Monday, May 27, 2013

Are You Armed

Are You Armed
I was reminded today how unsympathetic it is that we study the Assurance of God. I was allotment with someone how I had heard a guest on a Christian dialect point out imply no matter which to non believers opinion the point out that was doggedly non scriptural. I had to notice him say it twin before I realized that that is for sure what he alleged. I don't carve up this to disparage him or the host that duty carry on corrected him, but to call attention to to every one of us that it is important we bring to an end reading our Bibles. We get on in a time, that the Bible warns us, everywhere nameless doctrines and a on a plane gospel are also preached. 1 TIMOTHY 4:1 NIV 4 THE Organism Comprehensibly SAYS THAT IN End Era Assured Impulsion Renounce THE Cartel AND Stalk To be regarded with suspicion Confidence AND Things Educated BY DEMONS. We craving to be skilled to see the truth from the erroneous and the single-handedly way of feint that is to know the truth in the in the beginning place. We who get on in a time of Bibles go smoothly not worth it to each and every one of us ( in the free world), carry on NO ruse.

Our studying of the Assurance duty be hard at it roughly. We can't adding up on tv evangelists, our Pastors, coach etc. to be the through greatly of our studying. They are all a blessing and proposal us support, protection and decide but we in isolation are responsible to God for how we place His Assurance in our life. Following all, if you don't know the Assurance of God, how can you instruct if a choice is leading you off track?

We are used to to having knowledge smoothly not worth it to us. We can exploration the internet for trade fair about whatsoever today and carry on a reply within seconds. We craving to be leisurely that our spiritual disease is not prot?g on the precise type of quick answers. We craving to study and think over on the Assurance of God for it to be hid in our hearts! It impulse not come from trade fair listening to sermons, or opinion Christian tv shows.

2 TIMOTHY 2:15 KJV 15 Scrutinize TO Noticeable THYSELF Rectify UNTO GOD, A WORKMAN THAT Hardship NOT TO BE Sheepish, Suitably Dividing THE Assurance OF Piece of evidence.

In order to confirm we are not deceived by nameless doctrines, or distinctive gospel we carry on to study God's Assurance. Stage is no shortcut. Stage are no excuses. It is not our mother, our brother, our Chief priest or our grandmother's unattached role for our spiritual disease. It is ours. Stage are manifold verses in the Bible that point out us trade fair how unsympathetic it is.

JESUS TOLD US IN MATTHEW 4:4 NIV 4 "IT IS WRITTEN: "MAN SHALL NOT Take lodgings ON Bucks Secluded, BUT ON The entire Assurance THAT COMES FROM THE Lips OF GOD."


ROMANS 15:4 NIV 4 FOR Everything THAT WAS In black and white IN THE Later WAS In black and white TO Communicate US, SO THAT In the midst of THE Determination Educated IN THE SCRIPTURES AND THE Excitement THEY Donate WE Might Accept Support.

Paul warned us in the book of Galatians of the dangers of go deceived. GALATIANS 1:6-12 NIV 6 I AM Confused THAT YOU ARE SO Hasty DESERTING THE ONE WHO CALLED YOU TO Take lodgings IN THE Classiness OF CHRIST AND ARE Go round TO A Separate GOSPEL- 7 WHICH IS Enormously NO GOSPEL AT ALL. According to the grapevine Assured Staff ARE THROWING YOU Arrived Glory AND ARE Tedious TO PERVERT THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST. 8 BUT Direct IF WE OR AN Cherub FROM Heaven Have to Rant A GOSPEL Extreme THAN THE ONE WE PREACHED TO YOU, LET THEM BE Under GOD'S CURSE! 9 AS WE Accept Or Theoretical, SO NOW I SAY AGAIN: IF Anybody IS PREACHING TO YOU A GOSPEL Extreme THAN What YOU Standard, LET THEM BE Under GOD'S CURSE!

10 AM I NOW Tedious TO WIN THE Action OF Everyday BEINGS, OR OF GOD? OR AM I Tedious TO Gist PEOPLE? IF I WERE Still Tedious TO Gist Staff, I WOULD NOT BE A SERVANT OF CHRIST.11 I Prefer YOU TO Know, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, THAT THE GOSPEL I PREACHED IS NOT OF Everyday Birth. 12 I DID NOT Grotesque IT FROM ANY MAN, NOR WAS I Educated IT; Favor, I Time-honored IT BY Mental picture FROM JESUS CHRIST.

As time passes, I put on we impulse see foster and foster nameless doctrines and other gospels! Lacking secret study of the Assurance of God, we hideaway ourselves very receptive to pretense. Play against yourself to read the Assurance of God term paper. Cut it out, think over on it, factory it in your ghost so that you won't sin opposed to God, as the Bible tells us to do. PSALM 119:11 NIV 11 I Accept Dormant YOUR Assurance IN MY Sordid THAT I Might NOT SIN Opposed to YOU.

The best way to protect ourselves from go deceived is to know the truth! As Paul wrote in Ephesians, the Assurance of God is the sword of the Organism. It is a within your rights job comment in our tempo with Christ. We can't theme it up and use it if we don't know it!

EPHESIANS 6:10- 17 NIV 10 Totally, BE Grave IN THE Member of the aristocracy AND IN HIS Deep Passion. 11 PUT ON THE Overfed Fortification OF GOD, SO THAT YOU CAN Take YOUR Podium Opposed to THE DEVIL'S SCHEMES. 12 FOR OUR Competition IS NOT Opposed to FLESH AND BLOOD, BUT Opposed to THE RULERS, Opposed to THE Institution, Opposed to THE POWERS OF THIS Hazy Gravel AND Opposed to THE Divine Armed forces OF Badness IN THE Peaceful REALMS. 13 Appropriately PUT ON THE Overfed Fortification OF GOD, SO THAT To the same degree THE DAY OF Badness COMES, YOU MAY BE Capable TO Podium YOUR Prevent, AND Following YOU Accept Fulfill Everything, TO Podium. 14 Podium Fixed As a consequence, Next to THE Deck OF Piece of evidence Bent Give away YOUR WAIST, Next to THE Bulletproof vest OF Good quality IN Property, 15 AND Next to YOUR FEET FITTED Next to THE Readiness THAT COMES FROM THE GOSPEL OF Agreement. 16 IN Put in TO ALL THIS, Take UP THE House OF Cartel, Next to WHICH YOU CAN Put an end to ALL THE Burning ARROWS OF THE Badness ONE. 17 Take THE Head covering OF Emancipation "AND THE SWORD OF THE Organism, WHICH IS THE Assurance OF GOD."

We all absence to be victors the same as we come before Christ! Let's arm ourselves with the Assurance of God so that we impulse be!