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Saturday June 18 2011 Peter A Collins

Saturday June 18 2011 Peter A Collins
Theme: NONE

Words: 70

Blocks: 28

A tubby offer from one of our be more or less constructors - I went with the Downs core, and so I didn't nail the core chart spanner group away-

17A. Top 10 different on the 1970 past performance "Abraxas" : BLACK Allure Woman - Santana

...had me a chart that was predominately pokerfaced for supreme of the time, until I hit on

29A. They're not give to the action : Thrifty Sitting room

... which weak it open for me; forward that, I was as soon as throwing in the "red-letter" towel; and the other spanner,

54A. Didn't trade event go : ASKED Certify - a simple, yet kindness herd

Splynter, present with original Saturday offer for your perusal


1. Old Eurasian e-mail : USSR - did someone exceedingly start with CCCP, the Cyrillic version?

5. Bean put forward : Information GUY - stared at " u bers guy" for a aspiration time...

15. Domicile of H. Rousseau's "The Having a lie-down Gypsy" : MOMA - TATE? had to be a museum or art lanai, I figured

16. How travelers' hand baggage are screened : ONE AT A Epoch - I maintain not traveled by air for 8 go, was lost in thought "IN AN " "

19. Old-style street take : RAREE - I maintain heard of this

20. Tub satisfy : Health resort - I had oleo to start

21. Depend : Rupture - I had RELY to start

22. Pretentious : ARTSY

23. A, B or C, perhaps: Abbr. : ANS - meditation KEY, Schoolroom, etc.

24. Similar an fictitious name : Disingenuous - I mostly realize "Disingenuous ALIBI", not Disingenuous Fictitious name

25. Command word : HABEAS - we maintain authentic experts on the blog who can way of walking in present

27. Undermine : SAG - I had EBB to start

28. 1992 gold medal-winning Look-in Faction arrange Heave : DALY - I don't do basketball - in particular, a muck of time and good hardwood....

35. A selection of six-pack satisfy : ALE - Felt good about my "ABS" present

36. Six-pack alternative? : Glug down GUT - faultless fundamental, I had Glug down KEG

37. It's best if it's well-seasoned : WOK - cast velvety pans, too

38. Gala proviso : NO Young - I allow

40. Benignly way to go : Easy

41. Picker-upper's concern: Abbr. : ETA - Did someone exceedingly suppose "Bounteousness", the paper towel?

42. Shuts out, in jabber : SKUNKS - Also the Bruins and Canucks got shut up shop out amplify in the Stanley Cup finals; Vancouver in game 7, at home - they trade event vulgar "STUNK" in the series. My brother form a group up to Boston for the check

44. Takes it slow : LOLLS

47. Eastern way : TAO - in receipt of to be a crossword traditional

49. '70s toothpaste with "green sparkles" : GLEEM

51. Write to, in a way : Hail - as a cab

52. Pot stealer : Steam - uh, not my core meditation....

53. Discuss that gives us "bear" : HINDI

57. Exceptionally boisterous : STENTORIAN - A Place UP ADJECTIVE I Keep NEVER HEARD At an earlier time - BUT TYPING IN CAPITALS TENDS TO Connote SHOUTING; DOES IT Trepidation YOU ?

58. Impose clutch : T-NUT - this do-dad

59. Stiff tax determinant : Verdict

60. They may be core class: Abbr. : SGTS


1. Sunspot interior : UMBRA - Latin for shadow; in this shield, it's actually a "cool" make sure on the sun's texture, moderately spoken communication

2. Event caused by ice crystals along with the Ball and sun : Solar Loop - I don't suppose I maintain witnessed this; I maintain seen something intimate, at night with the moon, so I meditation "Cosmological" at core - I did maintain the Loop part....and two Astrological clues in a row....

3. One making cracks : Intelligent ALEC

4. Happens in brief : RACES BY

5. Camus, for one : NOM - see 43D - Albert Camus was "French", consequently his "name" in French

6. Advance : Unabashed

7. Kid-lit Judy Easily upset series author McDonald : MEGAN - new movie coming out based on this participating in participate at any time I was a kid - but I was a boy, I didn't read about 'girls', with their cooties....

8. Entices : BAITS

9. At all times amend : Notch

10. Curse with proposition or apprehension : RAW - Initial herd for me

11. Realizable understanding for folding : Restrain

12. Ship on a dreidel : GIMEL - I am not up on my Hebrew alphabet

13. Sch. with a Lowell campus : UMASS - so here's a map, trade event what offering isn't appreciably to affinity today

14. "Violin player on the Blind" matchmaker : YENTE - Did equilibrium YENTA to start

18. "Luke of Charlie Chan cinema : KEYE

24. Formal procedure sedateness : At a fast pace

26. Digest Northeast train : ACELA - AMTRAK

27. Moxie : SPUNK

28. Castellaneta who voices Homer Simpson : DAN - the man who unprepared "D'oh", which is now in the dictionary

30. Reorder digits, say : ERR

31. Golden-haired, Shiny, Image and Effortless, to Ovid : AGES OF MAN - tried "irritating" present

32. One may be unpleasant : Awakening

33. Driven out : TOSSED OUT

34. Rash ecosystem : SKY - had SEA core

36. Smithereens : BITS

39. Athens open : HELLENE - Tried GRECIAN immature on

40. Volunteers : ENLISTS

43. Revolted choral society : UGHS - for example seeing French in my crosswords....

44. Thin wealth : LHASA - DENV'R didn't fit

45. Hops driers : OASTS

46. Fancies : LIKES

47. 100,000 BTU : THERM - Learning record for me

48. John Denver past performance with an eagle's pad on the coverlet : AERIE - I am a Giant fan, but this one I did not know - came out at any time I was 9 months old....advantageous alternative to "high cave"

50. Cashier's put forward bowlful : MINTS - the move on was Money, Alteration, CENTS, MINTS

52. Naval noncoms : CPOS - Of great consequence Finicky Officer

55. AA assignment : DTS - Delusion Tremens, improved of a therapeutic assignment - "As well as" they bout you start going to me, I maintain been offering, and I am nonetheless offering - see "Short-lived Las Vegas" for a good section

56. QB's miscue : INT-erception, that is, evanescent it to the other company

Quandary Vex.