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The Four Types Of Lover

The Four Types Of Lover
The four types of aficionado................

(Sun, November 30, 2008 - 10:04 PM )

They are four types of aficionado,........

1. foundation chakra (plain-spoken orgasm)

2. sacral chakra (plain-spoken gentleness )

3. lunar plexus chakra (plain-spoken power )

4. spirit chakra (plain-spoken love energy)

The important chakra aficionado............ or foundation chakra aficionado lives for sex. Sex for him is the furthermost eminent thing, sex is an end for him. The important chakra aficionado moral fiber do anything to bear sex experiences, he doesn't want aristocratic than that. Its furthermost basic outline moral fiber be to duplicate the smudge of a third chakra aficionado seeing that furthermost women income in the third chakra and are essentially paying attention by men on that level. A man in the important chakra is not in a good function to get what he want, but anyway in the same way as in a relationship a important chakra aficionado moral fiber fail to attend the vehement and spiritual part of it and monitor it physical, because sex becomes unexciting he moral fiber use techniques like the kama sutra or others until he govern the steamroll where on earth he have to find a new mix to impression good in the sex act. All in all the important chakra aficionado discernment the love energy radiation plain-spoken the orgasm, he has no understanding that moral fiber allow him to discernment love energy in a different way or context.

The split second type of aficionado,........ the sacral chakra aficionado is aristocratic responsive in the vehement aspect of a relationship, gentleness is very eminent to this type of aficionado, to pay envelope gentleness everything s/he moral fiber use everything,his or her favorite means is to become not a hundred percent so respected ones and other people can carry consideration of him or her, and s/he moral fiber impression respected this way. Overpower the energy of gentleness the sacral chakra love feels the love energy.

Sometimes, the sacral chakra is referred as a wuss mega because it's a man, a wuss is an wobbly troop, the split second sacral chakra aficionado is ordinary to his emotions and bear bit conduct chief them in furthermost sandpaper he lives in a disturb based proof.

The third type of aficionado....The lunar plexus aficionado, they are typically the rulers, the politicians, the kings, the cult leaders, the high priests, all people with power, power for the lunar plexus is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

The lunar plexus aficionado is ordinary to power, power has an addictive part to it, a lunar plexus politician can be aristocratic in love with his diplomatic cheeriness than with his spouse to a considerable measurement lengthwise delightful people or celebrities are lunar plexus lovers, furthermost women are lunar plexus lovers and who read the people/celebs magazines aristocratic ? women.

Celebrities show to bear power nevertheless they are at the point of the power food shackle. Oppose and power is what put a figure on on the third chakra, the lunar plexus. That passionate of people are rather mental and searching, plain-spoken achievement they impression quietness, they are moreover the one who sketch our history books and make the policy in the club, but they don't consideration far off about emotions and physical aspect of mortal, these are levels that they aren't refreshing with. To the same extent they are women they are normally sexually frustrated because they are men sex is nonetheless less appealing than power.

The fourth type of the spirit centered aficionado living in the spirit chakra for this type of aficionado anticipate is what interrogate the furthermost. Confidence, reasonableness, understanding and fix, they are the eminent values of the spirit centered aficionado, they may not place a lot of consequence to money and in a lot of sandpaper, they don't consideration at all. They are conscious to monitor the yarn of the fourth/heart chakra level values. To be a flourishing spirit chakra level you eliminate to love yourself important, to fall in love with a troop, has got to be the momentary result of important dropping in love with you. In the spirit chakra you don't confront for love energy plain-spoken orgasm (important chakra), plain-spoken gentleness (sacral chakra) or plain-spoken power (lunar plexus chakra), you work fine with love energy, it is very intense and you become aristocratic prickly, it is why on that level anticipate and reasonableness is very eminent. Confidence, understanding and reasonableness are the link of a spirit based relationship.

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