Friday, October 28, 2011

Tarot First Harvest And New Beginnings

Tarot First Harvest And New Beginnings Image
I am currently recovering from a pretty epic weekend. My feet are still too sore to stand for long periods of time but at least the ringing in my ears has stopped.

I am enjoying my last week of semi freedom before University starts full time next week and get a head start on the readings.

Friday night The Scared Grove had their opening night. This is where I am going to be working. I have my first day there tomorrow. It is such a wonderful space to work and be in. Lumina has really created such a wonderful place.

Priestess Lumina and Lloyd

One of the reading rooms (I will be reading Tarot in here!)

Saturday we celebrated Lammas, the first Harvest of the Seasons. After ritual with Tarot and God statue creation we had our feast out on the garden lawn while enjoying raspberry lemonade drink, wonderful vegetarian food and excellent company.

"Lammas is the 'cross quarter' day marking the first harvest of early grain"Where the first loaf of the bread from the harvest is broken and shared in the name of the Goddess. "

"It's time to begin reaping what we have sown throughout the past few months. "

"This is the season for rebirth and renewal "

"(taken from the SCOTIF Lammas Ritual 2011)"

Our Lammas Altar

Tarot Ritual

Lee's yummy Polenta creations

Sunday was the Perth Big Day Out. We had perfect weather for the day and a breeze made even the mosh more bearable. It was the first time I had seen any of the acts this year and I was completely blown away by Rammstein's on stage performance and theatrics, they were my highlight of the while day. The other was riding on the big swing ride while Tool was on. All in all, pretty epic time was had by all.

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