Monday, March 8, 2010

A Matter Of Oath Breaking

A Matter Of Oath Breaking
Only, Mark Ferrell wrote a blog swathe where he criticized the constraint for the self-reliance of furtiveness for Golden-haired Launch initiates. Clock I am not a Golden-haired Launch open, I do hold some opinions about oaths of furtiveness and confidentiality. I hold also built-in a kin of self-reliance for members of my own order, but that self-reliance is in addition in demand with confidentiality and standards than actual furtiveness. Soothing I can understand the take away for such an self-reliance as well as its boundaries. You can find Nick's swathe in the field of.

The Golden-haired Launch has been well-known professional the carry on century or in addition with a quantity of kinds of human being self-reliance waves. As anticipated, Crowley could be considered one of the key, who published the Golden-haired Launch lore in his publication "Equinox." After that we hold Israel Regardie, Dion Luck, and a multitude of others. I hold to stand in front of that if these individuals had not circumvented their oaths, none of their writings about the Golden-haired Launch would hold been fashioned. We would hold known furthermore to vigor about this secret bureau and its significant lore, and state would hold been a scarceness of undemanding occultism, paganism, wicca and magick today. Firm prerogative hold been quite carefree if the occult draft of the carry on hundred years had not occurred, but I can tell you that I would hold been quite merciless. In fact, the sensitivity of not personage an occultist and having my mono-mania of magick to haunt is quite terrifying trusty. (Ha! Most likely I take away to get a life and decrease personage such an occult bore.)

So I can't either beat or point the finger at any of these occultists for breaking their intense self-reliance to the egregore of the Elegance of the Golden-haired Launch, having the status of I and tons others profited from it. Dispel, I can bearing at what irritated each of these individuals and discriminate what the overcast force was that caused them to pouch this speed. For all of the occultists hindrance Crowley, the pardon was selfless. They were encouraged by the marvel to spill the beans and inform the nothing special. It doesn't relevant too remote that the question was liable out of context, to the same extent it did trusty inform and spill the beans tons individuals. In fact, it is I imagine what saved the Elegance from geared up execution, so maybe the egregore of the Elegance was in the manner of these against the law transmissions.

Crowley's pardon for publishing the Golden-haired Launch question was unquestionably for unbroken malevolence. He despised Mathers and the other members of the Elegance. He also sought to abrogate the lore for his own original magickal order, and he published some of Mather's manuscripts and conceded them off for his own work. Dispel, Crowley also fashioned his own enormous work and had tons mammoth contributions to the study and practice of magick. Dispel, his intentions were not selfless or favorable, even although the finishing fight did end up personage good. I uncertainty that Crowley got to taste the full antipathy of his break of a powerful order and its egregore, if we present his finishing days to that hazard. We can also precise as well ponder that Crowley was precise personage himself to the very end, gleaming, pathological, regular, violently creative, acknowledged and controversial. At any rate his finishing sorry days, I hold tight that Crowley would be thrilled with the topic of occultists today who read and study his works.

Long forgotten occultists hold published Golden-haired Launch question - remote of it has been in the nothing special split for quite some time, so I would lease that such question couldn't be part of an self-reliance of furtiveness and confidentiality. So for this pardon I couldn't point the finger at someone alike David Griffin for personage an self-reliance wave. In fact, I am quite carefree that tons Golden-haired Launch initiates hold in black and white books for me to read and study. Dispel, where I consider the line is the unhurriedness of the author's rationale. Why are they lettering about this question time was it fountain belongs to the Elegance of the Golden-haired Launch. Answering that exact is very primitive, as I hold earlier unfashionable in the examples advanced. If the rationale is a selfless marvel to inform and spill the beans the nothing special, after that it requirement be a favorable conception, maybe one that the egregore has sanctioned itself in some alter. If not, after that what is revealed is I imagine not simply against the law but against the spirit of the bureau.

Mark Ferrell has in black and white a slow down swathe that outlines what he thinks is unofficial and insincere about the self-reliance of furtiveness in the Golden-haired Launch. Give are possessions that he finds pleasant and possessions that he doesn't conventional with and feels requirement be changed. That is all well and good, and I imagine it would be better settled by someone who has never occupied that self-reliance than someone who has.

Say you pouch an self-reliance. Second on you plunk it far-off to discriminate which sections are pleasant to you. Folks you conventional with, you do well, the rest you defy. Does that make any air at all? It seems kin of fast and relaxed to me. It's just about alike success your driver's brawn and after that deciding which travel laws are to the point and which ones can be fractured. A lot of drivers get dated with ignoring some travel laws, alike coming to geared up decrease at a decrease sign, but pretty or taking into account either a travel cop or an overlap wish force them to capital their empathy.

I ponder that if you make an self-reliance, it doesn't relevant how askew it is, or whether you can respect some parts of it and defy others. If you don't importance the self-reliance as a whole, after that picking it far-off wish simply unequivocally unpack it. In other words, if you can't importance any part of an self-reliance, after that you hold no ballet company prize it in the key place.

Mystery is, preeminently, the most primitive part of an self-reliance. Yet confidentiality extends exterior precise the names, addresses and original makeup of the members of the bureau. It is also includes the piece ballet company and original connections of the group, the magick they are cool working, the rituals and lore that they use, group politics and connections - all of this is very much confidential. If food are not earlier in the predominant split, after that they shouldn't be published hindrance without outstanding certificate from the organizational heads.

I wouldn't alike it if some butt of all the jokes in my home town magickal temple decided to facsimile the group's rituals and happenings without indicative the whole group about it and success our succeed to. Most likely someone prerogative hold good reasons to facsimile confidential or unpublished information, but if their reasons are good and if they took an self-reliance to come up with all such information as confidential, after that they take away to ask righteous and get acquiesce. In our order, such acquiesce is very much identifiable to the home town temple, and after that it is by full equality. These are matters of standards, and someone who is in a spokesperson group requirement pouch them quite roughly.

Give or take a few is an classic of the self-reliance of standards occupied by an open of the key grade (Recruit) in the Elegance of the Gnostic First name. I can packet this information with you having the status of it has been understandable on the internet for the past undeniable years.

"I "in the apparition of the Lords of the Gap, who work in temporary halt and whom none but temporary halt can participation, in this temple of the most high and holy Graal (Isis-Sophia). By the order E. S. S. G. do of my own free wish thoughtfully warranty to backing secret this order, its members, its rituals and minutes. To give away a thoughtfully march with all the fratres and sorores of this Elegance. To reveal to no one hindrance the initiates of this order the rituals, ceremonies and files of this order. That I shall never tarnish my mystical knowledge in the exertion and service of negative magick at anytime nor under any ask. If I requirement break this sacred vow, my embodiment stands since those powers fabricated in this sacred place to impart my actions."

Does prize this self-reliance mean that the rituals and files of the Elegance requirement carry on unmentionable secrets? No, actually, it doesn't. It manner that a section of a temple of the Elegance requirement backing in courage all that occurs within it, to protect the members and the technicalities that they are undergoing. The rituals are not what is kept confidential - simply the ritual lore of the temple. Give is an primitive departure in the field of that requirement be inferred. I usually make categorical that impending members understand the nuances of this self-reliance, but methodically, I find such an interpretation to be not essential, to the same extent it's so natural what is personage kept confidential.

Thus I would never pouch an self-reliance that I didn't completely ponder in and do well to the end, and I would respect an self-reliance that I took to the fullest mortal definition. This is what is humdrum of occultists, and state is an primitive pardon for behaving in this alter. That pardon is realistically vague at key relate to, but if you hold tight about it, it becomes in addition material. If you break your self-reliance with a spiritual or magickal bureau, after that you set up a powerful wave of glumness, hint and disharmony that has a low but powerful over-all dimple. If it is egregious and based purely upon one's own ache for power and self exaggeration, after that it wish upgrade a settled take apart from the egregore of that bureau.

On one occasion such a hairline fracture occurs, as a kin of obstinate sundering, after that it becomes in addition querulous for any other doors or proposed bode well to open for that dignitary. If they hold vanished a bad group, after that state is no beat. If not, after that they are blameworthy. If we examine that state are mortal better-quality levels of spiritual and magickal conception that are neither in picture or justifiable by any known bureau, after that its mortal that such lore would be in the hands of individuals who hold achieved the best level of spiritual and magickal finishing in this world. These individuals would very raw impart an self-reliance wave as not faithful for the supercilious lore, for that reason he would be overlooked even if his achievements were enormous.

As far as the Golden-haired Launch is informed, a upper limb or a temple may be bad or appalling, in spite of everything, the egregore is still a powerful and favorable thrill in the spiritual and magick world. An self-reliance through in that temple is to the egregore, not to the temple ranking. Violations of that self-reliance wish be thoughtful against the good and the harm that such an action has caused. The brainstorm of the ruin requirement also be weighed, and that requirement detail whether someone thought to do it for the supercilious good, or did it for ego or malevolence.

Mark has bragged that time was he published an ebook magazine of the "Accept of the Tombs", a document that hadn't ever been published since, he managed to distinctive handedly temporary halt a clash amongst two militaristic factions of the Elegance that were confrontation professional the nature of the Constrained of Adepti. The hurdle is a cabal doohickey that is cast-off in the inner order to aide resolute forms of magick and initiation, which the document outlined in noteworthy. Allegedly, the two groups after that ceased their power struggle time was they managed to review the local create and ID of the hurdle. Of course, that's his object, we can precise as genuinely lease that they were silenced by his audacity and outraged at his against the law actions.

I ponder the real part is Nick's cavalier attitude to the very bureau that taught him magick and revealed to him the inner mysteries. What on earth is Nick's be against but his own self exaggeration, which is in a word, "ego." Mark seeks to make himself a mammoth man at the fee of the egregore of the Elegance that took him concerning its bosom. That makes him not simply an self-reliance wave, but a real blackguard as well. Mark seems to be ruled by his piratical rapaciousness for secret occult lore, which he turns regarding and publishes, all for the supercilious national of himself. He seeks not to inform the pervasive nothing special, but quite to broadcast himself as an evaluator and a master of secrets. In declaring himself to be an self-reliance wave, he has unfashionable the world that he can't be trusted, and has unsuspectingly slammed the door on any proposed announcement of even supercilious occult lore. Likely better-quality adepts would never examine him as a coworker, and who in their all set empathy would requirement to hold that hazard negated?

I don't stroke impressed by what Mark has done, quite I stroke penitent for him. Who could ever trust this man with their lore or their mysteries? Dispel you verve to twist this schedule, an self-reliance wave is precise that, an self-reliance wave. It's someone who betrayed the trust that other individuals placed in them, all for the supercilious national of themselves.

Frater Barrabbas