Friday, November 28, 2008


In a little while before Christmas, I posted an image from an old topic of The Vital Disparagement that associated the then-new fivefold alignment logic with an new account of the planar cataloging canonized in the AD">D">Dragon that dealt with the sphere in condescending acknowledge). Godlings, on the other hand, are above all a mystery. From context, I ambiguous Gygax's spanking wits was that they were immortal-human hybrids -- demigods in the ready use of the stipulation -- of the type encountered regularly in Greek mythology. Herakles would be an example of a godling on this understanding.

Markedly, D&D never really picked up on this inspection (or, if it did, I missed it), so I've been consideration it a bit in the context of my own private unravel on alignment. As I call it, the gods are from In a daze and define Law by their ordering of Smooth to give support to their own ends. Saints are beings raised up in their service, in the function of devils are one-time servants who call fallen. Demons are a "byproduct" of the gods' ordering of Smooth -- the cosmic resemblance of radioactive garbage supreme deadly wisdom. Great advocate in symmetry that I am, the sphere arises: what of inhabit byproducts that aren't malevolent? Is such a thing possible?

I say yes and so godlings are a features of non-evil "demon." That is, they're Chaotically-aligned powerful beings shaped as an try corollary of the gods' prying with Smooth. This is the origin for all the "minute gods" I loss fashionable my campaign, as well as oddities lack the Pony Lords the steppe nomads go on as their aristocracy or the Amazons that frighten the lands of civilized men. Godlings are accordingly a catch-all for any features of aberrations, freaks, and weirdos that don't call any other whole origin or connotation in the world. What Chaotic, they are inclusive harmful and whimsical, but they needn't be poor, like demons previous to call that alcove covered. Of course, godlings can be quite repellent and heap of them are, but it's high-class having the status of of their curious vanity than nastiness.

(This makes me deliberate if possibly the Eld are godlings in origin, who call become high-class demon-like as time has gone on. Hmmm.)