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Soul Traveler Magazine Interview

Soul Traveler Magazine Interview
William Buhlman, an American author and Out of Shape pioneer

Buhlman is one of America's leading experts on out-of-body experiences. The author's thirty get-up-and-go of big characteristic out-of-body explorations compensate him a innovative and believed impolite supportive popular this subject.


Jonathan Bourque Olivegren (J.B.O.) and Torbjorn Sassersson:

J.B.O.: Keep in check you done any pleasant experiments to "buttress" that someone dressed in an OBE really is Out-of-Body, such as having two people seam Out-of-Body in the physical world and emancipate information?

WILLIAM BUHLMAN: In the get-up-and-go I cleave to conducted unlike experiments such as attempting to move or alter a physical incident. I cleave to overly observed unlike physical people and goings-on from the out-of-body support. What I attempted to form a relationship with bad feeling community they didn't air to problem my spirit. On two occasions later I contacted people dressed in their slumber they recalled my interaction as a dream support suspicion. Based on my experiences and the effect I cleave to customary from my online OBE survey I knob that dressed in an out-of-body adventure we are communicating with the mysterious mind of the delegation we way in.

The best way to brook characteristic film is to self-initiate an out-of-body adventure for yourself. Innocently as well as impulse you clearly distinguish the legitimacy and assure of the adventure. This is the inform I impart chief forty separate techniques in my books.

J.B.O.: Having the status of are your be bothered on the fissure relating a eloquent dream and an Out-of-Body support, and the hypothesis of using the dream support as a point for an OBE?

WILLIAM BUHLMAN: Present-day is a incisive fissure relating dreams and OBEs. I surface upon dream states and even eloquent dreams as a low power-driven or skewed awareness experiences that long for in a flash hitch and elevation. In three decades ago I fixed that the token support of awareness that I would escort as truthful dressed in my out-of-body adventure would be identical to my waking support or surpass.

Nevertheless, eloquent dreams can be an effective point or abrupt to initiate clearly conscious OBEs. The key is to polish the dream by using an subtlety ruse such as repeating the chesterfield, "Theory Now." Present-day is a older reach of dream provocation methods that I be aware of about plus the classic hand awareness ruse. The best style is to become aware of these methods and as well as use them.

J.B.O.: Is the OBE something that can disable to anybody? Are existing definite inner conditionings that cleave to to arrive announcement out some people without them, meaning that someone can t adventure the OBE?

WILLIAM BUHLMAN: Yes, to a certain extent or subsequent an OBE impulse take place to one. In this day and age many people take for granted that out-of-body experiences are fix dark goings-on that are not remembered or are miss interpreted as dreams. In our modern corporation and culture we are not qualified about the realities and bolster intuitive in out of-body exploration. Slightly we are conditioned from geological to take for granted and escort that we are geological beings. This joint physical conditioning and cryptogram is one of the many recipe blocks that prevent our full granting of OBEs. This is why I use big hypnosis reprogramming methods in my OBE workshops.

One thing is definite existing is no run away the fact that we all impulse at last get going our temporary physical participate.

"Greatest OBEs are understand goings-on that take place dressed in slumber."

According to my survey they are reported transnational and are remarkably undisputed in children. The adventure diminishes in come out on one occasion puberty. I take for granted this is due to the joint extroverted conditioning that teaches children to request their physical bodies as their self.

J.B.O.: Is having an OBE a smooth experiment with for anyone?

WILLIAM BUHLMAN: Based on my OBE survey of 16,000 participants the gigantic main part of people inform fortunate experiences. They habitually support that they cleave to expanded their concepts of legitimacy and their suspicion of themselves. Nevertheless, I do knob that a meager slice of people may not be morally raring to go for the adventure. For ideal, if you take for granted due to your clerical or cultural conditioning that existing are demons and devils waiting to take hostage or convert you if you get going your participate as well as you may dream up a "gloomy" adventure for yourself.

"In this day and age many people care for innocent that we state-run and type the spongy friendly energies exclaim us with our be bothered and yet to come. They stall to chime to old affect based belief systems and disrepute their natural abilities and assure to inquire into the overlooked put together."

J.B.O.: How does a delegation generally remedy to their first OBE, and how are they self-important by it?

WILLIAM BUHLMAN: For many it is a poignant and sometimes transformational adventure for instance it is their first characteristic LP of their immortality. Undeniable are flabbergasted by the legitimacy of the adventure. A number of are inquiring by the raze of the vibrational support - which is the now adult years name for the in a flash preamble and upshot to an OBE. The vibrational support in poor taste manifests as temporary paralysis, purring and thrill sounds, voices and high energy sensations freshly to name a few. A pronounced list of the various phenomena is accessible in my books and on my web site.

For many OBEs are condescending physical-like as well as expected. In other words they are not supposed as an airy-fairy adventure or a luminous moving setting but fancy a unyielding three-dimensional legitimacy. They are inquiring to decode that their on all sides of are habitually flat to their physical environment and their bodies are supposed as "colossal". The affects of the adventure are diverse; in the book "Adventures Outer the Shape" existing is a list of twenty-four in poor taste reported reactions and bolster.

J.B.O.: Having the status of would you words a delegation that found himself having difficulties up in relating the worlds, so to speak? Populace in limbo that cleave to had some experiences of the astral planes and as well as went popular a support of hesitation don't worldly wise what to do next?

WILLIAM BUHLMAN: This fear-based incident of becoming lost or somehow trapped up your sleeve from our participate is one of the recording falsehoods still lengthy in our corporation. Due to an OBE any all ears believed upon your physical participate impulse rapidly return you to your participate. In fact the opposite of this myth is true, we necessary train ourselves to overlook about our physical participate in order to put off and chronometer our experiences. A number of people cleave to trouble initiating an OBE for instance of the fictitious self-concept that they are a separate of flesh.

"In truth we are consciousness, or if you adore interior, temporarily inhabiting a passage of admiration. As such our true support of separate exists far especially the physical participate."

Due to an OBE, and later leaving bring down the adventure afterwards, it can sometimes be poser to make something stand out what was "real", meaning something physical or endeavor, and what was "hallucinatory", meaning a hush-hush legitimacy fashioned by your own mysterious (such as general dream elements).

J.B.O.: Do you cleave to any methods that one can use to keep in check what was real and what was elation or dream like?

WILLIAM BUHLMAN: Yes, I knob that legitimacy checks and characteristic attestation is graciously vital. For thirty get-up-and-go I cleave to recycled and qualified a simple but effective ruse. Due to your adventure accurate, "Theory Now" and indoctrinate it until you see an subtlety in your suspicion. I indoctrinate this accurate habitually dressed in my OBEs. This power chesterfield is effective in elevation our awareness in both dreams and OBEs. Thera are other legitimacy confirming techniques and methods for focusing and expanding awareness.

J.B.O.: In far-reaching what is your land about what is actually "real" or "unreal"?

WILLIAM BUHLMAN: Based on my out-of-body experiences the legitimacy that we use is family member to the vibrational support and consciousness of the participant. The plot consists of inordinate put together and realities. Be aware that it is undisputed for friendly realities to be bent and maintained by a group consensus. In a welcome realities are the grow of a group mind, a group of community that assortment the fantastically basic beliefs and yet to come. Completely each break up necessary differentiate the legitimacy of their adventure for themselves.

J.B.O.: How self-serving are you with the Seth-material by Jane Roberts? How does it equate to your own findings?

WILLIAM BUHLMAN: I am not that self-serving with the Seth things. Nevertheless, in my actions I cleave to met and observed many trance channels. I cleave to overly observed the preference for people to become charge on external sources of information whether it is from a book, a firm or a psychic. In far-reaching I knob that all zip hand information whether it is channeled or bent by traditional authors has a clear fleapit. We necessary retract that all information is interpreted and framed by someone's mind. As such it is insuppressibly colored by a material support of consciousness and is open to interpretation.

How many millions of people complete history cleave to been manipulated for instance of an author's good intentions. How many on paper texts cleave to become indubitable belief systems and the "Pledge of God?"

"Our bulky assignment is to become self empowered and fee especially our dependence upon external sources of information and decode the truth for ourselves. A self-initiated out-of-body adventure is a powerful way to do this".

J.B.O.: Thank You very to a great extent for the consultation.


Jonathan Bourque Olivegren (J.B.O.)

and Torbjorn Sassersson, 2002 Dec 9