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The New Age Preacher And His Influence

The New Age Preacher And His Influence
"Priest Norman Vincent Peale is, to many, the highest farsighted and moving New Age minister of the twentieth century. He is exceedingly the founder of the self-help will that formed the grounding for the Priestly Lump Headway. Peale formed maybe the highest indicating and multi-layered gather with religion and psychology of any religious lead in history. It is this vastly easily reached, liberating feature of religion that many specially churches, and Saddleback, put shameless today....

(George Mair, "A Kind As well as Purpose: Priest Rick Warren: The Utmost Moving Chief priest of Our Price" [Berkley Books, 2005], p. 93-94)

Norman Vincent Peale's argue was equivalent leaven permeating all of neoevangelicaldom. His argue carried far exterior Saddleback and is now to the same extent exported worldwide, not immediately by Rick Sett, but by special evangelical mega-leader -- Ken Blanchard -- who is interconnected to Rick Sett tell their enter corporation control training initiatives.

Related to this league is the periodical that special means book has accurate been posted online! Sett Smith has barely well-run each stage in "Reinventing Jesus Christ: The New Gospel"." Several endeavors feature transpired for example 2002 time was Sett cover wrote about New Age leaders equivalent Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson and Oprah Winfrey and their pretty similarities and interconnections with evangelical leaders.

A few existence a long time ago words "Reinventing Jesus Christ", Sett Smith wrote "Deceived on Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Priestly". In this best-selling book Smith contended that near were New Age implications to Rick Warren's Corporation P.E.A.C.E. Aim, and he very specific upon the argue of mega-church lead of the Sparkler Place of worship, Rev. Robert Schuller.

In his new online newspaper of "Reinventing Jesus Christ" and its stage updates, Sett Smith puts forth bright new whatsoever that is exceedingly objects to "Deceived on Task". Taking into account again, Smith has noticed the pronounced argue of Robert Schuller on the inspiration of Rick Sett. A enthralling Point 10 Seminar examines how Schuller's inspiration was sure by Norman Vincent Peale, and how Peale's inspiration was sure by the New Ager Florence Scovel Shinn.

On page 162 of A Price of Transient, Ray Yungen explains the means event information to this plan. He noted that George Mair's book, "A Kind with Task", which was a "call account" of Rick Warren's life, assured that:

"New Age inventive Norman Vincent Peale was at the eye shadow of the church-growth will and as well many of Peale's inspiring affirmations originated with an "obscure coach of occult science" named Florence Scovel Shinn.'"

Mair's book, on pages 91-100, does positively run off fully a bit of respect to Norman Vincent Peale, observing that Peale was the cover mega-church chief priest to bring in salesman techniques, a prosperity gospel, psychology and metaphysics. (Of a nature this form appellation, it is no genius that Mair's book created fully a arouse in the midst of the Saddleback apologists time was it cover came out!)

The subsequent to whatsoever is excerpted with birthright from the Point 10 Seminar of Sett Smith's newly-expanded "Reinventing Jesus Christ: The New Gospel" (Copyright 2006) posted at

"Norman Vincent Peale

In the future in March 2005, to the fore all of Ken Blanchard's New Age endorsements came to light, I usual two articles from a chief priest from Indianapolis, Indiana. One of the articles was a clipping from the Admired 3, 1995 "Indianapolis Victory". It had a big picture of Norman Vincent Peale and the route read:


influence of Propitious Point author's work harmonizing to that of a little-known coach of occult science.(88)

The article, published by Knight-Ridder Prosecute, asked the question: "Was the Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, inception of the feature and escort theology amenable American Protestantism, a plagiarist romantic by the occult?" In attempting to input that inquire, the press release referred to an article from the "Lutheran Quarterly" that had contended that Norman Vincent Peale drew future of his power from the writings and teachings of occult/New Age author Florence Scovel Shinn. Among the "Lutheran Quarterly" article, the Indianapolis paper stated:

Formerly comparing his books to hers, the authors point out scores of dependable instances in which Peale and Shinn not immediately determine amount to, but use harmonizing or identical phrases.(89)

The press release article went on to say:

Shinn, who died in 1940, drew on mystical sources dating to the ancient Egyptian academic Hermes Trismegistus and the secrets of Freemasonry.

Such sources are progenitors of New Age, a will deliberate sacrilegious hey presto by perpendicular and fundamentalist Christians....

Shinn's surreptitiously published metaphysical works, reissued by all Simon & Schuster and the Priestly of Earnest Science, are up for grabs in New Age bookstores. Peale penned the introduction to the Simon ">.(90)

The Indiana chief priest had included a emanate of the "Lutheran Quarterly" article that the Indianapolis paper had referred to. The "Lutheran Quarterly" article not permitted Peale's unattributed use of Shinn's occult/New Age teachings. The Peale/Shinn element by element quotes clearly demonstrated the kinship of their writings. The authors wrote:

THE Entire Similar with these passages discloses an upsetting theological secret. Depressed with many other balanced concepts, affirmations, imagery, and stories, they accumulation declaration that the words that completed Norman Vincent Peale "minister to millions" and a millionaire many times a cut above, shows a breathtaking kinship to the writings of an obscure coach of Occult science named Florence Scovel Shinn. At all may be the disrepute caused by these pretty similarities, it pales against the unease that millions of mainline Christians, purporting to stand on accord and Scripture flummoxed, feature in this manner accidentally embraced the Occult. So strong is its tacit pin down that it now may well be the chief working position of many in the churches....(91)

The chief priest told me that he was reminded of the "Lutheran Quarterly" article a long time ago reading my book, "Deceived on Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose-Driven Priestly". My clarification all but the New Age implications of Rick Sett cargo unattributed whatsoever from Robert Schuller had reminded him of this article about Norman Vincent Peale cargo unattributed whatsoever from Florence Scovel Shinn. The chief priest sour out that the New Age implications of Rick Warren's teachings did not verify with his coach Robert Schuller, or even to Schuller's coach, Norman Vincent Peale. It knotted back tell all of them to the occult itself. A deeper play against here Peale's event accurate that this 33rd concentration Freemason had legally recognized other New Age authors and teachers tell the existence.(92) Sardonically, one of the New Age authors legally recognized by Peale was Bernie Siegel - the vastly Bernie Siegel that Rick Sett had messily referred to in "The Purpose-Driven Kind". The Indiana chief priest optional that Norman Vincent Peale had popularized the occult within the conventional Christian Priestly, and that these teachings may feature been agreed defeat to pastors equivalent Robert Schuller and Rick Sett, who in turn agreed them on to millions of others.

It is not odd that New Age lead Neale Donald Walsch logically praises Norman Vincent Peale in future the vastly way as he did with Schuller. In discussing occult emergence - how feelings central of you can materialize endeavors self-supporting of you - Walsch states:

This awe is discussed with abnormal forethought in the classic book "The Formality of Propitious Point", in black and white a cut above fifty existence ago by the Priest Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, a Christian minister who buried that feelings are a gift from God, double-jointed us the power of tradition.(93)

On every occasion Ken Blanchard and Rick Sett co-led the 2003 Strap Have a weakness for Jesus Assembly in Alabama, Blanchard assured that Norman Vincent Peale had been one of the men to blame for bringing him here the position.

And God started administration me this working group, Bob Buford, Norman Vincent Peale, and [Collect] Hybels. All kinds of refinement started coming a long time ago me. I in the last part amalgamated up in 1987-88 and turned my life a cut above to the Peer of the realm.... I found out this is a really good concordat.(94)

As a new Christian, Blanchard had co-authored "The Formality of Just Management" with Peale, soon a long time ago Peale had legally recognized Bernie Siegel's book "Pricey, Make well and Miracles". Terribly, a website for Indian Thinker Paramahansa Yogananda devotees assured that the Blanchard and Peale book had actually been "ghost-written" by Blanchard's longtime New Age friend, Jim Ballard.(95) Blanchard's Christian declaration "We are the Love" was exceedingly through on this vastly website as having been "ghost-written" by Ballard. For instance Ballard is a Yogananda supporter, and was to the same extent featured on the Yogananda website, it is alleged that the information was provided by Ballard himself. It would express that Blanchard's primordial connection with Peale, as well as his thirty-year friendship with Ballard, may feature helped to involve yourself in to Blanchard's vault lack of test still in smidgen today.

Except Blanchard has been accessible as na"ive by many of his defenders - and Rick Sett - a closer look for of Blanchard's previous reveals a future pristine story....

"To stay reading, see the new Updates at Especially of imply to the ending full term of today's post is the Point 5 Seminar which explains the magnitude of Jim Ballard.


"Woe be unto the Pastors who destroy and introduce the hoard of My pasture! saith the Peer of the realm." (Jeremiah 23:1)