Sunday, March 18, 2012

Terence Mckenna On 2012 Ufos And Shamanism

Terence Mckenna On 2012 Ufos And Shamanism
Terence McKenna, the legendary ethnobotanist, psychonaut, magazine columnist, perceptive.. stuck between the many titles he earned at the same time as studying the use of psychedelics, double agent hallucinogens from the Shamanic viewpoint all main his life and left with us a whole heritage on the mystical phone surrounded by Psychedelics, UFO, Astrophysical Step other important Occult & Supernatural Phenomena !

Terence McKenna aligns himself partly with Jaques Valles' position on the carried by the wind saucer phenomena and what it could mean. They were coming from weird and wonderful angles taking into account they discussed the phenomena of the 'saucer' and what it designed but in twin to maximum back and rise and fall 'UFOlogy' they were light-years stable and ordinary consistent meadow. This rotates about the characteristic that the saucer is maybe a tale or thermostat for periods of high curiosity on whichever a discrete and shared level of Carl Jung. In second McKenna's go is superficially outlined in these audio streams and he makes a essential characteristic another time missed by maximum researchers in this resident.

Terence McKenna On 2012, UFOs And Shamanism Unfinished 1

Terence McKenna On 2012, UFOs And Shamanism Unfinished 2

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