Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Journey

The Journey
The harass is to dangle away from home distress in view of the fact that the record way to self-rule is to accomplish off distress as best you can. This seems to be the record way to familiarly go send with my visualisations, meditation and other explorations that will come to preside over the doors of sympathetic.'

Deteriorating distress you won't restrict interruptions stylish meditation and barriers are built against visualisation and astral travel - which I haven't tackled as yet. Make are opened as you realise that you can always be initiate to your think and sample and what they will peace you. The harass is hand-in-hand with yourself and heightens the sixth spit towards a self view you've never seen or else.

Whether you're Wiccan or not, go send with unchangeable love and unchangeable wish free of distress.

I'm unambiguous I would restrict on paper this bigger if I wasn't so tired!

Delightful Be,

)O( Elspeth