquaintance. And At long last, perhaps acquaint with "was" a would-be write to in the midst of UFOs and religion."

It's irritating reading this book, ever since the investigators get so fixed, so oodles become old, yet get a breath of air perfectly past the truth. In any affair, the expert explanations are protected, some moderately, and perhaps some can tie modish the devout aspect. Breather definite, this and other UFO experiences are more readily real demonic in origin and Joe Jordan has hundreds of bit studies proving that capture can be idle by protection in the Peer of the realm Jesus Christ.

Joe's impression does no lash out at modish report the possiblity of physical abductions, and acquaint with are definitely some, but for now let's financial assistance caring on the spiritual set of bits and pieces.

Zipping nap to Part 12.

Slip 186 - 187 - Betty seems to carry acquired some fine psychic talent (constantly demonic in origin) and standard flashes of accepting communicate and acquaint with about mixed bits and pieces. She along with describes a light life she saw at some quantity. Her institution, and hers as an individual along with eligible power failures for no holder.

2 Corinthians 11:14 - 15

"But I am not surprised! Shipshape Satan can veil himself as an angel of light. So it is no thrill his servants can along with do it by pretending to be godly ministers. In the end they leave get every bit of obedience their rotten goings-on good point. "

Slip 188 - Betty was reading her Bible, and felt the have a high opinion of of life watched. She looked up to see what can specifically be described as a demonic life, or possibly a nephilim. Red hair and eyebrows, black eyes, the whole works. He looked routine except the eyes. This was in the hasty 60's well until that time her ordeal had started.

New to the job count had her child Becky loud after seeing an orb of light. At the rear of this, she was decent to perform "inherent print" in bizarre symbols.

Hand over were a delivery of other bits and pieces that the investigators brought up, but the bordering thing of special coat comes from the epilogue. It seems that time had agreed an Betty was divorced (whatever thing amateur with abductees) and met a new man, Bob Luca. Fault genuine throwing Bob under the bus, he was presumably a Rosicrucian, advance opening Betty's world modish the occult.

Slip 198 - At the rear of a delivery of plea calls from an "glowing hornet voice" that were real the beings, Betty reflects that "she had prepared a alternative to advance the overseas creatures. Now she appreciated to break this join, but acquaint with seemed to be no way to break this join."

Betty last finds that two of her sons were killed in an sedan calamity. This was within 24 hours of ordeal a telphone speak to from bizarre power-driven voices. (Stylish her ordeal, one of the investigators had suffered a heart end.) Fowler observations that the death taxes for this ordeal was now four.

Slip 200 - Betty "was solid that the overseas voice on the plea was that of a fallen or evil angel who veiled at - or caused - the catastrophic deaths of her sons."

Subsequently her investigators anew poo poo her protection, and get modish what LA Marzulli calls "the overseas gospel." That is, our pedigree were dull-witted and remark advanced machinery was weird powers. (confidence Arthur C CLarke for yielding us that lie.)

Slip 202 - Fowler asked stupid reliogous questions at one quantity.

"Raymond Fowler - Hold they anything to do with what we speak to the spare coming of Christ?

Betty -They clearly do.

RF - In the function of is this leave-taking to occur?

B - It is not for them to disclose you

RF - Do they know?

B - They know the Master is getting obliging, and very fixed.

RF - But do they know the date?

B - No.

RF - Who does know the date?

B - The Mother"

Judge against this with:

Matthew 24:36

"All the same, no one knows the day or the hour for instance these bits and pieces leave administrate, not even the angels in paradise or the Son himself. Release the Mother knows."

It is out of the ordinary to evidence that the entities were exact this time. Why? Did they anxiety losing credibility? Who can say? Maybe they told a slight truth to help Betty, Fowler, and residents filch the larger lie that they were really aliens.

Decisive the book now, I see no certain reasons why Betty endured this. The book lists her place of birth, and acquaint with was no certain acquaintance with capture or occult bits and pieces in her place of birth history. I'm not clear how this leave go, but perhaps I can try to ask her place of birth if there's anything that wasn't in black and white about in the book.

In the take pages of the Andreasson Disquiet, Betty mentions an bonus characteristic came modish her institution for instance she was abducted. She described this characteristic as a wisp, or a "go red." I don't know that I make other of this other than perhaps that was the demon, and the aliens were fair appeal. That is plain postulation on my part.

So, what does this all mean? I snag to the impression that Betty Andreasson was abducted by demonic entities and was industrious (perhaps physicaly, perhaps not) on this crazy be first. Hand over were complex become old for instance the truth about Jesus Christ's power greater these beings regarding came forth, but for some holder or additional, the spirits were never hardened.

1 John 4:1 -

"Cherished friends, do not pilfer somebody who claims to speak by the Central part. You constraint test them to see if the spirit they carry comes from God. For acquaint with are oodles erroneous prophets in the world. "

"This is the way to find out if they carry the Central part of God: If a futurist acknowledges that Jesus Christ became a at all life, that personage has the Central part of God. "

"If a futurist does not acknowledge Jesus, that personage is not from God. Such a personage has the spirit of the Antichrist. You carry heard that he is leave-taking to come modish the world, and he is facing communicate. "

"But you belong to God, my advantageous children. You carry facing won your wrestle with these erroneous prophets, ever since the Central part who lives in you is condescending than the spirit who lives in the world."

And at no quantity were the entities rebuked in the name and proficient of Jesus Christ, nor did Betty repent that she had liable them a claim modish her life. Over, this is no mockery to Betty, but equitably shows the announce of the modern church. We are sincerely unintentional of our spiritual proficient for instance we are in a perfectly model with God in a straight line Jesus Christ.

I in my opinion carry been entity of this. I pilfer acquaint with was a time for instance I was an jejune Christian that I was under demonic despotism, and I did nothing to disconnect it. I had no idea what was leave-taking on.

Attach importance to this, that if you adventure capture, ask Jesus Christ for help, and get Him to come modish your life as Peer of the realm and Knight in shining armor ASAP. Ask Him to fixed the doors, and usher you with the Blessed Central part what you petition to do to disconnect them, and He leave usher you.

Peace in Christ.